Triad Princess Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Story, and More

Triad Princess Season 2 is one of the romantic comedy series awaited by its fans.

Triad Princess is a 2019 Taiwanese Netflix original series (Chinese: pinyin: J dào qin Jn). After Nowhere Man, it is the second Mandarin-language original series on Netflix. Eugenie Liu and Jasper Liu are the primary actors in this movie, which is directed by Neal Wu, a best-selling novelist and the creator of the movie At Cafe 6.

Do you know what is most intriguing about this show? It is because Taiwanese shows have recently gained a lot of popularity, especially in East and Southeast Asia. You’ll all be quite delighted to hear that Triad Princess is one of those first, which is streamed on Netflix and has followers. There are also always certain series that you’re constantly up to and a stream from the net flick media platform. We anticipate a second season of this series since we adore it.

Angie, a sweet but tenacious character in Triad Princess, defies her mafia-connected father’s wishes and accepts a job as a bodyguard for well-known actress Ling-Yun in an elaborate scheme to get closer to her love interest, the famous actor Xu Yi Hang, despite the rumors of Ling and Xu’s romantic relationship. Angie grew up in the shadow of her father, who is associated with the mafia.

Triad Princess Season 2 Cast

Triad Princess Season 2 Cast
Triad Princess Season 2 Cast

Triad Princess Season 2 may have the same casts and characters as Season 1. Let’s meet our favorite characters and the casts. Following are the casts:

  • Eugenie Liu as Angie Ni
  • Jasper Liu as Jasper Yi-hang Xu
  • Chang Zhang-xing as Lin Gui
  • Hung Yan-siang as Ding-ding
  • Tien-Hsin as Sophia Kwong
  • Michael JQ Huang as Ni Kun
  • Cheung Ka-nin as Kim Hong-tian
  • HanGee Lui as Cai-tou (Radish)
  • Amanda Liu as Nana
  • Chen Ray-Wei as Pineapple
  • Chang Shu-wei as Wang Jin-guo

Triad Princess Season 1 Plot

Triad Princess Season 1 Plot
Triad Princess Season 1 Plot

The plot revolves around a young, happy girl named Angie Ni (played by Eugenie Liu), who is the offspring of triad lord Ni Kun (played by Michael Huang), who is the head of the Cosmos, a dangerous gang. She ultimately chooses to leave her father at the age of 25, having grown tired of living in her father’s shadow for so many years, and begin living her own life.

Angie assumes a new identity and works as an undercover bodyguard for a well-known actress since she is aware that she would stick out as the daughter of a renowned criminal. She finally runs across Xu Yi Hang, a celebrity she has a crush on, as she begins her new life, and they fall in love.

Xu Yi Hang, however, is not precisely as he is depicted in front of cameras and paparazzi, but finds it quite comfortable to be himself around Angie. Before he receives an eye-opener, Hang quickly falls in love with Angie’s overflowing joy and innocence, which sets off a snowball of passion and feelings that begins to slide down the snowy top.

Due to Angie’s criminal history and Hang’s filmography, people are continuously attempting to keep Hang and Angie apart from one another, similar to Romeo and Juliet in their love story.

Angie is literally treading on thin ice since she might unintentionally reveal Cosmos’ actions and her father’s business to the public given that she is the subject of paparazzi and news media attention due to being near Hang. This is what puts the love between Angie and Hang to the test, but as we have seen over the years, it always finds a way around.

Triad Princess Season 2 Release Date

Triad Princess Season 2 Release Date
Triad Princess Season 2 Release Date

There isn’t really as much press coverage or distribution for programs from other nations or areas, as there is for Triad Princess in Asia, compared to US and UK shows. In other words, we currently don’t know when the upcoming season will air or anything about how it will be produced.

Triad Princess’ initial season debuted on Netflix on December 6, 2019. As a result, we shouldn’t anticipate the start of the second season any time soon. The dearth of updates on the series also seems to imply that there are no further plans for Triad Princess Season 2.

However, if there are any changes or additions to the season, you will all be informed as soon as possible, and the release date will also be shared with you all.

Triad Princess Season 2 Story

Triad Princess Season 2 Story
Triad Princess Season 2 Story

So, now that season two is over, here are some quick noes. Angie Ni, a young, jovial girl who is the daughter of a known mobster, finally becomes involved with an actor who is a very super successful actor and most of all, his acting talents are in the star-crossed romantic comedy. So it’s all twisted in Triad Princess Season 2’s plot when Chili becomes entangled with that daughter and behaves like he’s on the edge of his seat with laughter and suspense.

The girl comes from a family that engages in smuggling and other illicit activities. Angie was bored with her lifestyle as the daughter of a triad boss while going about her daily business. She considered taking up an interesting project to enrich her life. And in doing so, she was able to secure a position as an actress’s bodyguard.

As Angie began to delve more into the glamour world, her life began to get very interesting. Even Xu Yi Hang, a celebrity crush of hers, attends the meeting. After then, the series began to focus more on romance. In contrast to what is seen on television, Xu Yi Hang is an actor who is living an actor’s life.

Xu Yi Hang grew accustomed to being around Angie and began to learn about her. In front of her, he starts to emerge as himself. Xu Yi Hang soon developed a deep love for Angie’s presence in his life following this. He was drawn to her by his generous and friendly actions. Although the love is beginning, there is a small challenge in store.

Where To Watch Triad Princess Season 2?

As stated earlier, Triad Princess Season 2 is not yet officially announced but on the official Netflix website, everyone may view Triad Princess. As of right now, there has only been one season, and the first episode of that season is available on the official Netflix website, where you can discover everything quickly and for free. You are already aware of the updates for season two of the show.

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