These Characters Left Sex Education Season 4, 3rd Will Blow Your Mind

Netflix has given us amazing shows back to back and people are now waiting eagerly for Sex Education Season 4. The biggest part is that the third season has been a supermassive hit. Right now, Sex Education has a rating of 8.4/10 on IMDB which is pretty high since the show has already been airing for three consecutive seasons. The main character Otis Milburn has grown with us it seems. His developments from a boy who couldn’t even masturbate to a person with a full relationship have been terrific.

Where there is such good news, the biggest news is that Sex Education will be coming back for a fourth season. It has officially been announced and fans are already living in an amalgamated after-effect of Season 3 and a wait for Sex Education Season 4. However, it has also been heard that the fourth season can be the end of the terrific show. Since this is how it is when actors play teenagers. There are certain time limits to which you can pass them off as high school kids. Who knows we might even see a spin-off of the show.

But there is some bad news for all the fans. Some of the fan-favorite characters are not going to be back for Sex Education Season 4. In this article we will be covering who those characters are and why have they left.

Characters Who Won’t Be There In Sex Education Season 4

Characters Who Won't Be There In Sex Education Season 4
Characters Who Won’t Be There In Sex Education Season 4

Not one, Not two but three characters and people are confirmed to leave Netflix’s Sex Education. This is indeed sad but we still expect the adventures of Moordale High to be great and we know that if nothing, Sex Education has writers who have delivered great stories, awesome drama, and some of the most beautiful and chaotic comedy. We can expect the same from the fourth season.

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Here are people who won’t be coming back for Sex Education Season 4:

Tanya Reynolds

It is absolutely sad to see Tanya Reynolds leave Sex Education. She has been a part of the show ever since the first season. Tanya plays Lily Iglehart on Sex Education. Lily has gone through an amazing journey on the show. Lily has been drawing raunchy and spicy fantasy and adventurous comics. Lilly dated Ola in the third season but came to a conclusion that she might be Asexual. Lily was one of the most loved characters on the show and she will surely be missed.

Patricia Allison

Patricia has been playing Ola on the show ever since the first season of Sex Education. Ola dated Lilly. Ola was one of the most adored characters on the show. However, she was disliked by the fans who wanted Otis to be with Maeve but He started dating Ola. One of the best friendships on the show has been seen between Ola and Adam(Connor Swindells). Ola helped Adam gain confidence in himself. She will surely be missed.

Simone Ashley

The biggest heartbreak is that Simone Ashley will be leaving Sex Education Season 4. Simone plays the Indian girl, Olivia on the show. She has been loved by all the people for her role. She is part of the group “Untouchables” which also has Ruby and Anwar. This is maybe the saddest goodbye for them. When asked about Sex Education Simone said that She is a Bridgerton girl now and she will be seen on Bridgerton Season 3 as the viscountess.

These are the people who we are sure to not come back for Sex Education Season 4, which is a Netflix Series. There might be more but we have no official announcements regarding the same. Stay tuned for more updates from Latest Series!

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