The Lost City (2022) Ending Explained: Do They Find The Treasure In The Lost City?

The Lost City is a 2022 American achievement-adventure comedy film absorbed by the Nee brothers, who co-carved the screenplay with Oren Uziel and Dana Fox from a story considered by Seth Gordon.

This Paramount picture revolves around a cloistered romance novelist on a book tour with her cover model. She gets removed in a kidnapping challenge that lands them both in an unsparing jungle adventure. So careful it has MAJOR SPOILERS.

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The Lost City Recap

The Lost City Recap
The Lost City Recap

Dr. Loretta Sage inscribes romance-adventure novels centered around a fictional heroine, Dr. Angela Lovemore, and her romantic curiosity, Dash McMahon. To encourage the latest book on Lovemore, her commissioner, Beth Hatten, insists that Loretta go on board on a book tour with Alan Caparison, the book’s cover model for Dash, contempt of her reclusiveness and the death of her husband.

After a catastrophic start, primarily due to the admiration of Alan’s Dash persona, Loretta is occupied by Abigail Fairfax, a billionaire. The latter comprehends that Loretta grounded her books on the actual historic investigation she did with her late archaeologist husband.

Fairfax has discovered a lost city on a remote Atlantic island and is persuaded the Crown of Fire, a priceless treasure, is located there. When she deteriorations to help decipher an antique map to the prize, Fairfax, fearing a vigorous volcano will destroy the site, chloroforms and takings Loretta to the island.

Alan, who is furtively enamored with Loretta, witnesses her kidnapping. He employs Jack Trainer, a former Navy SEAL turned CIA operational, to meet him on the island and organize a rescue. With support from Alan, Jack reaches Fairfax’s compound and frees Loretta but is speciously killed before they can make it to the airport, forcing Loretta and Alan to leak into the jungle.

Loretta and Alan devote a day fighting off Fairfax’s men before accomplishing a nearby village. Upon hearing d folk song from a local, Loretta assumes that the crown is hidden in a cenote in the jungle. Earlier, they can leave; however, Fairfax detentions her again, so hunting by Alan to save Loretta ensues. The two are then compulsory to share the treasure’s position with Fairfax.

Upon reaching the location, they determine the tomb is not a testimonial to Taha and Kalaman’s power but a walloping place for the queen to lament for her husband. Her Crown of Fire was ended of red seashells congregated by him as an emblem of his love for her. The actual pinnacle of the legend was not a priceless jewel but the intimate love between the king and queen.

Furious, Fairfax forces Loretta and Alan into the tomb as the volcano explodes. Still, Rafi, one of Fairfax’s men, has a modification of heart due to the cruelty he agonized from Fairfax. He leaves a wrecking bar to help them escape before forsaking Fairfax on the island. Beth arrives with the local shoreline guard, and Fairfax is detained. Loretta’s next book, grounded on her adventure with Alan, is a hit, and they portion a kiss at the end of their next book tour.

In a mid-credits division, Loretta and Alan appear at a yoga class and treasure that Jack survived being shot.

Do They Find The Treasure In The Lost City? 

Do They Find The Treasure In The Lost City? 
Do They Find The Treasure In The Lost City? 

The treasure is not originated from the eccentric billionaire with his piles of possessions. Instead, it’s Loretta’s academic knowledge that leads them to the treasure’s undeveloped place and reveals its certainty of it.

You can watch it on Paramount+.

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