5 Shows Like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Must Watch

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, also known as (Korean: RR: Himssenyeoja Dobongsun; lit. Strong Woman Do Bong-soon), is a 2017 South Korean television series that stars Park Bo-young as a woman with superhuman strength with Park Hyung-Sik and Ji Soo. From February 24 to April 15, 2017, it was shown on JTBC.

The show was a commercial success and one of the top-rated Korean dramas in cable television history.

1. Love O2O

Love O2O
Love O2O

In both, the significant male lead encountered the main girl lead by accident and developed feelings for her.

The main female lead is interested in gaming and works for the main male lead in both films.

It’s the growth of a relationship. Both couples are adorable and evoke similar emotions. The two dramas will make you laugh (Strong Woman is funnier).

Available on Netflix.

2. True Beauty

True Beauty
True Beauty

They have entirely different plots, but they both include a love triangle (the one in True Beauty is more dramatic because it is the main narrative), a good bit of humor, romance, and a hint of melodrama. Additionally, because of the beautiful sweetness they are both filled with, you may watch them aimlessly and still enjoy yourself!

Streaming on Roku, Android TV, and Apple TV.

3. Lucky Romance

Lucky Romance
Lucky Romance

Both have charming male leads who also happen to be the CEOs of prosperous video game firms;

Both have leading ladies who are pretty distinctive and work in the video game industry;

The two leading men fall in love with their somewhat eccentric/outlandish leading ladies;

The second protagonists in both series are the childhood friends of the main character.

SWDBS and LR are romantic comedies, but while LR has more melodrama/tearful moments than SWDBS, SWDBS has some dark thriller sequences absent in LR.

Streaming on Amazon Prime.

4. Protect The Boss

Protect The Boss
Protect The Boss

Both have a very similar vibe and are hilarious—like, I almost peed out loud—cute and amusing

The guy is the woman’s boss.

Despite being a badass, the chick has a subtle air of something more (Strong Woman: chick is super cutesy, Protect the Boss: chick is awkward and cringe but amazing)

Workplace romance began due to a girl punching several guys in the face, which had nothing to do with work. Still, it changed when she got employed, and everything went to Batta-bing Batta-boom.

The protagonist is somewhat frail but also wants to protect the girl. Although he is somewhat frail (he will have his intense moments tho)

THESEHH ROM AND THESECOM (Toward the conclusion, Protect the Boss becomes much more severe, whereas even Strong Woman’s most tragic scenes had a comedic undertone.)- Numerous inspiring quotes she can talk for herself, damn it, and she can hold her own. She’s just as happy without you, or any man, for that matter. Yes, the male lead, I’m looking at you. The main character and a supporting character have a solid female friendship (Protect the Boss has multiple female friendships)-A quirky, clumsy butler-like secretary of a person first to fall in love with is the guy.

Showcasing on Amazon Prime.

5. Beautiful Gong Shim

Beautiful Gong Shim
Beautiful Gong Shim

A supernatural sequel to Beautiful Gong-shim in which the lead heroine, Bong-soon, discovers she has inherited her ancestor’s extraordinary strength, meets the world with courage and righteousness, and is desperate to find employment.

When she meets the CEO of the game firm of her dreams, she is not allowed to work in the planning division but is paid handsomely to serve as his bodyguard.

Watch it on Netflix.

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