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Teenage Euthanasia Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

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With the power of embalming fluid and lightning bolts, Season 2 of Teenage Euthanasia is all set to release in the upcoming days. The 2D animated series with its family adventure and black comedy wins the hearts of people. 

As fans were eager to know if season 2 of the series was canceled or going to be renewed. Then it’s a yes, the season is already renewed and will release soon.

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If you want to know about the will trophy be able to win her daughter’s heart? What is going to happen with Tenders Ending Funeral Home? Or how will Annie survive in her school? What is the story of the season or what are the different options to watch the series? 

Well then read the article and you will get the answer to all the questions running in your mind right now.

Teenage Euthanasia is being created by Alyson Levy and Alissa Nutting. Both of them are also the executive producers of the series, along with Lisa Thomas, John Lee, Warnon Chatman, Walter Newman, and Keith Crofford. The production company for the series is PFFR, Augenblick Studios, and Williams Street. The series first premiered in September 2021 on Adult Swim.

The plot of the story is about the Trophy, a mother who left her young daughter with her grandmother Baba and half-brother, Pete. The family runs the Tenders Ending Funeral Home. Trophy, after getting divorced, and overconsumption of dose is brought back to the funeral home when she dies. But she got a second chance to live after some unexpected magic. 

Teenage Euthanasia Season 2 Release Date

Teenage Euthanasia Season 2 Release Date
Teenage Euthanasia Season 2 Release Date

The production house declared the renewal of season 2 on March 31, 2022. Yet, the release date has not been announced till now. Teenage Euthanasia, which was first dropped on our TV in 2021. Every episode of the season was aired on Sunday at midnight ET with a half-hour episode.

Season 2 of the animated series is most expectedly going to on air at end of 2022 or the start of 2023. As there is no official announcement for the release date of the series. Besides, there is no official trailer released for season 2 of the series. So we can’t say much for now.

The first season consists of 7 episodes. We are hoping that this season may have more episodes, but rumors say that it will be having 6 episodes. Till then we have to wait for confirmation from the series makers. 

Teenage Euthanasia Season 2 Storyline

Teenage Euthanasia Season 2 Storyline
Teenage Euthanasia Season 2 Storyline

Teenage Euthanasia is an American animated family fantasy series. It was first released in September 2021. And the second season is soon expected to be released.

The second season is hoped to continue the story of last season where it ended. As the story is being renewed. We will be seeing more adventures of the trophy, and how she is trying hard to win her girl’s heart.

The story is from a mildly apocalyptic inland in Florida. Trophy fantasy, a teenage mother leaving her daughter Euthanasia “Annie” fantasy with her grandmother Baba and half-brother Pete. 

They are the owner of Tenders Ending Funeral Home. The major reason for the existence of this is to provide the kind of funeral you want for your loved ones. The motive of the funeral home was “have your grief your way”. Like if someone died during spring parties, the funeral home is going to arrange the spring party theme funeral for them. The Baba runs the home along with her son Pete. She has a special kind of embalming fluid that gets some power.

Back to the point. Trophy after getting divorced from their husband, and leaving the child behind, started using drugs. As for the consumption of drugs, she commits suicide. When her body is sent back to the funeral home with a message that her body should be sent back to the funeral home and Annie. 

But due to Baba’s embalming fluid and Annie’s tea, and some lightning bolts, she again becomes alive but in vampire form. Now she’s got some super-death powers. Now, when Trophy gets one more life, she is trying hard to win her daughter’s heart and be a good mother. Annie, is a lively girl, trying to fit in with her batch mates and be strong in this cruel world. Yet sometimes Trophy got rude and do some bad things due to her pre-death personality.

In all the episodes, the story revolves around the family and the challenges they come across managing their personal lives along with the funeral of people. However, Baba, with her son Pete and Annie manage everything in the best way possible. And how the trophy tries to make up for the time she has lost with her daughter in her last life.

Teenage Euthanasia Season 2 Cast

Teenage Euthanasia Season 2 Cast
Teenage Euthanasia Season 2 Cast

We can’t say much about the cast as the official trailer has yet to be released. However, we expect the same characters as before. In the last season, characters were being played by;

  • Maria Bamford plays Trophy Fantasy, the mother of Annie.
  • Jo Firestone plays Euthanasia “Annie” Fantasy, the main girl around which the story revolves.
  • Tim Robinson plays Uncle Pete, the one who lives with Annie
  • Bebe Neuwirth plays Baba, owner of Tender Ending Funeral home

The additional characters in the show were played by;

  • Sandra Bauleo
  • H. Jon Benjamin
  • Kallee Brookes
  • Aidy Bryant
  • Tiana Camacho
  • Scott Adsit
  • Ozioma Akagha
  • Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
  • Tony Cavalero
  • Vernon Chatman
  • Christi Chiello
  • Stephen Colbert
  • David Cross

Where can you watch Teenage Euthanasia Season 2?

As there is no official announcement by the owners, we do have not a clear idea as to where the series is going to release. But it’s expected that it will launch on adult swim. Yet we can’t say anything because there is no further confirmation about it. 

Till then watch and enjoy all episodes of season 1 on HBO and adult swim. The other options to watch the season are Hulu TV if you have a subscription for it, Sling TV, Youtube TV, and DirecTV Stream. They all offer adult swim channels along with 80 other different sorts of channels.

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