Ten Percent Season 2 Renewal Status, Plot, Cast, and Everything we know

Ten Percent is a British remake of the original well-known French comedy-drama series named “Call my Agent”. The British title of the show is in sync with the original French version’s title “Dix Pour Cent”.

Ten Percent Plot

Ten Percent Plot
Ten Percent Plot

The story starts with Misha who has decided to follow in the footsteps of her absent dad, Jonathan, and grandfather, Richard, in their talent agency profession she arrives at London agency Nightingale Hart on the perfect occasion and gets hired as the assistant spontaneously to fill in for the one who got recently fired.

Soon after Misha’s joining, Richard passes away, and eventually, Jonathan and another agent realize that the agency is going tight and not doing well monetarily. At the same time, Jonathan is facing trouble keeping hidden from the entire family about Misha’s real identity.

Agent Rebecca on the other side is preparing for the launch of a production branch of the agency and falling in love with the author of the book she will be adapting, Margaux.

Agent Dan is also trying to launch and elevate the career of their former receptionist and now actress, Zoe- also simultaneously falling for her.

Agent Stella is going through a separate personal confusion and turmoil of her own where she is standing by and helping her very old friend who has been self-sabotaging himself, Simon.

Misha guides Jonathan’s son Luke to become a screenwriter and helps him with it.

Every character at the same time tries to handle their celebrity clients whilst juggling their personal life troubles and convolutions the same time while holding off the imposition of the American company that has bought off the agency already.

Ten Percent Season 2 Release Date

Ten Percent Season 2 Release Date
Ten Percent Season 2 Release Date

Ever since the debut of the show, it has been very much up in the air if Ten Percent will be getting a second season to follow. But since the show has just premiered nothing much has been said on this matter yet. The show is still on air so maybe after the finale of season 1 and how it continues to garner viewership and responses would give us more clarity on the show’s fate.

With the series making a curious end on a cliffhanger it is obvious to immediately think of a second season especially when its original French Version has run for four seasons with a fifth one on the way too, there is quite some hope and anticipation for a second season for the British remake indeed.

Although there has been no information or any official insight on the second season’s happening but if things do work in favor and if production for the second season starts soon too then we might be getting the second season by Spring 2023.

Ten Percent Season 2 Cast

Ten Percent Season 2 Cast
Ten Percent Season 2 Cast
  • Jack Davenport as Jonathan Nightingale (based on Mathias)
  • Lydia Leonard as Rebecca Fox (based on Andréa)
  • Maggie Steed as Stella Hart (based on Arlette)
  • Prasanna Puwanarajah as Dan Bala (based on Gabriel)
  • Hiftu Quasem as Misha Virani (based on Camille)
  • Fola Evans-Akingbola as Zoe Spencer (based on Sofia)
  • Rebecca Humphries as Julia Fincham (based on Noémie)
  • Harry Trevaldwyn as Ollie Rogers (based on Hervé)
  • Eléonore Arnaud as Margaux Martorana (based on Colette)
  • Edward Bluemel as Luke Nightingale (based on Hippolyte)
  • Jack Holden as Kevin
  • Natasha Little as Charlotte Nightingale (based on Catherine)
  • Tim McInnerny as Simon Gould
  • Chelsey Crisp as Kirsten Furst

Jim Broadbent played Richard Nightingale, based on Samuel, who in the series is also the father of Jonathan. Smurf the dog portrays Stella’s loyal dog, named Mathias (based on Arlette’s dog, Jean Gabin). The characters Simon Gould, played by McInnerny, Kirsten Furst, played by Crisp, and Kevin, played by Holden, are original creations for the British series.

Where to watch Ten Percent?

All episodes of Ten-Percent are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Virgin TV Go.

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