The Taskmaster Season 14 Release Date, Plot, Recap, and More

The Taskmaster is a panel game show belonging to the genre of British comedy created by the comedian and musician Alex Horne and presented by Horne and Greg Davies. The concept of this game was brought up by Horne for The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010. Dave offered a deal to adapt it for television which Horne accepted. Although after the ninth season of the show it was taken over by Channel Four which aired another 4 seasons over the years following 2019.

Even during the time of the pandemic of 2020 Horne hosted #HomeTasking, which is basically a series of tasks for people to film in their own homes. The procedure of this series was that a montage of the attempts to complete the assigned task was posted and YouTube and it also featured Greg Davies awarding points. This show was a great success on British television and international versions of this program were also created in Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Finland, The United States, New Zealand, Croatia, and Portugal as of 2022.

With the preceding success of the series, the makers of the series are now coming with The Taskmaster Season 14 after collecting a lot of love from the audience for its pre-seasons And because the curators have always addressed the crawls of the fandom for the sequel of the series, fans are now deliberately asking for next season which is The Taskmaster Season 14. This article is intended to bring down the wait of the fans for The Taskmaster Season 14.

The Taskmaster Season 14 Plot Summary

The Taskmaster Season 14 Plot Summary
The Taskmaster Season 14 Plot Summary

The Taskmaster is a comical game show in which a group of five contestants competes against each other by completing the tasks that are assigned to them. Every successive episode the contestants are witnessed completing their tasks, supervised and sometimes assisted by Horne. Once each contestant is done with their task Greg Davies judges their performance and ranks them from one to five points. The contestant with the highest score in each episode receives a series of prizes given by the contestants themselves as a part of their task. The contestant with the highest points throughout the season wins a trophy.

Tasks assigned to the contestants can range from simple physical tasks to more creative and artistic tasks. Although contestants can be disqualified or be given no points if they’re not able to complete their assigned tasks. In case of a tie between two contestants at the end of the series, a quick live task may be shown. Some tasks might also be timed or be performed in multiple stages, in some tasks the contestants might also be paired together or be asked to play as a team and all the members of the winning team are rewarded the same points.

The show also consists of series called the Champion of champions in which the winners from the previous seasons compete against each other and the New Year Treat Champion in between the different seasons.

The winners of each season are as follows:

  • Season 1- Josh Widdecombe
  • Season 2- Katherine Ryan
  • Season 3- Rob Beckett
  • Season 4- Noel Fielding
  • Season 5- Bob Mortimer

Champion of Champions- Josh Widdicombe

  • Season 6- Liza Tarbuck
  • Season 7- Kerry Godliman
  • Season 8- Lou Sanders
  • Season 9- Ed Gamble
  • Season 10- Richard Herring

New Year Treat Champion- Shirley Ballas

  • Season 11- Sarah Kendall
  • Season 12- Morgana Robinson
  • New Year Treat Champion 2- Adrian Chiles
  • Season 13- Sophie Duker

Champion of Champions 2- Richard Herring

The plot of The Taskmaster Season 14 is going to be the big reveal of the amazing story the audience has always loved.

The Taskmaster Season 14 Cast

The Taskmaster Season 14 Cast
The Taskmaster Season 14 Cast

The cast of The Taskmaster Season 14 includes:

  • Alex Horne as the supervisor of the tasks
  • Greg Davies as the judge of the tasks
  • Dara O Brian as the first seated
  • Fern Brady as the second seated
  • John Kearns as the third seated
  • Munya Chawawa as the fourth seated
  • Sarah Millican as the fifth seated

The casts are enveloped with amazing talents and that’s why it will be worth waiting to watch what cast The Taskmaster Season 14 will bring along.

The Taskmaster Season 14 Release Date

The Taskmaster Season 14 Release Date
The Taskmaster Season 14 Release Date

The friendly, humorous game show that we all love has been officially renewed for a 14th season and we couldn’t be happier. Season 1 of The Taskmaster had 6 episodes and aired from 28th July 2015 till 1st September 2015. Season 2 of the comedic game show premiered on 21st June 2016 and continued till 19th July 2016 and had 5 episodes in total. Season 3 premiered in the same year as the second season, on 4th October 2016, and continued till 1st November 2016.

The first series of the Champion of Champions aired from 13th December 2017 to 20th December 2017 and had 2 episodes and the second one which only had one episode premiered recently on 23rd June 2022. The first series of The New Year Treat Championship was aired on 1st January 2021 and the second one premiered on 1st January 2022.

At present The Taskmaster stands at an amazing rating of 9 out of 10 and is a fan favorite television show. As far as season 14 of the show is concerned it is set to be aired in September 2022 with a brand new cast and of course Alex Horne and Greg Davies, the originals.

Where To Watch The Taskmaster?

If you want to watch all the seasons of The Taskmaster, they are available on Channel 4, full series is also available on YouTube in most countries, if not available in your country a VPN can be helpful.

For more information related to The Taskmaster Season 14 and other latest series stay tuned.

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