Truth Be Told Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and Important Updates

Is Truth Be Told Season 3 canceled or going to be renewed? Congratulation to the fans of the series who are eager to know about this. Your favorite actors are ready to come back on screen. As per the latest news, season 3 of the show is all set to launch in the upcoming days.

What do you think new characters will be introduced this season? How will Poppy’s detective skills solve the crime? What about the timing of the show? How many episodes will this season have? If you want to know about this all then read this article till the end. You will get the answers to all questions.

Generally, detectives and police are in charge of solving crimes. But what should a person do when he/she gets accused of crimes? What will happen when they don’t get justice? Why are the detectives unable to do their job? Truth Be Told is a series in which a crime podcaster is ready to sacrifice her life just to prove the innocence of the victims. 

Truth Be Told is an action crime drama. It is an American series based on the bestselling novel Are you sleeping by Kathleen Barber. Until now, two seasons have been released. The show earned a rating of 7.2/10.

It was created by Nichelle D. Tramble under the production of Apple TV. The producers of the show are Hello Sunshine, Chernin Entertainment, and Endeavor Content. Octavia Spencer. 

The story is about a podcaster poppy, who has an amazing knowledge of crimes. Police want her help of her to solve the mysterious crimes. The role is being played by Octavia Spencer.

Truth Be told Season 3 Release Date

Truth Be told Season 3 Release Date
Truth Be told Season 3 Release Date

As per the production houses, there is no official announcement about when will be the series going to release. However, the upcoming season is expected to be released at the end of the year.

But there is an expectation that the series will release on October 22, 2022. Also, the series trailer is yet to drop on our screen. So we have to wait for the official announcement by Apple TV and give the fans a little hope.

The series’ first season aired in December 2021, while the second season debuted in August 2022. As per show executive, Maisha Closson, the crime series was renewed in December 2021 for the third season to be aired in the coming months of 2022.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Storyline

Truth Be Told Season 3 Storyline
Truth Be Told Season 3 Storyline

Truth Be Told is an action crime drama. In it, there are criminals and detectives. Each season comes up with a different challenge where detectives are finding themselves solving the given cases. 

The story revolves around a person named Poppy, who is a skilled detective and podcaster with a good knowledge of crime. The role is being played by Octavia Spencer. Who faces many misadventures and is ready to risk her life and possessions to know the truth and seek justice. 

The first season of the series, debuted on December 6, 2019, on January 10, 2020. The police asked Poppy to serve in a certain case. According to her, Warren Cave is the murderer of the father of twin identical daughters two decades earlier. As per Cave, he has been accused as a murderer. The first season had 8 episodes.

The second season plays from August 20, 2021, to October 22, 2021. It ends when Poppy meets her longtime friend, i.e. Micah Keith. The husband of Keith had been murdered and police dropped the charges. As Keith wanted the help of her friend to solve the case, Poppy found herself proving her friendship. 

Not only does this involve her professional life, but also her personal life of Poppy also suffers because of it. The second season had 10 episodes.

In the next season, Poppy will face a new case. It is said that Gabrielle Union has joined the show as an Eva. She is an amazing and confident principal who finds herself trapped in an unexpected situation. In the previous season, Kate Hudson played the role of Keith, and Aaron Paul as Warren Cave. 

It is expected that in season 3 we are also going to see some mysterious crimes and thrilling actions. In each season, spencer is given a different case with a new co-star beside her. We are hoping to see some amazing stories this time too. 

Truth Be Told Season 3 Cast

Truth Be Told Season 3 Cast
Truth Be Told Season 3 Cast

The main characters of the drama are:

  • Octavia Spencer plays Poppy Parnell, a detective, and podcaster.
  • Michael Beach plays, the Ingram Rhoades, Poppy’s husband.
  • Elizabeth Perkins plays Melanie Cave, Warren’s mother.
  • Mekhi Phifer plays Markus Killebrew, a friend of Poppy and an ex-detective.
  • Tracie Thoms plays Desiree Scoville, Poppy’s sister.
  • Haneefah Wood plays Cydie Scoville, Poppy’s sister.
  • Tami Roman plays Lillian Scoville, Poppy’s stepmother. 
  • Ron Cephas Jones plays Shreve, Poppy’s father.
  • Kate Hudson plays Micah Keith, Poppy’s childhood friend. 
  • David Lyons plays Inspector Aames, a detective who was assigned to the case of Keith’s husband’s murder. 
  • Katherine LaNasa plays Noa Havilland, producer of the podcast. 
  • Aaron Paul plays Warren Cave (Season 1), an accused murderer.
  • Hunter Doohan plays young Warren Cave.
  • Lizzy Caplan as Josie and Lanie Buhrman play a pair of twin sisters. 

The other supporting characters in the show will be:

  • Nic Bishop plays Chuck Buhrman, father of twin sisters.
  • Annabella Sciorra plays Erin Buhrman, mother of twin sisters.
  • Molly Hagan plays Susan Carver, the twin’s aunt.
  • Billy Miller plays Alex Dunn, Lanie’s husband.
  • Everleigh McDonell plays Ella Dunn, Lanie’s daughter.
  • Brett Cullen plays Owen Cave, Warren’s father.

Where to watch Truth be Told Season 3? 

Apple TV has not released the official trailer for Truth Be told season 3. But we hope it will be soon released. Till then, watch the last 2 seasons of the show. All of the episodes are available on Apple TV/. If you don’t have a subscription to Apple TV, then you can subscribe at $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year.

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