Use for My Talent Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storylines, and More

Use for my talent is a Chinese drama show directed by Cai Cong; starring Jasper Liu and Shen Yue which premiered in May 2021. The series is an adaptation of the Korean drama ‘Clean with Passion for Now. The first season of the show caused a sensation among the audience, and fans liked its plot and script.

The story revolves around Gu Renqi and Shuang Jiao. Gu Renqi is a worried young man suffering from a condition of pathological fear of contamination and germs., while Shuang Jiao is disheveled because of the trauma of her mother’s early death. Shuang Jiao is a carefree and messy girl who is healing from the sudden loss of her mother.

But, Because of God’s own plan they come across each other, Shuang Jiao started working at a cleaning company owned by Gu Renzi. Under the influence of each other, their wounds and damages begin to heal. This series consisting of 24 episodes that ended on June 1st, 2021, has created a crazy fan base and fans are keen to know will there be season 2 of this series? Well, in this article we’ll get you covered with everything we know till now.

Use for My Talent Season 2 Release Date

Use for My Talent Season 2 Release Date

Fans are going crazy to know the release date for the sequel and the wait is quite unbearable to them. However, the makers haven’t stated or confirmed anything related to the release date of Use for my Talent’s sequel. Season 1 ended just a few days back i.e., 1 June, and we think it’s too soon to expect a season 2 release date.

Season 1 gave us a perfect ending and therefore, for a sequel the makers might need to push the storyline a bit, making space for season 2. For all these reasons, we are speculating that the sequel will most likely take place in 2022.

Use for My Talent Season 2 Storyline

Use for My Talent Season 2 Storyline

In season 1 we saw Shuang Jiao and Gu Renqi meet each other and gradually develop a genuine connection between them. Both overcome their troubles and problems with each other’s company. They grow a mutual feeling of liking for one another.

Later on, we see that Shuang Jiao gets to know that her mother’s death is related to Gu Renqi’s grandfather. She speculates that his grandfather is the one who killed her mother. This leaves a crack in Shuang Jiao and Gu Renqi’s relationship. However, police investigations revealed that the accident was caused by a driver hired by the Gu family who slandered Gu Renqi’s grandfather. After the misunderstanding was resolved, everything between them reverts to normal.

For season 2, we may see a continuation of their relationship and how they tackle their struggles and troubles with the help of each other. Season 1, ended on a happy note and that’s the reason we are guessing for season 2 the makers might have to come with a different story. However, there is no announcement from the side of the makers yet, stay tuned for further updates.

Use for My Talent Season 2 Cast

Use for My Talent Season 2 Cast

The cast for season 1 of Use for my talent show was played by Shen Yue as Shi Shuang Jiao, Jasper Liu as Gu Ren Qi, Yanan as Shi Jun Jie, Xiao Ran as Hu Yu, Su Meng Di as Zhu Yan, Dai Yun Fan as Lu Xian, Huang Si Rui as Wang Qian, Tan Quan as Wu Wan, and Charles Lin as Li Dong Xian. Talking about season 2, we are guessing if the makers decide to continue the same story, the cast will possibly be the same as it was in season 1.

However, if the sequel brings out the new story to the audience, then chances are we’ll see either the same cast with some add-ons and deduction in the previous cast or, if the makers decide to revolve a story around two different individuals i.e., other than Shuang Jiao and Gu Renqi, we may see a change in entire play cast for the series sequel.

Where will Use for My Talent Season 2 be shot?

Where will Use for My Talent Season 2 be shot

The shooting for season 1 of Use for my Talent began in Wuxi Studios, Wuxi, China on May 30, 2020. If the series is up for a sequel, it will most probably be shot in the same studio.

Where to watch?

You can see “Use for My Talents” on MTV. The show can also be streamed internationally on Netflix. You need to subscribe to be able to watch episodes on any of these platforms. For season 2 also, the streaming platform will be the same.