Stock Struck Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoilers, and More

Korean Dramas are taking over the world, and you are here because you are one of the people waiting for the release of Stock Struck Season 1? Are you waiting for any updates related to it? Are you waiting for any little piece of information that you can get? Then you are one of the thousands of people also waiting for the same. Stock Struck is a fantastic Korean Drama show. Everyone is simply waiting for it to hit the screens. LatestSeries is here to tell you everything you would be wondering about.

The country of the origin of this show is South Korea. Stock Struck was made originally in the Korean language. The show’s first season is to be released on 12th August 2022. The filming locations are in South Korea itself. tVn produces the show. The native title of the show is 개미가 타고 있어요.

There are twelve episodes planned for Stock Struck Season 1. We are sure they are going to be amazing. They have just released the trailer yet and you can find it just by searching for the same. But the fact that you are here means that you have seen the trailer, which has made you wonder whether we will see season one of the show. No issues. We are here with all the answers that you need.

Stock Struck Season 1 Cast

Stock Struck Season 1 Cast
Stock Struck Season 1 Cast

Stock Struck Season 1 has an exciting and insightful cast. We may be unable to name all the cast members, but the main characters playing them are mostly confirmed. We want to say explicitly that we are not revealing or telling you the whole cast. This is all the people who are authorized. We will surely see some famous and great people on this list. You may also see some unfamiliar faces. The cast is as follows:

  • Han Ji Eun as Yoo Mi Seo
  • Hong Jong Hyun as Choi Seon Ho
  • Jang Gwang as Kim Jin Bae
  • Jung Moon Sung as Kang San
  • Kim Sun Young as Jeong Haeng Ja
  • Go Yoon as Choi Jin Wook

This is all the cast members of Stock Struck Season 1, and we believe that we have listed almost all the members of the show. Stay tuned in to see them on television soon.

Stock Struck Season 1 Release Date

Stock Struck Season 1 Release Date
Stock Struck Season 1 Release Date

As we told you before, the release date will be 12th August 2022. The show is going to release slowly. We think two episodes per week would be the speed of the release of this show. However, we have already seen that this show is going to break a lot of records. The cast is star-studded, the story is loopy and indulging, and the most significant part is the creators of this show have given one great show before.

The show is going to continue till the finale drops. The last episode airs on 28th October 2022. People are going berserk because of all the waiting, which is entirely understandable. We will soon be able to watch Stock Struck Season 1. It is not a very big show that will continue for a long time, but it is a Tv Series.

Stock Struck Season 1 Plot

Stock struck season 1 2
Stock Struck Season 1 Plot

The plot of the show is perfect. Five people who invested in the stock market participated in a mysterious stock meeting. From the starting itself, it sounds shady. But the reality is very different. They learn about life, love, and friendships by investing in stocks. The trope gets very interesting after this.

Yoo Mi Seo is set to marry very soon. She hasn’t invested very long in the stock market but has lost money. This happens when you invest in the stock market without proper research backing you. Or when you blindly throw your money in the stock market without experience. Choi Sun Woo is 33 years old and works part-time at a convenience store.

He is also a mysterious man. He drives an expensive imported car when he gets off from work at the convenience store. Kang San is a person who focuses on happiness and doesn’t care about work or finding success. He works part-time to make a living. Jung Haeng Ja runs her own pork feet restaurant. After Kim Jin Bae retired from his job, he began investing in the stock market.

The plot of the show and the synopsis it presents is pretty interesting when we look closely at it. Let’s wait for the show to drop.

Stock Struck Season 1 Recap

Stock Struck season 1 3
Stock Struck Season 1 Recap

The truth about the whole recap is that we can not recap the show before it is even released. We will have to wait until the performance drops officially so we can watch it very quickly and then summarize and brief you all about the show. We know what you are waiting for, just like we are. The show is already becoming one of the most anticipated Korean Dramas of 2022. The reason for the same maybe is the synopsis of the show.

The show is based on the lives of people who have invested in the stock market. We have described the whole plot above. We’re very excited about the show.

Where To Watch Stock Struck Season 1?

You can watch it on tvN when it hits the screens. It will be available on an OTT platform soon as well. Stay tuned for more updates!

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