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The Circle Season 5 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More

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The Circle is a hit reality television show where a bunch of people interacts with each other through a ‘Circle’, which is basically a social network, where they can present themselves as anyone they wish to.

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The show became a viral hit during the pandemic as it kept the participants locked inside an apartment and connecting with each other strictly by social media, catfishing and fooling everyone by hiding their real faces.

The Circle Plot

The Circle Plot
The Circle Plot

The Circle keeps making it more complicated and constantly throws whammies at its contestants when they start to think they have somewhat started to get a hang of it. The contestant with the maximum number of votes at the end is announced the winner and wins a whopping cash amount as the prize money.

While playing all the participants are completely cut off from the world outside as well as each other and there is no provision for physical or in-person communications and interactions anymore. They interact only on the social media specifically designed for them and make use of graphics like texts and images. This gives them the freedom to show themselves in whichever way they want which does not necessarily have to be their true selves. A male player can show himself to be a female one if he wishes to!

Each contestant then has to rate all the other contestants from bottom to top and the average ratings are then revealed, the top 2 rated players become ‘Influencers’ while others are at the risky situation of being eliminated soon by the unanimous decision of the influencers.

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The blocking process can have its own twists, the lowest-rated players are the blocked ones who have to immediately pack their bags and leave the show, but before leaving have the chance to meet anyone active player of their wish in person and at the end, it is also revealed if the blocked players were catfishing.

In the finale, after the final rating session, the top-rated contestant wins the game and takes home a huge cash stash as the prize money. The prize money for the first three seasons was 100000 USD and 150000 USD for the fourth season.

The Circle Season 5 Release Date and More

The Circle Season 5 Release Date and More
The Circle Season 5 Release Date and More

The Circle is already renewed for season 5. It was renewed along with the fourth season way back in August 2021. While there is no information on who will be in it or the release date but it is officially happening. After the first season in 2020, there were two seasons in 2021, since, the fourth season is ongoing right now we can even expect season 5 to hit the screen by the end of this year too following the trends of the previous seasons.

The Circle Cast Overview

The Circle Cast Overview
The Circle Cast Overview

The Circle Season 1 Cast

  • Joey Sasso(Winner)
  • Alana Duval
  • Antonio DePĂ­na
  • Karyn Blanco
  • Miranda Bissonnette
  • Bill Cranley
  • Alex Lake
  • Sean Taylor
  • Ed Eason
  • Tammy Eason
  • Chris Sapphire
  • Shubham Goel

The Circle Season 2 Cast

  • DeLeesa St. Agathe(Winner)
  • Bryant Wood
  • Savannah Palacio
  • Terilisha Godwin
  • Khat Bell
  • Mitchell Eason
  • Jack Atkins
  • Lisa Delcampo
  • Courtney Revolution
  • Chloe Veitch

The Circle Season 3 Cast

  • James Andre Jefferson Jr.
  • Michelle Rider
  • Ava Marie Capra
  • Chanel Marie Capra
  • Calvin Kiing Crooks
  • Rachel Ward
  • Ruksana Carroll
  • Daniel Cusimano
  • Jacki Jing
  • Nick Uhlenhuth
  • Keisha “Kai” Ghost
  • Sophia Layne
  • Matthew Pappadia

The Circle Season 4 Cast

  • Parker Abbott
  • Alex Brizard
  • Alyssa Ljubicich
  • Crissa Jackson
  • Emma Bunton
  • Frank Grimsley
  • John Franklin
  • Josh “Bru” Brubaker
  • Rachel Evans
  • Yu Ling Wu

Where to watch The Circle?

Where to watch The Circle
Where to watch The Circle

The Circle is available to stream on is available to stream in its entirety exclusively on Netflix. The fourth season is currently on-air as well.

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