Trollhunters Rise of the Titans Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer

Netflix never disappoints its audience when it comes to entertainment it provides everything from thrilling to scary and from hummer to love everything just falls into place when it comes to our favourite OTT platform Netflix. The same is the case of animation series and one of such series is Trollhunters: Rise of The Titans the most-awaited and foreseeing one by its audience. But the wait is over as Netflix has already released a trailer for Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans so here we are to tell you everything about it. You would also love to know some amazing news about the same so keep scrolling.

Tales of Arcadia is a trilogy of American computer-animated science fantasy television accumulation engendered for Netflix by betokens of Guillermo del Toro and engendered through DreamWorks Animation and Double Dare You. The accumulation comprising the trilogy follows the occupants of the diminutive suburban city of Arcadia oaks, which is covertly domestic to sundry supernatural creatures and the younger heroes who combat the forces of evil that lurk in the shadows.

The three installments of this trilogy, troll hunters,3below, and wizards have already been released worldwide and have also gained appreciation and appraisal widely as an interesting, ambitious, and unique animated series, where it has also been called the best children’s animation series ever come by the film inks Travis Johnson.

Trollhunters Rise of the Titans Release Date

Trollhunters Rise of the Titans Release Date

The very good news for the fans of Trollhunters: Rise of Titan is that the two times Oscar-winning director for The Shape of Water Mr. Guillermo del Toro has recently shared the release date of the series with a teaser on his Twitter account. So you have to get ready with your popcorns on 21 July 2021 to watch out for this magma animated series only on Netflix.

Dream Work Animation production house which is loved and renowned for its work is going to present this series to the Trollhunters: Rise of Titans and del Toro would be the executive producer for the series. Adding up to same The other producers of the series with del Toro are Guggenheim, Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman and Chad Hammes.

Marc Guggenheim, Dan Hageman, and Kevin Hageman were the writters for this upcoming epic magma directed by Johane Matte, Franisco Ruiz Velasco, and Andrew L. Schmidt. The amazing people involved in the making of the series would make it worth watching by the audience.

Trollhunters Rise of the Titans Cast

Trollhunters Rise of the Titans Cast

The success of any entertainment largely depends on the cast which is featured in it. As this is an animated series this would have an amazing cast giving voices to these animated characters and adding much more life to them. The excellent voices which could be heard of include Emile Hirsch, Lexi Medrano, Charlie Saxton, Kelsey Grammer, Alfred Molina, Steven Yeun, Nick Frost, Jonathan Hyde, Bebe Wood, Laraine Newman, Grey Griffin, and Cheryl Hines, Colin O’Donoghue, Diego Luna, Tatiana Maslany, Cole Sand, Nick Offerman, Fred Tatasciore, Brian Blessed, Kay Bess, Piotr Michael, James Hong, Tom Kenny, Angel Lin, Amy Landecker.

This is for sure you are going to love these beautiful voices participating and making this series all the more words-watching.

Trollhunters Rise of the Titans Plot

Trollhunters Rise of the Titans Plot

The animated story is all set in the world of the Tales of Arcadia trilogy. Arcadia is a magical and mysterious place filled up with much more than you could actually feature through your naked eyes. Which makes it much phone to was with aliens, wizards, trolls, and many other creatures from different similar mysterious places. But nothing to worry about as our protagonist and heroes of the story are ready to fight all this Evil. When comes to this specific series all of them team up to work together for fighting against the Arcane Order for control over the magic that binds them all.

This is definitely going to be the combination of Tales of Arcadia Saga and mythology adding up to it. The biggest evil of all time would attack the place and all heroes will fight for the best against this evil together which is going to be absolute fun watching with a lot more action and adventure adding up to it. So let the wait continue till July 21!!! After which all this adventure journey is going to be unwrapped only on Netflix so stay tuned.

Trollhunters Rise of the Titans Storyline

Trollhunters Rise of the Titans Storyline

Here in the series troll hunters, there is a boy named Jim Lake jr, who will become the first human troll hunter where his duties were to protect both the trolls living in a secret city and human beings living in the surface town far away from the invasion of the flesh-eating trolls known as gum-gums which is led by the dangerous warlord gunman who is also known as SkullCrasher.

In the next series 3below, there was seen the two royal siblings named princess Aja and crown prince Kerl Tarron, where they live on the alien captured planet where they needed to escape from there to the earth because their home was taken over by an evil and dangerous general named Val Morando.  they both started fixing their alien spaceship to return and take back their home from the evil general Val Morando, who has also sent his team to find out about the alien prince and the princess to catch them.

The next series wizard was the spinoff of both the animated series troll hunters and 3below where a sorcerer in training named doxie Caspian must go through the time-bending adventure to the medieval period Camelot in a war with the arcane order where he has to save the future of arcadia oaks and the whole world from the evils. They have to also find a way to save their friend Jim from a very dangerous magical thing infecting him and have to also save the world from the evil arcane order who want to release the raw magic across the whole world and have the whole world without the humanity.

At last, in troll hunters:  Rise of the titans, it will be shown as it will be taking place roughly a year after the war happened in the wizards. Here in the movie all the heroes from the famous series Trollhunters, 3 below, and wizards will team up in their most dangerous and interesting adventure where they will have to fight the arcane order for control over the magic that unites them all.

They will come together when the world will be on the edge of an apocalyptic war in the need for the control of magic that determines their fate to be together and it will also be seen that the world is once again the danger as the arcane order has reawakened the titans.

History of Production

History of Production

Dreamworks animation started production of the trilogy tales of arcadia in 2019. It was later on august 7, 2020 announced by Guillermo del toro that the film sequel of the animated series tales of arcadia will be named troll hunters: the rise of the titans and he also announced that it will be released on the official Netflix on July 21, 2021, in 2018, Aaron Waltke and Chad Quandt came as the co-executive producers with mark Guggenheim for the trilogy. In the next year, dan and Kevin Hageman announced the movie troll hunters: the rise of the titans’ screenplay written by Dan and Kevin Hageman and mark Guggenheim for this final movie which was announced to be released on July 21, 2021, on the Netflix platform


  • Trollhunters: rise of the titans will also be the first dreamwork animation feature movie which will be released on the official Netflix.
  • This movie will also be the full-length feature movie sequel to the tales of arcadia trilogy animated series and will also be the final series to the tales of arcadia trilogy.
  • It will be shown in the movie that the event will take place roughly a year after all the war in the wizards
  • It will also be the conclusion of the animated series tales of arcadia trilogy.



Trollhunters: The Secret History of Trollkind (2018): The secret history of Trollkind is a comedian book co-inscribed with the aid of Marc Guggenheim and Richard Hamilton. It was formally relinquished on February 27th, 2018.

Trollhunters: The Felled (2018): The Felled was relinquished on October 16th, 2018. It was indited by Guillermo Del Toro and Richard Hamilton. It was also published by the dark horse comics whose illustrators were timothy green, Omar Lozano and Edgar Delgado.


  • Trollhunters: The Adventure Begins (2017)
  • Trollhunters: Welcome to the Darklands (2017)
  • Trollhunters: The Book of Ga-Huel (2018)
  • Trollhunters: Age of the Amulet (2018)
  • Trollhunters: The Way of the Wizard (2018)
  • Trollhunters: Angor Reborn (2018)
  • 3Below: Arcadia-Con (2019)

Later there was a videogame troll hunters: defenders of arcadia were released on troll hunters. It was basically released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One Nintendo Switch, and for laptops on September 25, 2020.

Trollhunters Rise of the Titans Trailer

The official trailer of  Trollhunters: Rise of Titans was released on 27 April 2021 on Netflix and has left everyone mesmerized from then everyone is eagerly waiting for this series to come up. This one of those best-animated series that Netflix has ever given. It is definitely going to be a wonderful experience after watching the trailer which is so tempting for complete series to watch in no time.

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