The Great Passage 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, and More

The Great Passage 2 is a series of Japanese anime-inspired by the novel Fune O Amu written by Shion Miura. These series are animated stories of the creation of a new dictionary and the transformation of the protagonist from liability to the company to the greatest-known editor of his time. Japanese anime is renowned for its love angle which makes it intriguing and gripping to the audience. The series emanates morality through perseverance, diligence, and determination to achieve what one dream. The struggle that one goes through becomes the journey of success. Though the volumes were written a decade ago the mastery of the story continues to sway the minds of the viewers.

The Great Passage 2 Storyline

The story revolves around the protagonist working in a publishing company name, Genbu Shobo. They plan to publish a new dictionary Daitokai. Mitsuya Mijame, a young aspiring worker at Genbu Shobo loves to explore a wide range of novels and enthusiastically reads a lot of them. Since he was unable to express himself properly, he faced a lot of challenges and confrontations, as his role in the company was attached to sales. His introverted nature and poor sociability skills make it worse. He struggles a lot to survive in the environment.

Throughout his journey in the publishing company Genbu Shobo, he failed to recognize his underlying aptitude and competence for the Japanese language. An established lexicographer, Araka accidentally observes his endeavor and strengths and makes Mitsuya realize the same. As time flies, Mitsuya masters the skills and transforms from an ordinary salesperson to a renowned lexicographer.  

The Great Passage 2 Plot

The journey of Mitsuya and the highs and lows of his life makes the storyline realistic and pragmatic. The audience can relate to the life struggle lucidly. The simplicity elicited in the character and victimization at the initial stages gives a thrust to the role. Araka’s role can be seen not only as a mentor but also a force that rectifies the protagonist’s conditions by making him utilize his true potential.

The ambition of creating a new dictionary was mammoth as the designated department was considered blood-sucking creatures because of the lack of life and performance. However, Mitsuya was successful in eliminating such pessimist perceptions.

The department that was deemed as a money vain venture was transformed into a successful and prospering part of the publishing company after Mitsuya took over as an experienced lexicographer. His dedication, devotion, and determination towards his actual potential revolutionized and shook the entire company for a task that was considered a waste of resources.

Mitsuya along with a co-worker namely Masashi Nishioka was entirely the opposite of Mitsuya as she was social and extrovert. Ultimately, this ‘opposite pair’ made the task of creating the dictionary into life. 

The Great Passage 2 Cast

The series was initially written into a novel by Shion Miura, illustrated by Haruko Kumota and published by Kobunsha. These were brought into life as in directed by Toshimasa Kuroyanagi and produced by Akitoshi Mori and Soichiro Umemoto.

The main characters were Mitsuya and Masashi the pivotal characters of the series along with Araki. Hayashi was the granddaughter of Mitsuya’s landlord. Sasaki was the secretary of the editing department. Kishibe had a background role in the completion of the task. She made sure that the coordination between the departments and the new recruits was smooth. Matsumoto was also a great guide and director during the journey of the task of compiling a dictionary.

The voice-over artists of the actors played a major role in bringing the characters into reality. Mitsuya and Masashi’s voice was given by Takahiro Sakurai and Hiroshi Kamiya respectively. Araki’s veteran voice was given by Tetsuo Kaguya. Hayashi’s voice was given by Maaya Sakamoto. Sasaki and Kishibe were voiced by Yoshiko Sakakibara and Yoko Hikasa. Matsumoto’s tremendous role was voiced by Mugihito.

The Great Passage 2 Release date

Season 1 was released in 2016 with 11 episodes in total. The first season was a great hit and has a huge fan base that is eagerly waiting for season 2 to commence. The release date was announced earlier to be in 2018 but no official announcements have been made with regard to it. The trailer like the season has also not yet been released. Though the eagerness keeps rising, the hopes of getting satisfaction to keep growing as well. 

The story being the accurate culmination of each flavor of emotions ranging from struggle to happiness, from romance to determination, from enjoyment to dedication, the fans have a huge expectation for this story to be continued in the upcoming season.

Where to watch The Great Passage 2?

Though season 2 has not yet developed viewers can watch season 1 on gogoanime or myanimelist These two websites will direct towards season 1 of anime. It can be also viewed on Amazon Prime video.  

The journey and new set of challenges post dictionary publication along with other prominent anecdotes remain a source of expectation amongst the fans. To experience the new journey and consequent dramas of their lives there has been a huge enthusiasm and zeal. The directors have to invest harder to cater to the demands of the huge fan base that drama has accommodated over years. Though it’s not an easy task to put lives into written characters season 1 has successfully removed all such stereotypes and gained immense popularity. With the hope to see the characters coming on the screen again, the viewers have definitely longed a lot.

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