The Future Of… Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and more!

The current world is a progressive world of technology and science. ‘The Future Of’ is the perfect series to have a deeper understanding and observation of how the world is changing as each passing day leads to another step towards developing inventions that are being used in remarkable ways. In ways that change the future for better or for worse.

‘The Future of’ is an American documentary series produced by 21 Laps Entertainment, The Verge, and Vox Media. It gives us an insight into how our day-to-day activities will be affected by technology in the upcoming future as it is a show which covers a wide range of things with episodes that focus on topics like dogs, skyscrapers, and even the afterlife. The range which has been covered in these 12 episodes is nothing to scoff at because of how vast it is. Calling it the documentary of the future won’t be an overly glorified title.

Science lovers and Series lovers lost themselves when the makers of ‘The Future Of’ released Season 1 and the fanbase for it grew like wildfire because of the captivating narration and in-depth vision of the future, such an interesting concept did make the fans of ‘The Future Of’ curious about the next season and if you desire to know about it then you are in the right place.

The Future Of… Season 2 Release Date

The Future Of... Season 2 Release Date
The Future Of… Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of ‘The Future Of’ was released on June 21, 2022, on Netflix, and the popularity of ‘The Future Of’ expanded in a short duration because of its well-designed production and informative episodes. This interesting documentary series gives us an in-depth insight into the changes which might occur in the upcoming future in just 12 episodes with a runtime of 20-22 minutes.

We don’t have any updates yet regarding the production of Season 2 of ‘The Future Of’ that is The Future of … Season 2. But looking at the positive response from the audience, there is a high chance that the creators will come up with Season 2 of this documentary aeries. Alas, we don’t have any other option but to wait patiently for the official announcement of The Future of… Season 2.

The Future Of… Season 2 Main Cast

The Future Of... Season 2 Main Cast
The Future Of… Season 2 Main Cast

‘The Future Of’ wouldn’t be what it is without the help of its phenomenal cast which played a crucial role in breathing life into each episode and making it a masterpiece.

The name of the series cast of ‘The Future of’ are listed below:

  • Jurnee Smollett – Narration
  • Rose Eveleth- Futurist/Futurologist
  • Tim Maughan- Author and Futurist
  • William Higham- Futurist/Futurologist
  • S. Matthew Liao- Director, Centre for Bioethics, NYU
  • Big Boi- Artist and Champion Dog Breeder
  • Giannina Milady Gibelli- Love is Blind Contestant
  • Anousheh Ansari- Citizen Astronaut
  • Angela Luna- Founder of Diff clothing
  • Jae Lee- Chef, Owner of Nowon
  • Alua Arthur- Death Doula
  • Emma Marris- Journalist, Writer
  • Poppy Crum- Neuroscientist
  • Letta J.- CEO of Coexist Gaming
  • Damian Ramsath- Transplant Recipient
  • Sam Wand- Professor, UCSD
  • Action Bronson- Chef and Rapper
  • Royal Nuñez- Dog Trainer
  • Loren Grush- Journalist of The Verge
  • Justine Calma- Journalist
  • Dawook Kang- Co-founder and Co-Co-Ceo of Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Anthony Atala- The director of Wake Forest Institute For Regenerative Medicine
  • Cole Imperi- Death Companion
  • Sankarshan Murthy- CEO of Bumblebee Spaces
  • Jenny Rodenhouse- Interaction Designer
  • KT Tunstall- Singer and Songwriter
  • Jim Green- Former Chief Scientist at NASA
  • Mark Bittman- Food Journalist
  • Con Slobodchikoff- Animal Behaviorist

The Future Of… Season 1 Plot Summary

The Future Of... Season 1 Plot Summary
The Future Of… Season 1 Plot Summary

Season 1 of ‘The Future Of’ gave us a deeper look at how everything around us will most likely change and how it will change over time. ‘The Future Of’ does target everything from the smallest thing to the biggest as the episodes focus on things varying from skyscrapers to death itself. A glimpse of what the future can be and how far we can imagine and predict the future made it hard to stop watching the series midway because of the exciting manner it is portrayed in.

The Future Of… Season 2 Trailer

The Future Of... Season 2 Trailer
The Future Of… Season 2 Trailer

Since there have been no official updates regarding the production of ‘The Future Of’ Season 2, the trailer would not be available till the official announcement regarding the date on which Season 2 of ‘The future of’ will be available, is released. However, the trailer for Season 1 of ‘The Future Of’ has been available on YouTube for people to access before ‘The Future Of’ Season 1 was released.

Where to watch The Future Of… Season 2?

Season 1 of ‘The Future Of’ was streamed on Netflix with all 12 of its episodes, right after its release but there have been no such updates from the officials from ‘The future of’ regarding where the Season 2 of ‘The Future Of’, that is The Future Of will be streamed. The latest series will come up for all the audience and be updated as soon as the official announcements of the release dates are made so stay tuned.

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