The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Release Date, Plot, and More

Will there ever be The Ms. Pat Show Season 3? Here’s a hint: there might.

On August 12, 2021, BET+ began streaming The Ms. Pat Show, an American television comedy series created by Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams and Jordan E. Cooper. The programme is based on the comedy and real-world experiences of Atlanta street comic Ms. Pat, a former convict who is now a cautious suburban mother. Viewers are curious if the programme has been renewed for future seasons.

The programme is based on the humour and autobiography of comic Ms. Pat, a former criminal from Atlanta’s streets who is now a hesitant suburban mother. The show received a second season renewal from BET+ on September 2, 2021, and it will air on August 11, 2022. The Ms. Pat Show received a third season renewal from BET+ on July 6, 2022! Here’s all we know.

The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Release Date

The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Release Date
The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Release Date

The Ms. Pat Show will indeed be back on your television for a second season. Before the channel’s second season launch, the show was renewed. The network has yet to release the official episode guide and season summary for The Ms. Pat Show Season 2, which is scheduled to premiere on August 11, 2022.

“Since our first viewing of The Ms. Pat Show’s pilot episode, we knew Ms. Pat was something special and we are excited to build our relationship with her and her team to bring our BET+ members more content that is refreshing, raw, and real,” said Scott Mills, CEO of BET, in a statement to Deadline.

Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams, a comedian, actor, and producer, has signed a multi-genre overall agreement with BET, as part of which she will produce, write, and star in new series and other projects across BET linear and streaming.

Following the popularity of The Ms. Pat Show, a comedy series based on her life in which she acts as co-creator, executive producer, and actress, the arrangement broadens her partnership with BET. The third season of BET+ has been approved, and Atlanta-based production has already started. Williams intends to produce on-screen and behind-the-camera material through her name-brand production company that provokes discussion through comedy and unvarnished honesty.

As of August 5, 2022, the network has not yet officially announced The Ms. Pat Show’s Season 3 premiere date. Remember that the renewal was only revealed a short while ago, thus any information on the release date would be premature. On the plus side, it’s believed that the future season won’t be postponed and will instead be issued sooner than expected, which would place the release date in the early to mid-2023 range.

The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Cast

The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Cast
The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Cast

Ms. Pat as Patricia “Pat” Ford Carson- the household’s matriarch, the Carsons. Similar to Ms. Pat in real life, she was raised in impoverished circumstances in Atlanta, gave birth to two children while still a teenager, and then relocated to Plainfield with her husband, with whom she has two other children. Her husband Terry adores her and behaves as the caring partner she never had with her older kids’ father, who mistreated her and gave her little to no support. Ashley and Brandon are Patricia’s children from her first marriage to Lloyd, while Janelle and Junebug are products of her second marriage to Terry.

J. Bernard Calloway as Terry Carson- The well-meaning spouse of Patricia. He is modelled after Garrett, the spouse of Ms. Pat. Even though his wife didn’t have a solid support structure growing up, he gives her the stability and true love she never had throughout her chaotic upbringing.

Tami Roman as Denise Ford- Freeloading sister of Patricia who resides with the family. She struggles to hold a job, which is frequently a source of comic tension between Ms. Pat and Terry.

Vince Swann as Brandon James- During a prior relationship with Patricia’s ex-boyfriend from Atlanta, Patricia had a loving but dimwitted kid. He is modelled on Nikia, the son of Ms. Pat.

Briyana Guadalupe as Janelle Carson- The bitter, intelligent, and almost-17-year-old daughter of Terry and Patricia. She is modelled after Garrianna, the daughter of Ms. Pat.

Theodore John Barnes as Junebug Carson- The jovial youngest kid of Terry and Patricia, 14 years old, and a social media addict He is modelled after Garrett “Junebug,” Jr., Ms. Pat’s son.

Brittany Inge as Ashley James- the therapist-in-training and oldest kid of Patricia’s previous relationship, which she had as a teenager. At the beginning of the programme, she and her mother have a tense relationship because they disagree with Ashley being a lesbian, but Pat learns to embrace her identity. She is modelled on Ashley, the daughter of Ms. Pat.

The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Plot

The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Plot
The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 Plot

According to Deadline, while the show frequently addresses contentious issues like abortion, drug misuse, racism, and child abuse, Williams does it with elegance by fostering a place where people may speak honestly and unfiltered for the benefit of the audience—and frequently for herself. She is presently travelling the country in promotion of her Netflix stand-up special “Y’all Wanna Hear Something Crazy?” which was published in February, in addition to working on finishing Season 3.

For The Ms. Pat Show Season 3, Patricia had a bit to say.

“I do have things already in the works. One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was unscripted. I would like to do a workplace comedy,” she said to Deadline.

“I also have some projects I was working on before my deal so I’m planning to present it all to BET and what they don’t want I’ll put in the freezer. You are all going to get so much more. I’m really excited about the future and my partnership with BET. I’ve been mad for about 30 years, I know I have a lot of stuff they’re going to love. This is a great opportunity for me to step out on my own and I’m grateful for that. This is me stepping out on my own,” she continued.

Where to Watch The Ms. Pat Show Season 3

The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 isn’t out yet, but season 2 premiers on August 11, and here’s the trailer:

You can catch season 1 on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

That’s all we know about The Ms. Pat Show Season 3 so far. Stay tuned to this space for more info!

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