Tuca And Bertie Season 3 Ending Explained

Tuca And Bertie is an American cartoon created by cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt. It premiered on May 3, 2019. Here’s a detailed explanation of the final episode of season 3.

Tuca And Bertie Season 3 Recap

Tuca & Bertie Season 3 Recap
Tuca & Bertie Season 3 Recap

The show is about two friends, Tuca and Bertie, and their lives. In this season, the friends are at different stages of life. Tuca broke up her long-term relationship with Kara, and Bertie is slowly getting stable despite her anxiety issues. The rest of the series shows how they overcome life’s hurdles.

Tuca And Bertie Season 3 Ending Explained

Tuca & Bertie Season 3 Ending Explained
Tuca & Bertie Season 3 Ending Explained

The final episode of Tuca and Bertie begins with them doing tarot and sign reading together. Tuca does not believe in crystals and plant signs; she feels only empty-headed fools believe in those things. Bertie strongly believes in those as her plant sign is palm front, which is easy and goes with the flowing sign that matches her actual personality. She asks if Speckle wants to get his birth charts or tarot done. But like Tuca, he also doesn’t want to get it done as he doesn’t believe in those things. Tuca changes her mind and decides to get her reading as she wants to do the opposite of Speckle.

The tarot reader says that her plant sign is a lily pad. She agrees with it as it completely matches her personality. Lily pads are impatient with short attention spans and are always impulsive and the party’s life.

Meanwhile, Speckle goes to meet Francine and tells them she loves his design idea as she feels it is magazine cover worthy. But it still needs approval from the neighborhood council board.

Speckle goes and meets the neighborhood council. They feel uncomfortable making it too inviting and open. They said they would consider it with fences and doorbells, which are cameras and add a mural to celebrate how nice they are. He agrees to it as he thinks it would be affordable to tenants.

Tuca and Bertie go out for lunch. Tuca couldn’t stop talking about her reading. Her opinions about plat signs drastically changed. She thinks she should get into a new relationship as she saw lilypads are currently thriving in a relationship. But Bertie feels she should slow down as she just got out of a big one. Tuca replies that lily pads never reflect, so she would not waste time remembering. She went on dating sites and found a stuffed animal-looking bear who was the plant sign of a pine cone. Pinecones are the most compatible with lilypads, so she decided to date that person.

Speckle comes home from work. Bertie kept going on about her horrible day and asked about his day. When he tries to talk about his day, she stops him as she feels they should stop talking about work since she had the worst day.

Speckle goes to work the next day and finds issues funding his design. He goes to the funding place to charm them over. But he is asked to change the configuration by removing the windows, but he insists on keeping the original design. They explained to him that they would give him funds on one condition: making the bottom floor an overpriced retail box store with millennium brands. He agreed to it as it was better than nothing.

He returns home exhausted, Tuca visits them, and she brings her new fiance along. She also mentions she is engaged to him after dating for a day. Bertie asked them to taste her new dish, but Tuca refused, saying she should eat only orange foods according to her plant sign and leaves. Bertie feels so bad about this incident, and when Speckle opens up about his new friend at work, she is still focused on the beans incident.

He wants someone to hear him out for a while, so he hangs out with his new work friend. He remembers he has to meet Bertie in a bar, so he invites his friend to go along with him. Bertie meets his friend Cliff, but they end up fighting. Bertie leaves and asks why Speckle didn’t back her up; he opens up about how he feels unseen and wants to be heard. She gets mad and leaves him. He returns to the table with Cliff but realizes he is a weirdo, so he goes.

Speckle becomes heartbroken, so he goes for a tarot reading. His cards showed that he was a good guy, a baby, a lover, a king, and an assertive fool. He has this sudden urge to act like an assertive fool, so he goes to where his design will be built. He makes an impulsive decision and shits in front of his boss and all his possible clients who may provide funds for his plan.

Meanwhile, Tuca goes on a date with her fiance. But he breaks up with her because he feels she is very annoying. This incident made her realize how stupid she was all this time and how her instincts that plant signs were bullshit were always right.

Speckle comes home to Bertie heartbroken, saying how his impulsive decisions got him fired. The series ends with Bertie making Speckle lie on her lap and taking away all his worries with the worry vacuum.

You can watch it on Adult Swim and HBO Max.

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