Tron Uprising Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

Tron Uprising is an animated work created by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. It is a science fiction work that originated in the United States.

The first season ran from May 18, 2012, to January 28, 2013, and consisted of 19 episodes. Charlie Bean is the show’s producer, and Sean Bailey Productions and Disney Television Animation are the production companies.

Tron Uprising’s cast was only revealed in December 2010. In an interview during season 2, Edward Kitsis stated that he had no idea what the show’s future holds. He also stated that the show is in desperate need of more viewers.

On IMDB, the show received an 8.2 out of 10 ratings, while 83 percent of Google users loved it. The show was picked up by Netflix on May 9, 2013, but it was withdrawn from the streaming portal after a year owing to various factors.

Following the success of season 1, fans are eagerly anticipating the release date of Tron Uprising Season 2 and other details.

Popularity of Tron Uprising

Popularity of Tron Uprising
Popularity of Tron Uprising

When the first two films in the ‘Tron’ franchise, ‘Tron’ and ‘Tron Legacy,’ were released, they weren’t immediately successful. But, not long after, it began to grow on people, and many began to appreciate it for the visual feast it provided.

And it was at this time that ‘Tron Uprising’ was released, giving the entire Tron universe a darker tone. But it was the star-studded voice cast, which included Elijah Wood, Paul Reubens, John Glover, Aaron Paul, and Tricia Helfer, that drew the most attention to this new series.

‘Tron Legacy’ has proven to be a big game-changer for the entire series because of its heavy emphasis on character development, in addition to introducing the audience to the recognizable concepts of the previous movie.

Not to mention that its narrative advances and graphic design far outstripped those of most other animated shows at the time.

However, since the launch of Disney+ as a streaming service, the internet has been awash with rumors about the series’s reappearance.

So, if you’ve been wondering “would there be a Tron Uprising season 2?” all this time, we may have some good news for you in the next section.

Will Tron Uprising rise for another season?

Will Tron Uprising rise for another season
Will Tron Uprising rise for another season

Season 1 of ‘Tron Uprising’ premiered on May 18, 2012, and ended on January 28, 2013, with a total of 19 episodes. The sci-fi animated series premiered on Disney XD in the United States between the films ‘Tron’ and ‘Tron Legacy.

There have been no official confirmations from Disney regarding Tron Uprising Season 2, but speculations suggest that now that Disney has finally developed its own streaming channel (Disney+), the cartoon series may return with a new season.

Our best prediction is that season 2 of ‘Tron Uprising’ will be released in early 2021 if everything goes as planned, but things will become clearer once an official announcement is made.

However, when it comes to the film franchise, it was initially confirmed that a ‘Tron 3’ starring Jared Leto was in the works. While no official confirmation has been given, a ‘Tron 3’ could be released in 2021. With this one, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Plot of Tron Uprising

Plot of Tron Uprising
Plot of Tron Uprising

There is a young program named Beck who goes on to become the leader of a computer revolution. He’s up against Clu and his minions, the wicked Clu. One of his pals was killed when the city was overrun. Beck chose to fight back under the moniker “Tron.”

Tron began his training in order to train Beck, and he believes he will be the next Tron. Zed is romantically intrigued by Perl and invites her to his garage.

Beck and Cutler are in a fight to the death. He has no choice except to return to his old life as Renegade. Beck’s identity has been taken after he destroyed the Energy drill.

Tron informs Beck that he is dying at the end of the season. The Occupation’s new super recognizer is the only chance to save him.

Cast of Tron Uprising

Cast of Tron Uprising
Cast of Tron Uprising

There is no cast because this is an animation. There are, however, voice actors who have provided voices for animated characters. Beck is the show’s main character. He faces the evil forces of Tesler and Clu, having been trained by Tron.

Elijah Wood provides the character’s voice. Clu is said to have slain Tron, another character portrayed by Bruce Boxleitner. He was Grid’s first and only protector.

Clu attacked him, but he survived the battle and the injuries. He was, however, unable to safeguard the Grid. He made the decision to seek a new protector. As a result, he had Beck bound.

Mara was a coworker and a friend of Becks. She’s one of the people who want Tron to come back. and was frequently seen as openly supporting him.

She would dispute official news reports that attempted to portray him as a terrorist. Mandy Moore provided the character’s voice. Zed, the other character, has a love interest in Mara. He’s also one of Beck’s coworkers and a friend.

He was enraged by Mara’s support for Renegade and began to oppose them. The character was voiced by Nate Corddry. General Tesler, Paige, Pavel, The Grid, and Able are the show’s other characters. Clu, Bartik, Hopper, Dyson, Perl, Keller, Cyrus, Cutler, and others are among the show’s recurring characters.

Where can you watch Tron Uprising?

Where can you watch Tron Uprising
Where can you watch Tron Uprising

Tron Uprising season 1 can be watched by viewers on Disney+ Hotstar and most likely the second season will air on the same platform.

Trailer of Tron Uprising

There are no updates on the second season teaser or trailer because the makers have yet to make an official announcement. Season 1’s trailer, on the other hand, is available on YouTube.

Stay Tuned for any more news regarding Tron Uprising and other shows.

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