To Be A Real Heroine Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, and More

How about getting close to someone who you like? This is a common dream for every person and you must watch To Be A Real Heroine which is among the top anime to watch in spring 2022. It’s original anime series that is based on music by the virtual idol anime duo LIPxLIP. It’s about a girl Hiyori Suzumi, who happens to leave her native place to fulfill her dreams. To survive outside, she needs to get a part-time job to support herself financially. In this journey, she becomes the assistant manager for the iconic duo LIPxLIP.

This anime set in high school by studio Lay-duce is all about the difficulties, hardships, and struggles to manage part-time working with classmates. Unlike other anime series based on Manga, it’s not the one inspired or adapted from any of them that makes it refreshing and gives us a chance to get curious about the next part. The anime written by Yoshimi Narita can relate to every other high school amid a similar confusion. This dream of a girl to be successful and struggle to fulfill her aims in life gives it the title- To be a real heroine. So, let’s tell you about its release date, cast, plot, and streaming platform. 

To Be A Real Heroine Release Date

To Be A Real Heroine Release Date
To Be A Real Heroine Release Date

This tale of high-school romance makes a delightful watch. To be a real heroine! The unpopular girl and secrets task was released on 7th April in Japan. The first episode was released on that day and the following ones were later. But, the international fans had to contain their excitement a little more as it was released globally after some time. 

To Be A Real Heroine Cast

To Be A Real Heroine Cast
To Be A Real Heroine Cast

In terms of cast, To be a real heroine! The unpopular girl and the secret task have a long list as animes are more intriguing. The amazing characters and plot make anime all the more special. As it’s an anime, there have been voices lent by the cast. The lead character of Hiyori is voiced by Inori Minase. However,  in a quest to keep the excitement contained, the makers have been tight-lipped about the rest of the cast. However, some other character members of this anime include Koki Uchiyama who voices the character of Yūjirō Someya. Apart from that Nobunaga Shimazaki has voiced Aizō Shibasaki. Some other characters are:

  • Juri Hattori
  • Chizuru Nakamura
  • Nagisa Shiranami
  • Hina Setoguchi
  • Kotarō Enomoto
  • Arisa Takamizawa
  • Ken Shibasaki
  • Kōdai Yamamoto
  • Sena Narumi 

Along with that, you will be surprised to know that To be heroine is also voiced by some of the most popular actors and actresses in Japan giving a complete must-watch experience. 

The staff for production involves 

  • Noriko Hashimoto – I-Chu storyboarder and episode director as a director
  • Yoshimi Narita (I-Chu) as series composer and scriptwriter
  • Kaori Ishii (O Maidens in Your Savage Season) as character designer and chief animation director
  • Obokata Ryousuke (I-Chu) as art director
  • Tomoko Yamazaki (I-Chu assistant color designer) as a color designer
  • Yomogiko Murano (I-Chu) as photography director
  • Moe Hyuga (If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die) as music composer
  • Lay-duce is an animation production company.

So, you can rest assured that the anime series will be worth it.

To Be A Real Heroine Plot

To Be A Real Heroine Plot
To Be A Real Heroine Plot

The first season included 11 episodes and did manage to get us gripped to it. This high-school anime is about a high-school girl next door Hiyori Suzumi living near the outskirts of her hometown.  Just like all of us, she has big dreams for her life and is eager to pursue them. She wants to be famous and struggles a lot for it. Apart from that, she has a passion for running. All these qualities are quite relatable to other young girls.

As she lives in the countryside, she has to move out from her hometown to a big city to give wings to her dreams to achieve big in life. She registers in a high school in the big city and chooses a reputed school for the purpose. Furthermore, she plans to register for the track team as she has an essential love for running. Another reason for getting registered for the track team is to get popularity and attention among her new classmates. Then, for financial support to survive in the big city, she begins to look for a part-time job to manage all the things.

To her luck and hard work, she gets a part-time job as a manager-in-training. It’s for the high school idol unit LIP×LIP. They are a boy band that includes Yuujirou Someya and Aizou Shibasaki who are popular amongst fans. To a surprise, they are the classmates of the girl. Things get difficult for her as he tries to manage work, and study and tries to pursue her dreams at the same time. Throughout the course, she comes across various situations where she has to act with bravery and courage to make her dreams come true. 

Where To Watch To Be A Real Heroine? 

Before watching the series you can even take a look at the trailer of the anime on YouTube which gives a basic idea of the storyline and promises lots of fun. Now you must be excited to know where you can get to watch the anime. To become a real Heroine is available to watch on the popular anime platform Crunchyroll for global audiences. If you live in Japan, then To be a real heroine has been available on Japanese networks such as Tokyo MX, MBS, and BS Fuji from Thursday, 7th April. Apart from that, it has aired on Funimation in Japan.

To get more details, latest updates, and information regarding be a real heroine, keep following the Latest Series and we will keep you all updated.

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