Unforgotten Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, and More

The British criminal television series, Unforgotten, follows the investigator’s Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan in their investigation of strange, unresolved criminal cases over decades. From each case, the pair reveals a link between unconnected individuals and the victim. The series originally appeared in the UK on ITV on 8 October 2015 and was created by Chris Lang. The show was launched in the US on PBS on April 8, 2018, following the huge popularity of the program in the native nation.

There are six episodes from each series. In 2015, in 2017, in 2018, and in 2021, seasons 1 to 4 were shown in the UK. Each series focuses on a different case, presenting unconnected people that show up to be related to the victim. The emotional consequences of the incident on the lives of the victims are also being investigated as the murder riddle deepens.

Tom Courtenay was awarded the 2016 BAFTA TV Award for the Supporting Actor for the First Series and Mark Bonnar for Best Actor for Tv for season 2, in the 2017 BAFTA award Scotland. The show was highly appreciated because of its performances, its deep growth of characterization and the layered secrets to the spectator every season. It seems as no wonder after four thrilling seasons that fans demand more. So, is season 5 going to be?

Unforgotten Season 5 Release Date

Unforgotten Season 5 Release Date

Season 4 of ‘Unforgotten’ premiered on ITV on 22 February 2021, ended on 29 March 2021. Season 3 consists of six instalments of about 45 minutes each. And here is everything we have as regards the fifth season. There has still been no formal news of season 5 renewal. While new seasons normally reach the US screens in early summer, the fourth season is already streaming at 9/8c on PBS since 11 July 2021.

The fifth season can’t be far away with the fantastic response received by the show. The popularity of this show has also brought the ABC version, which is allegedly in the works, of the programme called ‘Suspects.’ When you look at the ‘Unforgotten’ release schedule on ITV, following the prolonged hiatus every season appears to be releasing. Season 2 came 15 months after season 1 was released, with season 3 being published some 18 months after season 2 had been launched. Season 4, though, took the longest stretch since the start of Season 3, following a break of over two years.

Since the COVID-19  outbreak contributed to the time delay, it is apparent that ‘Unforgotten’ was disrupted in its timetable of creation and distribution. The fans may thus have to wait for the possible fifth season and endure a bit longer. season 5 started production at the beginning of 2022, we may expect the premiere of “Unforgotten ” in the fifth season in 2023.

Unforgotten Season 5 Cast

Unforgotten Season 5 Cast

The Kumars will come back as the loving DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan in season four at Sanjeev Bhaskar No. 42. Nicola Walker will however unfortunately not be back following the vehicle crash after season three killed her role DCI Cassie Stuart.

We predict the newly fiancés Sal (Michelle Bonnard) to arrive, Jordan Long (DS Murray Boulting) Lewis Reeves (DC Jake Collier), Carolina Main (DS Fran Lingley), Georgia Mackenzie (DD Leanne Balcombe) and Pippa Nixon (DC Karen Willetts). The next season is Sunny’s now-fenced Sal (Michelle Bonnard). Whether we’d probably meet Martin (Peter Egan), Adam (Jassa Ahluwalia), John (Alastair Mackenzie), or Jenny (Janet Dibley), her partner, following Cassie’s death, or Jenny (Janet). It doesn’t seem as obvious. But maybe the station will pop to make a stop to Sunny?

No information has also been given concerning the new characters who portray Sunny’s last case with the suspects, victims and family. But we believe that the highly professional actors would clamour for these parts in evaluating by the excellent groups we saw in the previous seasons and the tremendous success of season four.



In March 2015 production started for the first season, lasting 12 weeks. Liverpool, London, Kingston and Thames, Essex coast, Westminster, and the Fens were among the locations. ITV authorized a second season after the unusual success of the original series when Lang came back as writer and Wilson as director. They were shot at the River Lea, at the Cotswolds and on the Brighton promenade. Following excellent numbers, an order for a third series was confirmed on 2 March 2017.

A fourth series was planned for autumn 2019, but in January 2020, ITV announced the beginning of filming with a postponement in the time frame. In September 2020, production began again and a series was scheduled to be aired by 2021, all of which took over roles from actors Walker, Bhaskar, Reeves and Egan.

What Happened in Unforgotten Series 1?

What Happened in Unforgotten Series 1

Series 1 started back in 2015. The cellars of a destroyed house in which a skeleton was unearthed are named by Cassie and Sunny. Their sole indication of who it may be is several automobile keys beside the corpses. It takes you to a vehicle where you find a journal in your boat. Jimmy Sullivan (Harley Alexander-Sule), a teenage man from Liverpool who disappears in 1976, is the journal, registered as a gift by someone named JoJo. Eventually, the remains will be confirmed, but then who murdered him?

In her home country, Cassie is afraid that her dad has shown her a packet of letters that she disclosed she had committed adultery after her mother passed away. But while she focuses on the case, she attempts to place her sensations to one side. The Jimmy journal has connections with Cassie and Sunny’s squad: four suspects including Eric Slater, a former Jimmy hostel accountant, are one of the others. The Jimmy journal is full of wheelchair contact. Another one is Sir Philip Cross, Frankie C. (Trevor Eve).

He was just named an entrepreneurial tsar of the Administration but has a murky history as an executioner for a gang in the east. He uses the gang money to torment victims. To assist his pal JoJo to obtain an abortion, Jimmy had borrows £50 from a gang it was found. Lizzie is the next suspect, a lady who took the Jimmy funds of JoJo for abortion.

The fourth is a priest named Father Rob, who’s the chaplain at Jimmy’s dorm. It turns out that, as Jimmy’s lover, JoJo got pregnant with the kid of Father Rob at the age of fifteen. To sustain her and the kid, he took the church finances. Has Jimmy had a violent encounter with Father Rob which may have contributed to the adolescent death? The issue emerges.

All save Eric, who had a prior conviction for a racist attack, Cassie and Sunny reject this situation. Although Jimmy was not homosexual, he was a sex prostitute and the investigators decide to continue investigating. Everything breaks free if, following a tip-off from his child, a homosexual body is recovered in Eric’s back yard, and Eric is accused of both murders.

But Cassie doesn’t think Eric is culpable and she’s correct. Eric’s wife Claire is the true assassin. Eric informs the authorities that he is an intimate homosexual man and also that his possessive wife, who had been psychologically psychotic, killed his male fans as she captured them with sex. To assist her to avoid arrest, Eric cremated both bodies.

What Happened in Unforgotten Series 2?

What Happened in Unforgotten Series 2

The horrifying corpses of David Walker (Daniel Gosling), a Tori party fundraiser and club operator who was lost in 1989, can be recovered within a case at the Lea River. By following repairs done to David’s dazzling watch, Cassie and Sunny discover the deceased. The couple interfered with numerous suspicions including David’s widow DI Tessa Nixon, a fierce Oxford copper wedded in Lorraine Ashbourne. She seems to have a step-father and a distressed thirty-year-old son, Jason. A second suspect is Colin Osbourne (Mark Bonnar), an Advocate located in Brighton who adopts his spouse Simon, and the biological mother calls on him. Simon is also a six-year-old kid.

He has had no evident connection to the victim but has problems with rage. Marion Kelsey, who is the third accused (Rosie Cavaliero). Her spouse Tony’s mental disorders concerns. And the final is Sara Mahmoud (Badura Timini), a school professor who acknowledges that while she worked as a prostitute in a brothel, David could have been a customer of her for many years. If the investigators learn that David had been sexually assaulted as a youngster, they mistakenly believe that he was dead in the face of his abuser. In the meantime, both Cassie’s father and Sunny attempt online with little luck. Cassie finds out that her father has gone to Winchester to find the person with her mom’s adultery.

He is closed with a letter that shows she finished the business. Sunny lungs for a misjudged kiss with swiftly rejected Cassie and they decide to do friendly things. When ties are found between the Tory party donor, Barrister Colin, and David in the 1980s, the storey begins to unfold. After David persuaded a female colleague to wrongly accuse Colin of rapes, Colin quit his banking position and broke down. David wanted Colin out since he got too inquisitive.

Colin was made to believe that during a drunk he raped the lady but she was bribed £5,000 to get him intoxicated. Sara, Marion’s caregiver and advocate Colin are both known and sufferers of child sexual harassment They met in a mental care unit and formed a contract to wreak vengeance on the childhood offenders of each other. Marion murdered David, Sara’s abuser, and Colin executed her father, the abuser of Colin.

What Happened in Unforgotten Series 3?

What Happened in Unforgotten Series 3

In 1999, the serial murderer and rapist are being pursued by Cassie and Sunny to seek the death of teenager Hayley Reid (Bronagh Waugh). Workers discovered their corpses in London while repairing a stretch of London’s M1 highway. Four pals who rent a vacation house simultaneously with Hayley’s assassination are suspects. One of these is Jamie Hollis, the TV programme host (Kevin McNally). It comes out that in a drinking driving crash his problematic son Elliott murdered her; 18 years he has covered up. One is house visitor Chris Lowe (James Fleet), a hard-working artist living with his pet from a van.

His daughter informs Sunny of a child prostitution accusation that was eventually dismissed on his seized credit card by the cops. The next is Pete Carr Insurance Vendor (Neil Morrissey). He served time in a Hong Kong prison for scamming a charity and admitted that in the night Hayley was killed in a burglary at a cathedral in Middleham.

After Cassie mistakenly leaves his card at the café, he is attacked when his history is exposed. The employment of Cassie is already on the line after he dies. The last accused is Dr Tim Finch, the beloved GP (Alex Jennings). He was examined to abuse an elderly person, but there was no indication at first that he was the malicious murderer.

This was until the fast ticket revealed that the GP race from Middenham was on its route to London on 3 January 2000. This indication led to his arrest for alleging the killing of Hayley. During the police search, you will find a scrunchie, necklace and underpants. He said they had been acquired in a fair for his kids, however, the results of DNA show that they belong to Alison Baldwin, a 14-year-old from Cambridge in 1997. Later he confessed to Hayley’s murder with freshness.

Cassie is greatly affected by the news that Finch is a heartless psychopath and she takes a sabbatical to get her love with DCI Bentley (Alastair MacKenzie) back and forth. The season concludes with the introduction of Cassie and Sunny to Hayley in a burial park.

What Happened in Unforgotten Series 4?

What Happened in Unforgotten Series 4

In the new chapters, Cassie is angry about the fact that her pension plans for her ‘ health and well-being from the police department are being blocked just as their father’s Alzheimer’s worsened You will find that, until she finishes her 30-year service, she has no right to her entire pension payout. Cassie is heartbroken but chooses to come back to work and accompany Sunny who investigates a body that is discarded in a scrappy in northern London.

It’s iced solid rock – was it preserved for decades in a household freezer? And who is responsible for the recent assassination? You must wait, you must see. In this season the police are also illuminated as an entity. If the programme gets renewed for the fifth season, the spectator will join the two investigators on a fresh journey to investigate a different cold case.