Tsugumomo Season 3 Release Date and Important Updates

Is Tsugumomo season 3 really happening? Or is Reddit just home to false hopes and delusions? you’re about to find out!

For those of you that don’t know, Yoshikazu Hamada is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Tsugumomo, which debuted in 2007. Between August 2011 and March 2012, the now-defunct JManga service released two volumes of the series in English. From April to June 2017, a television adaptation based on anime aired. The start of the second season was on April 4, 2020. Through crowdsourcing, a brand-new 20-minute original video animation was also created. It was included in the 24th volume of the manga, which was published on January 22, 2020- and the manga was a hit.

It’s sort of obvious that fans would want this show to return- Tsugumomo is a bit absurd, to say the least. It is dark, unsettled, and more than a little unexpected- and that’s sort of what showbiz runs on. here’s all you need to know about Tsugumomo season 3!

Tsugumomo Season 3 Release Date

Tsugumomo Season 3 Release Date
Tsugumomo Season 3 Release Date

I have neutral to bad news.

The second season of the anime aired from April 5 to June 21, 2020. The anime’s third season renewal as of now has not yet been announced. Regarding the upcoming season, Zero-G and other anime-related businesses are mute. We keep an eye on all anime news, but the official Twitter account for the show has no information on the upcoming season. The time interval between the first and second seasons is an example of how long it can take for an anime series to be renewed for a new season. In addition, the anime’s second season debuted three years after the first.

Okay, sorry. I’ll stop my unnecessary droning about an unset release and get to the point(s). There are certain things involved when renewal decisions are made. As far as Tsugumomo Season 3 goes, the following will be determiners of the show’s renewal.

First of all, the audience for the show. A huge fan following for the anime has grown all around the world. The audience for the anime is big enough to support Tsugumom season 3. With brilliant ratings and reception, the show stands a chance for future deliberations.

When it comes to animes, we need to remember that they’re generally just acceleration tools for manga sales. The third season of Tsugumomo has a wealth of source material available to the production company, ensuring that the season can be drafted!

The third thing is timelines- it has been a while since the second season made our screens, and much like that one friend with no respect for boundaries shows that everyone’s silent about can entirely disappear; alternatively, re-enter the television world at any given point of time.

Tsugumomo Season 3 Cast and Characters

Tsugumomo Season 3 Cast and Characters
Tsugumomo Season 3 Cast and Characters
  • Kazuya Kagami (加賀見 一也, Kagami Kazuya) voiced by Yūko Sanpei; Howard Wang- Kazuya has a troubled background that is kept secret from himself by a seal that gradually breaks during the series. He laments his fate as a Taboo Child frequently, feels guilty for the amasogi that are born nearby, and becomes extremely upset when he witnesses someone experience a severe Curse Backlash. He is exceedingly courageous, constantly standing up and putting others before himself in order to carry out his duties as Kamioka’s exorcist. He also frequently puts the host’s and the others’ safety above all else.
  • Kiriha (桐葉) voiced by Naomi Ōzora; Sarah Wiedenheft- In her human form, Kiriha, a tsukumogami who formerly took the shape of the white cherry blossom obi that Kazuya carries around, seems to be a teenager who is incredibly strong and is capable of defeating other tsukumogami and amasogi. In her chibi form, she is essentially crude, conceited, impudent, egocentric, possessive, sluggish, ill-tempered, and curses a lot. As an obi, she used to belong to Kazuya’s mother, and the scent serves as a keepsake for Kazuya. She has a malevolent side where she enjoys roughing up others, especially Kazuya and Kukuri.
  • Kyōka (響華) voiced by Sora Tokui- A flute tsukumogami named Kyka was formerly a part of the group Mayoiga. She originally showed up as a member of a radical gang that would watch for signs that Kukuri was losing strength before attacking Kazuya and Kukuri’s other defenders. When Kazuya overcomes her, she loses all of her spiritual abilities and transforms back into a flute. Because she assaulted Kukuri to save her fellow tsukumogami at Mayoiga who were exhausting their spirit strength and reverting to their natural forms, Kazuya spares her because he understood why she did it.
  • Chisato Chikaishi (近石 千里, Chikaishi Chisato) voiced by Noriko Shibasaki; Megan Shipman- She is a childhood acquaintance of Kazuya’s who secretly harbors feelings for him. She serves as the Class 2-2 Representative for Kamioka East Middle School.
  • Kukuri (くくり) voiced by Yurika Kubo; Apphia Yu- The deity of the land (ubusunagami), Kukurihime no Kami, guards Kazuya’s city. She excels in casting spells and making aquatic assaults. She is so strong in her adult form that she can even defeat Kiriha, but she constantly wears a Noh Mask to amp up her strength. However, in her chibi form, she is essentially too frail and is no match for Kiriha. Even in her chibi form, she would frequently find herself the target of bullying from Kiriha, resulting in her crying in pain.
  • Kokuyō (黒耀) voiced by Eriko Matsui; Leah Clark- She is Kukuri’s familiar, a voluptuous lady who is also a raven spirit. She eats a lot, and a constant joke about her is that everything fills up her enormous breasts. Due to the shrine’s enormous debt, she is forced to take many odd jobs, such as construction or as a clerk at a grocery store. Like many of the other female characters, she first seems to be over heels for Kazuya. However, as time goes on, and she sees Kazuya get angry over her injury, she starts to feel more deeply for him.
  • Sunao Sumeragi (皇 すなお, Sumeragi Sunao) voiced by Yō Taichi; Megan Emerick
  • Kotetsu (虎鉄) voiced by Rumi Ōkubo; Orion Pitts
  • Kasumi Kagami (加賀見 霞, Kagami Kasumi) voiced by Ayana Taketatsu; Jeannie Tirado
  • Shirou Shiramine (白峰 四郎, Shiramine Shirō) voiced by Sachi Kokuryu; Kyle Igneczi
  • Tadataka Tadata (只田 忠孝, Tadata Tadataka) voiced by Mikako Komatsu; Ryan Reynolds
  • Akito Ashimine (安次峰 あきと, Ashimine Akito) voiced by Shogo Sakata
  • Arumi Ashimine (安次峰 あるみ, Ashimine Arumi) voiced by Riho Sugiyama
  • Mimane Miyou (美鷹みまね, Miyou Mimane) voiced by Mami Uchida
  • Azami (あざみ, Azami) voiced by Yūko Ōno

Tsugumomo Season 3 Plot

Tsugumomo Season 3 Plot
Tsugumomo Season 3 Plot

I’m gonna be honest, I have ZERO ideas about what the plot will be, and I’m only going to work on guesswork (because my boss asked me to and I like money). So, here goes- what I think Tsugumomo Season 3 if ever released, will look like.

All Kagami’s mother has left her in the season finale is an obi that smells like Sakura blossoms. We watch as a woman with sparkling blue hair starts to show up in his dreams. And then he saw the girl he had dreamed about after waking up to something similar that smelled like Sakura flowers. His goal was accomplished. The woman he saw in his visions materialized and shielded Kagami from danger.

But there was a reason for her to be there. Spirit now owns Kazuya as a female slave. She is unpleasant, irrational, and egotistical. What then must Kagami do for her requests to be fulfilled? Some dealing will take place.

Tsugumomo Tsugu The 72nd chapter, which introduces the Kanaka Memories arc, will serve as the opening chapter of Season 3. The author’s masterpiece has been published in 26 books, but the manga is still missing. As a result, over the following two or three seasons, viewers won’t need to be concerned about the show’s inspiration.

So, the narration will probably start with an intertwine (that’s the new word I learned today :P) between the remaining source material and the end of Tsugumomo season 2.

Where to Watch Tsugumomo Season 3?

Where to Watch Tsugumomo Season 3?
Where to Watch Tsugumomo Season 3?

If you’re anything like me, you already wanna take a dip into the sheer ludicrousness of Tsugumomo season 3. Unfortunately, that’s not out yet, but you can watch Tsugumomo seasons 1 and 2 on Crunchyroll or Funimation.

That’s all we know about Tsugumomo season 3 so far! Stay tuned to this space for more updates!

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