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The Sound of Music Season 2 Renewal Status, Plot, and more!

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The world-famous romantic musical- Sound of Music has gotten a film made on it with the same title. In 2013, the musical was telecasted as the Sound of Music Live! on TV for the audience.

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The Sound of Music Plot

The Sound of Music Plot
The Sound of Music Plot

The story revolves around the non-fictional events depicting the life of Maria von Trapp. It is known for its melodious background score loved by all the music lovers.

Maria aspired to be a nurse but she has been sent as a governess to look after seven children who are motherless. The children grow a liking towards Maria because of her charm and grace and grow to be very fond of her.

The entire musical is the biography of Maria’s life, the real-life story has been portrayed really beautifully.

When Maria first steps foot in the Von Trapp House she learns the captain has turned cold and emotionally closed himself as he has not been able to recover from his wife’s death, Maria hence decides to teach his children the basics of singing to become their companion.

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A month later when the captain returns with his mistress and friend looking for a local singing group to perform at the festival he gets absolutely enraged to see his children dressed in clothes made out of old curtains by Maria. Maria then gives him a reality check and confronts him about how he is unable to understand his own children and is not there for them when they need him the most which just upsets him further and he fires her. But his mind changes when he sees his children singing and brings Maria back.

Slowly an unspoken attraction starts to breed between the Captain and Maria and later on Maria confesses to having fallen in love with the Captain but she is also ready to lead the life she has been given based on poverty, obedience, and chastity.

When she learns about the Captain’s marriage to Schraeder she decides to fulfill her duties until a new governess could be arranged since the kids did not enjoy singing if she was not there. But the marriage gets cancelled owing to the difference of opinions between the Captain and Schraeder.

Later on, Captain and Maria meet up and declare their love for each other and get married. During their honeymoon Germany invades Austria. On returning, the Captain is ordered to report to Bremerhaven at once. Maria then tackles the situation and smartly after the performance of the kids leads the entire family in one last song during which they escape one by one and while the Nazi soldiers continue to search for them they flee away with Maria’s help.

The Sound of Music Season 2 Release Date

The Sound of Music Season 2 Release Date
The Sound of Music Season 2 Release Date

The first edition already tells us the full story of Maria, there is no formal announcement regarding the show’s renewal but since the story is based on real-life and depicted entirely already it is very unlikely for another season and hence the show will most likely not have a season 2.

The Sound of Music Season 2 Cast

The Sound of Music Season 2 Cast
The Sound of Music Season 2 Cast
  • Carrie Underwood as Maria von Trapp (née Rainer)
  • Stephen Moyer as Captain Georg von Trapp
  • Laura Benanti as Elsa Schräder / Fräulein Schweiger
  • Christian Borle as Max Detweiler
  • Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess
  • Ariane Rinehart as Liesl von Trapp
  • Michael Campayno as Rolf
  • Sophia Anne Caruso as Brigitta von Trapp
  • Peyton Ella as Gretl von Trapp
  • Michael Nigro as Friedrich von Trapp
  • Grace Rundhaug as Marta von Trapp
  • Ella Watts-Gorman as Louisa von Trapp
  • Joe West as Kurt von Trapp
  • Jessica Molaskey as Sister Berthe
  • Christiane Noll as Sister Margaretta
  • Elena Shaddow as Sister Sophia
  • Kristine Nielsen as Frau Schmidt
  • C.J. Wilson as Herr Zeller
  • Sean Cullen as Franz
  • John Bolger as Admiral von Scheiber
  • Michael Park as Baron Elberfeld

Where to The Sound of Music watch?

The Sound of Music is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Youtube, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, and TV.

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