The Blended Bunch Ending Explained!

The blended bunch is a reality tv show about a family. This series received a lot of attention because of the heartwarming family. Let’s look into how season 1 of the blended bunch ended!

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The Blended Bunch Recap

The Blended Bunch Recap
The Blended Bunch Recap

The show is in Utah, about a single father, Spencer, and a single mother, Erica. Erica’s husband Tony passed away due to brain cancer, and Spencer’s wife Aimee died in a car accident. Erica has seven kids, and Spencer has four kids. They get married after dating for over a year.

After losing their significant others, they found each other through an online support group. The rest of the show shows how the couple builds a relationship together while bringing both their families as one.

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The Blended Bunch Ending Explained

The Blended Bunch Ending Explained
The Blended Bunch Ending Explained

The finale shows how the couple decides to change the family’s last name and have the same last name. However, Quinn does not feel like it was the right decision to make as he feels erasing Tony’s name from the previous word is like erasing Tony’s memory. But he also started liking Spencer as he slowly realized how much of a fantastic father he was!

The couple shares the decision with their kids. There are so much mixed opinions among the kids. Emma completely disagreed with changing her last name as she felt like it was taking away the memory of her dad. Seeing Emma hurt made Erica rethink the adoption.

Spencer takes his kids shopping. He finds a cake batter ice cream there and shares a memory of his late wife. In her accident, they bought her favorite ice cream, cake batter. It was hard for him to see it again as the cake batter’s smell lingered in their car for a long time after her accident.

The kids explain how much they miss their mom and their unborn sibling. Spencer breaks down thinking about the baby and shares that he would love to have a baby with Erica if she is ready.

Meanwhile, Erica rethinks the adoption decision after seeing Emma immensely hurt. After seeing Erica’s hesitation, Spencer realizes they are not on the same page. They decide to go to a family counselor.

During the counseling, Emma says it is too much to change her name as she always wants a part of her dad with her. She explains that she doesn’t need to change her name for them to stay as a family. The couple gives Emma the liberty to decide whether to change her name or not.

The couple also discusses having a baby and how it will bring their family together. They buy a star to celebrate their adoption and name it “Means-Well.” They ask Emma about her decision, and she agrees to change her name for now as she sees Spencer as her fatherly figure, and she wants to do something to show him that she loves him.

The family has an adoption hearing virtually due to the COVID pandemic. The judge approves the adoption, and the family celebrates the adoption by throwing a party. Quinn ends up knowing about their thoughts on having a baby together. He strongly disagrees as he feels it is too much for them to have a baby, and it is a reckless and selfish decision. The show ends with the couple feeling it is not Quinn’s decision to make, and they might have a baby if that’s what they want.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime, TLC and YouTube.

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