Show Me The Money Season 10 Ending Explained

Here, we will discuss about what happened in Season10 of Show Me The Money. Season 10 finale started with the host Kim Jinn- Pyo breaking down what happened from the start of the season to where they are today from the 27000 people who applied to the show to the 56 contestants who passed the first audition rounds to only four contestants in the final episode.

Show Me The Money

It is a reality show in South Korea in which mainly rappers from all around the country come together and compete against each other. It has its fair share of audience and has gained popularity from season 1 to season 12. In 2012 it was the only reality show in Korea that focused on hip-hop. The show includes a mixture of newbies and experienced rappers. The chief producer of the show said that “My goal is to let people know that there is more than just idol dance music in Korea”. The format of each season changes but generally consist of rappers going against each other.     

Season 10 finale episode explained

Season 10 finale episode explained
Season 10 finale episode explained

In the finale, the episode host introduced the top four finalists of the show and they went to get their special top four rings it was also revealed that the winner will receive a special necklace. The four finalists performed snippets of verse from their previous performances KOONTA and BE’O performed a bit from their 60-second rap. SINCE was the only female rapper in the final of Show Me Season 10, she performed a verse from ‘her’ song. GWANGIL JO performed a bit from his song ‘waterbomb’.

Finale Episode

The first round would be the rapper’s solo performance while the second round would be a stage with their producers. Voting from the live audience would make up 40 of the total votes while texting votes would make up the remaining 60 of the total votes 365 li explaining the correct way of voting through texts.

Finally, it was performance time, KOONTA was the first to perform he wants to deliver a message of hope with his performance featuring Yonder Lei and Mush Venom, and the name of the song was ‘quiet’. Next up was BE’O he dedicated his song to his grandfather. He talked about how his grandfather was admitted to the hospital and how he was not able to meet him due to Covid restrictions. His song was named ‘without you’ which featured producer Code Kunst.

SINCE wants to talk about how she is a different person than she was before she performed signed featuring Miami. Last was Gwangil Jo in his performance he wants to show that even if this is the end of Show Me The Money this was started for the artist. His final performance featured Dynamic Duo and he rapped his song “Garion”.

In the second round of finals, a team battle performance took place. Team YUUMDDA and Toil’s KOONTA opened the show with a performance of “Timing” featuring YUUMDDA and Big Naughty on stage. Team GRAY and MINO’S BE’O brought MINO from YG Entertainment boyband winner and MAMAMOO’S Hwasa for his performance of “When Time Has Gone”.

With BOTH Jo Gwang-il and SINCE being part of Team GAEKO and Code KUNST, both took turns. SINCE performed her song “Sign” with a fellow female rapper. Jo Gwang-il came to the stage for his electrifying performance of “Cookie Clip” with producer Gaeko, rapper HANGZOO, and one of the best female solo artists in South Korea Ailee.

Koonta came fourth with BE’O coming in third place and SINCE came second. Gwang-il gained votes from the live audience thus being the winner of the 10th season of Show Me The Money. He won 300,000 WON plus album production and ultra-luxury music support.

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