The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 Release Date & Important Updates

Ecchi harem fantasy animation series “The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter,” also known as “Ore Dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon” in Japanese is an adaption of the same-named light novel series by Meguru Seto. The first season of this show was animated by Okuruto Noburu. The characters were created by Yuya Uetake, and the series was composed by Kenta Ihara, with animation by Okuruto Noboru and direction by Kenta nishi. From January 9 through March 27, 2021, the show was shown.

Ok, I sound like a snoozefest. But cafantasticlame me? The show’s amazing and in all honesty, once you start talking about it, you can’t quite stop. So, even though critics believe the show didn’t live up to expectations. After experiencing the first season finale, people started clamoring for The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2. in a short period of time, it amassed a lot of popularity. As a result, fans are already asking for a second season. Will the anime ever come back then? Read on to find out everything you need to know about The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter season 2.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 Release Date

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 Release Date
The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 Release Date

No beating around the bush, here’s the deal. Season 2 of The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter has not yet been announced. If there is a second season of the anime, we’ll probably have news by October 2022.

The follow-up to this anime won’t be released to viewers for at least two years. The reason for this is that it will probably take the author at least two years to publish four more volumes. So, around the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024, viewers may anticipate The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2.

Plus, not too long ago, I said that the critics didn’t believe this lived up to its potential. This came as a disappointment for the makers of the show as well, with a 6.7 from IMDb, and 3.7 from Crunchyroll. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed because it’s only the viewers that can bring back the show.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 Characters

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 Characters
The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 Characters
  • Noir Stardia (ノル・スタルジア, Noru Sutarujia), voiced by Ryōta Ōsaka; Zeno Robinson- Noir, a nobleman of low rank and a self-described coward, is the third son of a baronet. Noir enrolls at the hero academy after being turned down for a career as a librarian by notable nobility. This marks the beginning of Noir’s journey to become a hero. He is endowed with the Great Sage Skill, which provides him temporary access to infinite knowledge but leaves him with excruciating headaches after each use. As a result, he avoids using it until he discovers that kissing Emma might help lessen the agony. He finds Olivia while exploring a hidden dungeon, and she grants him the freedom to freely shift powers [Create, Bestow, Edit] and increase Life Points, which are acquired by having fun but at the danger of passing away if his LP is completely exhausted.
  • Emma Brightness (エマ・ブライトネス, Ema Buraitonesu), voiced by Miyu Tomita; Lizzie Freeman- Emma is Noir’s childhood friend and the daughter of a baron or baroness. Her specialties include wind magic and the use of twin daggers in melee combat. She has a loving heart and treats everybody around her fairly. Emma voluntarily consents to Noir kissing her, which lessens the consequences of his [Great Sage] presence. She first applied for a part-time job as a librarian to work beside Noir, but when she learned that he had not been hired, she left. Shortly after, she reapplied in order to remain by Noir’s side.
  • Olivia ServOliviaリヴィア・サーヴァント, Orivia Sāvanto), voiced by Yui Horie; Janice Kawaye- Olivia was a renowned explorer who lived and worked 200 years ago. After attempting to enter a secret dungeon, she was caught in a trap (Death Chains) and imprisoned in a maze. When they first meet, she takes control of Noir and trains him to become stronger, hoping that one day he would be powerful enough to liberate her.
  • Lola Metrose (ローラ・メトラーゼ, Rōra Metorāze), voiced by Rumi Okubo; Anne Yatco- The charming front desk agent of the Odin adventurer’s guild is named Lola. She plans many adventures for Noir because she is in his custody. Lola is placid on the outside, but she has a competitive nature and sees Emma, who is close to Noir, as her adversary.
  • Luna Heela (ルナ・ヒーラー, Runa Hīrā), voiced by Akari Kitō; Kira Buckland- Lola’s closest friend is a half-elf saintess/cleric named Luna. She first appears in the narrative as a means of removing the curse placed on a duke’s daughter who attends the same adventurer’s school as Noir and Emma. She is one of the few clerics with the ability to remove curses, which originally caused it to shorten her life, but Noir changes it so that it reduces Luna’s wealth instead. She develops a crush on Noir during her brief journey to remove the curse with Noir, much to Emma and Lola’s chagrin.
  • Alice Stardia (アリス・スタルジア, Arisu Sutarujia), voiced by Yuki Nagano; Ryan Bartley- Younger sister of Noir. She has a brother complex toward Noir because she is the last of four kids.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 Plot

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 Plot
The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 Plot

Legendary hidden dungeons are where valuable goods and riches are supposedly hidden. Some are fortunate to come across them, like Noir, the third son of a tiny aristocratic family who develops a rare talent that gives him access to a wealth of information. However, as a result, he experiences excruciating headaches. Emma Brightness, a friend from childhood who knows how to treat Noir’s migraines, extends him an offer of employment.

After Noir has trouble finding work, he decides he wants to be an explorer and discovers a dungeon containing Olivia Servant, a renowned explorer who has been imprisoned there for centuries. Noir receives three strong skills, which he utilizes to increase his strength and apply to the Hero Academy.

The light novel was loosely turned into the Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter anime. The narrative of Season 2 is unclear because certain arcs were skipped altogether and the order of events was screwed up. Noir’s business could prosper in Season 2 since he has the opportunity to explore the dungeon’s more recent levels. Noir may run into his brother Gillan on the way to the City of Hornest.

We will have to wait till the anime sequel to see what happens to Mira who is a treasure seeker who upends Noir’s plot to become the King of his Grade. With the events from Volumes 4 and 5 omitted, we may infer that the plot will employ Volume 6.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 1 Recap

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 1 Recap
The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 1 Recap

Have a memory like mine? Don’t worry, I don’t judge. Bookmark this page; when The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter season 2 is out, you’ll need a memory jog. This is how The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 1 ended.

Noir establishes Stardian Rarities, his store. Noir thanks Olivia and promises to release her from the Death Chains. The Great Sage tells him that the 15th floor of the dungeon has the answer. Emma joins Noir on floor 14, where they kill a swarm of obnoxious goblins. They are forced to leave after discovering Olivia’s clone (HUGE GASP), the Death Chains’ actual form, on level 15.

Olivia’s clone has Olivia’s powers. They enquire as to Olivia’s shortcomings and those of the potential clone. Because Emma has larger breasts than she does, Olivia first declines to inform them. She acknowledges that she once came close to losing a fight but didn’t know why when Noir insisted that she must be released in exchange for everything she had done for him.

Following some research, Noir discovers a tale about Olivia fighting Littorine, a rare cleric with the ability to temporarily increase talents by forsaking previously acquired skills. Just as the clone confronts Noir, having left the dungeon to carry on their unfinished combat, Noir spends 10,000LP to construct Sacrifice. Noir uses Sacrifice, but as soon as she notices the clone also has Get Creative, she paralyzes him with a better version of his sword.

The season finale was wild, to say the least. If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t read beyond this- or you’ll miss out on all the gasps and clutches.

Olivia recalls an incident from 200 years ago in which a young man perished as a result of her inadequate instruction of him. Meanwhile, as Emma, Lola, Luna, and Leila arrive, Noir is still engaged in combat with Olivia’s clone. Her blade is successfully broken by the girls’ united attack, but they are then immediately overcome with a fever that the clone has placed upon them.

She also changes Noir’s Stone Bullet talent and grants him the Sluggish condition. Noir gives up all of his remaining talents save for Get Creative, Editor, Bestow, and Sacrifice to improve his ability to continue battling after realizing the clone is far more creative than he is.

The clone attacks Noir with a fire dragon in revenge, but Noir slashes through it, setting his blade ablaze, and delivering the killing blow. When the females have recovered, they then replace his LP. When Noir enters the dungeon, Olivia congratulates him and gives him a warm embrace. Olivia tells Noir that he may now continue investigating the other floors of the dungeon because the Death Chains are no longer there.

And, scene. That’s how it all ended and we cannot wait for The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2.

Where to Watch The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2?

As I’ve mentioned a thousand times in this article, The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 has not made it to screen yet. Nevertheless, The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 1 was mind-blowing, and you can watch it on Crunchyroll! Stream now!

That’s all we know about The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 so far! Stay tuned to this space for updates!

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