The Upshaws Season 3 Release Dates, Casts, and All we know!

The Upshaws Season 3 has its roots in the American family sitcom ‘Upshaw’ which was a clean direction by Regina Y. Hicks and Wanda Sykes on Netflix.

The family sitcom series comes with a wide range of love, romance, and sexuality. The series narrated several weirds and odds faced by a working-class family. Bennie being a protagonist played the lead role along with his family of his wife, Regina, and four children Bernard Jr., Aaliyah, and Maya. Bennie also has a child with Tasha named Kelvin who was away from him till he turned 16 and who was not at all okay with this behavior of his dad. Aaliyah was unsure of her connection with Kelvin and only connects with him due to the mutual embarrassment of their parents.

The wide range of the series received much love from the viewers as it is the perfect watch for the family depicting the family situations in the truest way. The seasons contain 10 episodes on an average with a run time of 25-29 minutes. The fans of the series are expecting a renewal of the series which is ensured by the official announcement of the makers.

The Upshaws Season 3 Release Date

The Upshaws Season 3 Release Date
The Upshaws Season 3 Release Date

According to the Netflix officials, The Upshaws Season 3 was a super hit and that’s why the makers didn’t have any second opinion to create the sequel when the fans exclusively asked for the third season of the series The Upshaws Season 3.

As the first season of the series, The Upshaws Season 1 was introduced on 12 May 2021 and gained unexpected enormous popularity, the curators of the series came up with the second season of the series The Upshaws Season 2 on 29 June 2022. The hunger of the fans didn’t get a pause as they began to demand the third season, The Upshaws Season 3 with no patience.

The dates of the release for the third season won’t have any traces on the official announcements. But keeping the data into consideration, it can be expected that the third season will stream in the summer of 2023.  

The Upshaws Season 3 Lead Casts, Characters, and Roles

The Upshaws Season 3 Lead Casts, Characters, and Roles
The Upshaws Season 3 Lead Casts, Characters, and Roles

Makers and even audiences will not want to miss out on the peculiar casts of the previous seasons of the series that is The Upshaws Season 1 and The Upshaws 2 for the next season, The Upshaws Season 3. There may not be any major change in the casts of the season 3 of the series and it may go in alignment with the below-mentioned list:

  • Mike Epps as Bennie Upshaw- The protagonist of the story who has a messed life with his wife and 4 children and parted his ways from his wife with his 2 children.
  • Kim Fields as Regina Upshaw- The wife of Bennie who was also his love connection of him in the early days of their lives.
  • Diamond Lyons as Kelvin Upshaw- The son of Bennie and Tasha with the same age as that of Aaliyah.
  • Wanda Sykes as Lucretia- The sister-in-law of Bennie who is bold and enthusiastic and finds ways to keep her eyes on Bennie.
  • Khali Spriggins as Aaliyah Upshaw- The eldest daughter of Bennie and Regina.
  • Page Kennedy as Duck- One of the old friends of Bennie who works at a garage and was prisoned before he decided to become a practicing Christian.
  • Journey Christine as Maya Upshaw- The youngest child of Bennie and Regina.
  • Jermelle Simon as Bernard Upshaw Jr.- The eldest child of Bennie and Regina.
  • Gabrielle Dennis as Tasha- The mother of Kelvin.
  • Michel Estime as Tony- The friend of Bennie.

The Upshaws Season 3 Plot

The Upshaws Season 3 Plot
The Upshaws Season 3 Plot

The series has its story of a middle leveled family. The Upshaw family undergoes several events of drama inculcating comedy scenes wrapped in contemporary views. This main idea of the plot of the series made it a big bang as the audience had no difficulty connecting to the story. The story is set up around the Upshaw family who were African-American and used to live in Indiana. 

The first season deeply reflects the marital conflict between Bennie and his wife Regina. Surprisingly they both were the teen-lovers who took their connection ahead with marriage and have 4 children to look after. The marriage terms didn’t go well for them and after sequels of conflicts, they decided to part ways to settle down the things between them. The season perfectly surfaces the scenarios of the common status family. 

The new character of Bennie’s sister-in-law, Lucretia comes up when she has to keep good terms with Bennie unsatisfactorily for the sake of her sister, despite the fact that Bennie was always a family man. Lucretia was shown as a bold woman who generally cast hard times with Bennie. Her sister, Regina then explodes that she didn’t clear her GMAT Test.

In the end, the whole family was together after following the trend of a middle-class family. Bennie and Regine reconciled. The twist to the plot arises when Bernard Jr. will came out as gay to her former sexual partner.

The third season of the series, The Upshaws Season 3 has many potential plots to carry forward. The story may evolve with Bernard Jr. as gay or maybe not! Maybe it is any of the cases, the wait in the case is a must to know the further story.

The Upshaws Season 3 Spoiler Alert

The trailers of The Upshaws Season 1 and 2 were made available a few weeks before the release dates. To follow the same trend the trailer of The Upshaws Season 3 will also be presented to the excited audience a few weeks before the release dates.

Where to watch The Upshaws Season 3?

The Upshaws is the original masterpiece of Netflix and therefore season 1 and season 2 of the series are available on the OTT. One can easily access the series on Netflix for the third season of the series The Upshaws Season 3 too as it is quite obvious that the series will release its next season on the same platform. Whatever be the case, Latest Series will update you here!

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