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Shomin Sample Season 2 Renewal Status

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This anime has been on the market for about five years. Now, audiences are anxiously anticipating Shomin Sample Season 2. Shomin Sample is an abbreviation meaning I Was Abducted as a Sample Commoner by an Elite All-Girls School. The title alone conveys the entire tale of the series. The program is classified as a harem series due to the large number of ladies who surround the protagonist, Kimito Kagurazaka.

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Here’s all you need to know about Shomin Season 2.

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Shomin Sample Season 2 Release Date

Silver Ink Studios, which developed the first season of the anime, did not renew or cancel the series for the second season. It’s been five years, and fans are still waiting for an official response from the creators. However, no further information has been released.

The manga’s author released a total of 11 volumes, although the anime’s first season only has twelve episodes. As a result, the creators have more than enough material for Shomin Sample Season 2. And because the anime has yet to deliver a satisfactory finish to its tale, there is a potential that it may return in the following years.

In summary, there is still no official indication on whether or not this series will be canceled or maintained.

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Shomin Sample Season 2 Plot

Shomin Sample Season 2 Plot
Shomin Sample Season 2 Plot

People will lie for a variety of reasons, most beneficial and others terrible. They lie to save themselves from difficult circumstances, to prevent confusion, and so on. However, the truth shall inevitably resurface, every single time. The shadow of falsehoods is only a transient solution that will eventually go away.

Every action has its own set of repercussions, and everyone must confront the consequences of their acts at some point. Lies may sometimes lead to more problematic situations, as Kimito Kagurazaka, the individual whose life we get to follow in the anime series Shomin Sample, discovered. In the universe of Shomin Sample, Kimito is a “commoner.”

However, an occurrence flipped his life upside down. He had absolutely no idea what was about to happen to him. He was kidnapped and had no idea who or why. Later on, he was moved to a school called Seikain Jogakkou. That institution, however, is not your typical academy. It is a unique academy that is fully isolated from society. There isn’t a single commoner who suspects the existence of such a school.

Kimito Kagurazaka is your average high school student. One day, he is compelled to join an All-Girls School Seikain, where its noble female pupils are isolated from the rest of the globe in order to maintain their purity. Unfortunately, a huge proportion of graduates are unable to connect with the outside world as a result of their inner isolation. To address this issue, the school has chosen to abduct a male commoner, Kimito, in the hopes that his “common man’s” impact will be a gentle method to educate the girls on the reality of life outside the school. Regrettably for Kimito, the school only chose him for this project because he was a homosexual with a muscle obsession.

As a result, the school found that Kimito poses no threat to the chastity of young girls.

Kimito rapidly realizes that if he does not play by the rules and pretends to enjoy men’s muscles, he would face a horrific scenario in which he will be castrated if he does not meet the standards of the academy. As a result, he resolves to avoid such an occurrence from occurring in the future. But as he spends more time at the academy, he realizes that maintaining his phony front and keeping his lie intact will be considerably more difficult than he anticipated. When he meets and interacts with the academy’s unusual pupils, he comes to the conclusion.

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We’ve got Aika Tenkuubashi, who never stops and says anything she desires, even if it’s rubbish. Then there’s Karen Jinryou, a lovely young lady whose dad is a samurai; she nearly always wears a weapon around her waist and wishes to one day vanquish Kimito. Then there’s Hakua Shiodome, a prodigy, and Reiko Arisugawa, who looks to be a great student but is secretly fantasizing about marrying Kimito one day. They are all members of the Commoner Club, where Kimito instructs the habits of a commoner.

Shomin Sample Season 2 Characters and Cast

Shomin Sample Season 2 Characters and Cast
Shomin Sample Season 2 Characters and Cast
  • Kimito Kagurazaka
    Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa (drama CD), Atsushi Tamaru (anime) (Japanese); Dallas Reid (English)
    He is a commoner who is forced to enroll at Seikain after being kidnapped. Kimito immediately notices how detached the girls are from the outside world.
  • Aika Tenkūbashi
    Voiced by: Asami Seto (drama CD), Yū Serizawa (anime) (Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft (English)
    She is childish, naive, and shy about talking to others.
  • Reiko Arisugawa
    Voiced by: Ai Kayano (drama CD), Rika Tachibana (anime) (Japanese); Mikaela Krantz (English)
    Reiko is considered the most innocent, polite, and cheerful girl in the school. Because of his earnest attempts to help her and the other girls with learning the Commoner Way, she quickly grows fond of Kimito and falls in love with him.
  • Hakua Shiodome
    Voiced by: Rina Hidaka (drama CD), Yūki Kuwahara (anime) (Japanese); Jeannie Tirado (English)
    Hakua is a short, soft-spoken, and extremely youthful child prodigy who was very antisocial until she grows attached to Kimito, which shocks her maids.
  • Karen Jinryō
    Voiced by: Sachika Misawa (drama CD), Chitose Morinaga (anime) (Japanese); Skyler Davenport (English)
    Karen is a girl from a samurai family who carries a katana on school grounds. Her fear of insects causes her to reflexively slash others nearby even though their clothes are often the primary casualties.
  • Miyuki Kujō
    Voiced by: Aoi Yūki (drama CD), Saori Ōnishi (anime) (Japanese); Mallorie Rodak (English)
    Kimito’s personal and head maid (in name only). She is a very sadistic person, often carries out severe punishment whenever Kimito commits a blunder, yet she secretly kisses him in the morning to wake him up.
  • Eri Hanae
    Voiced by: Yumi Hara (anime) (Japanese); Jad Saxton (English)
    Kimito’s childhood friend and an idol voice actress. For unknown reasons, she claims to be his girlfriend and is upset about his sudden transfer away from home. In middle school, she was bullied for her unique voice, but Kimito told her that she could become a voice actress.
  • Sakimori
    Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura (Japanese); Sara Ragsdale (English)
    Hakua’s personal maid. She also documents everything that Hakua tendency writes. Unlike the other maids, Sakimori is opening minded about leaving Hakua under Kimito’s care.
  • Sayuri Kimachi
    Voiced by: Takako Honda (anime) (Japanese); Heather Walker (English)
    Principal of Seikain Girls Academy.
  • Sumire Kiryuu
    Voiced by: Yūki Kaneko (anime) (Japanese); Dawn M. Bennett (English)
    Reiko’s personal maid.
  • Hōko Arisugawa
    Voiced by: Ayumi Tsunematsu (anime) (Japanese); Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)
    Masaomi and Reiko’s Mother.
  • Masaomi Arisugawa
    Voiced by: Kousuke Toriumi (anime) (Japanese); Austin Tindle (English)
    Reiko’s older brother who is very protective of his sister, resulting in having a sister complex. He is firmly against Reiko’s arranged marriage and turns to Kimito for help.
  • Maya Mibu
    Voiced by: Risae Matsuda (anime) (Japanese); Alexis Tipton (English)
    A friend to Reiko.
  • Mizuho Suehiro
    Voiced by: Shiori Sugiura (anime) (Japanese); Megan Shipman (English)
    She is also a friend to Reiko.
  • Kae Tōjō
    Voiced by: Yūka Aisaka (anime) (Japanese); Felecia Angelle (English)
    She is another friend to Reiko.
  • Misaki Yamada
    Voiced by: Kaya Okuno (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English)
    She works along with Eri in a few projects.

That’s all we know yet! Stay tuned for more about Shomin Sample season 2!

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