Touch Your Heart Season 1 Ending Explained

Touch Your Heart (Korean: 진심이 닿다) is a 2019 South Korean television series featuring Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-Wook. Industrialized by Studio Dragon and jointly fashioned by Mega Monster and Zium Gratified grounded on the web original of the same name primary available in 2016 via KakaoPage, it ventilated on tvN from February 6 to March 28, 2019.

The highest actress Oh Jin-shim (Yoo In-na), energies by the period name Oh Yoon-Seo, has a disgrace that damages her job, leaving her unemployed for two years. That was pending she has a chance to receive a major role in a forthcoming drama. But in command to clear her name and protect her success, she first took a job occupied as an administrator to a lawyer named Kwon Jung-rok (Lee Dong-Wook). Ultimately, they fall in love, and the subsequent events form the bottom of the story. It has MAJOR SPOILERS.

Touch Your Heart Season 1 Recap

Touch Your Heart Season 1 Recap
Touch Your Heart Season 1 Recap

After a disgrace, actor Oh Yoon-Seo is accessible a retaliation role-playing an advocate- on one condition, she obligation first spend three months employed at a law firm. At a party with her co-employees, Oh Yoon-Seo imprudently drowns her growing frustrations toward her boss. Yoo Yeo-rum happenstances an old blaze at work. Yoon-Seo converts jealous of another woman’s aptitude to make her boss smile.

Kwon Jung-rok determines his new stalking case has resemblances to Yoon-Seo’s past. Jung-rok’s innocence with dating principals him to seek guidance from Kim Se-won; the strain of Yeo-rheum’s job commences to take a toll; Yun-SEO happenstances an old rival. Yang Eun-Ji obtains a call from the constabularies about her daughter. Jung-rok and Yoon-Seo determine new sides to respectively other, but something looms over their bliss.

Mun-hui tries to battle falling in love; Yun-SEO notices a man after her and opposes him; a member of Jung-rok’s family pursues his permissible help. Yoon-Seo earnings to her busy timetable, while Mun-hui and Choe Yun-hook try to write up an agreement. Jung-rok is creepy by the return of the I’m Yun-hui case.

Yun took a skin condition Mun-hui relished his ukulele with one more man. Jung-rok qualms about the kissing scene Yoon-SEO will quickly be filming. Yun-SEO kinds most of her time with Jung-rok beforehand for a month-long external shoot; Yun took uncertainties about Mun-hui’s history of capriciousness.

What Happen At The End Of Touch Your Heart?

What Will happen At The End Of Touch Your Heart?
What Will happen At The End Of Touch Your Heart?

This union received more love than the definite lead couple, occupy yourself by Gong Yoo and Kim Go-Eun, and fans were rather overwhelmed that they did not rather get the happy conclusion that they rated.

Well, they sort of did. They were regenerated as visitors, and they fell in love again with no recollections of their preceding lives.

You can watch it on Netflix.

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