Steven Universe Season 6 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More

This country serves as the setting for Steven Universe, an American television series. This anime series takes place in the future and has exciting action. The brains behind the operation are Rebecca Sugar. Cartoon Network Studios is responsible for the show’s production, with Warner Bros. Television handling its distribution.

Reviews for this series have been overwhelmingly positive. It has a large fan base. A lot of people in the science fiction community have praised the show for its character development, visual design, sound editing, and world-building. The show was honored with the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Children’s and Family Program.

This award was presented in 2019. This was, in fact, the first time an anime TV series had ever been honored in this way. Fans of Steven Universe have been demanding more episodes of the show for some time.

Steven Universe’s Season 6 Release Date

Steven Universe's Season 6 Release Date
Steven Universe’s Season 6 Release Date

During its five seasons, 160 episodes have aired. The premiere of the first season took place on November 4, 2013. There are 53 individual pieces to it. The series finale debuted on May 29, 2017. Seasons 2–4 have 25 episodes each, while Season 5 has 32 in total.

The film Steven Universe: The Movie premiered on Netflix on September 2, 2019, and was followed by the limited series Steven Universe Future, which consists of 20 episodes. Currently, the show’s sixth-season renewal is still pending. The show’s creator, however, recently revealed in an interview that they are already hard at work on Season 6.

The sixth season is not yet complete, so fans will have to wait a while for it to air. It is expected to disappear from shelves sometime after 2022. Instead of a sixth season, “Epilogue,” a one-off special, will be Steven Universe’s next step.

Steven Universe Season 6 Cast

Steven Universe Season 6 Cast
Steven Universe Season 6 Cast

The goal of the designers was to give the show’s protagonists a sense of “life” in their creations. Rebecca Sugar, who developed the characters’ looks and personalities concurrently, drew inspiration from the many fantasy television episodes she and her brother used to watch as kids.

The whole cast is an homage to the original voices from the golden age of Disney animation. All of the actors on ‘Steven Universe’ do nothing but provide the voices for the animated characters. US celebrity Zack Callison provides the voice of the show’s protagonist, Steven.

Estelle, who is also a well-known musician voices garnet, the leader of the Crystal Gems. Deedee Magno, of “The Party,” provides the voice of Pearl, and actor Michela Dietz voices Amethyst. Before ever making the show, Rebecca Sugar had cast Charlyne Yi as one of the Crystal Gems.

The main character, Steven Universe, has been lauded as a male hero, especially by critics, for his ability to embrace his typically feminine attributes like nurturing and exhibiting empathy towards others. Seeing how he plans to honor his heroic mother’s name is equally fascinating. Meanwhile, Steven’s favorite Crystal Gems leader, Garnet, is a stony, icy, and, as he puts it, himself, “mysterious” individual.

Nonetheless, as the show progresses, she learns to bond with the other characters and to be more open about her feelings for Steven. Two of Garnet’s smaller gems, Ruby and Sapphire, are introduced in “Jail Break”; their voices are provided by Charlyne Yi and Erica Luttrell. Additionally, Amethyst is a witty addition to the cast and provides much of the show’s levity.

She and Steven get along famously Thanks to their shared tiny stature and youthful exuberance as members of the Crystal Gems’ most popular musical duo. Pearl, the final character we’ll discuss, is another model of perfection. One of the most mature characters in the series, she is also quite short-tempered despite having movements as graceful as a ballerina’s and strategies as sharp as the tip of a knife. In season 6, all of the series’ main actors return as their respective characters.

Steven Universe Season 6 Plot

Steven Universe Season 6 Plot
Steven Universe Season 6 Plot

The main character of the series, Steven, is a little child. It’s called Beach City, which is the name of the place he lives in. Throughout the series, the Crystal Gems, a mysterious alien race with humanoid features, play a significant role. They prevent the end of all life on Earth at the cost of wiping out their own kind. Steven is the only one in the gang who is just partially human.

The adventures he and his friends undertake are numerous. These Gem Gangs are immortal warriors. Thus, Steven’s age makes no difference. They were born with a gem in their chromosome. Steven is the name of her mother’s half-gem son. Throughout his travels, half-Steven investigates the maternal skills he inherited.

The show documents Steven’s typical day, including his readiness to help out his friends. The episode shows Steven’s emotions, his thoughts, and his thoughts on maturing as a humanoid with gem features. There has been no news or trailer for the next sixth season, so viewers will have to wait to find out what they’re in for. As soon as we have additional details to provide, we will.

Where To Watch Steven Universe?

You can watch it on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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