Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

One of the most popular shows of 2020, Warrior Nun, has finally been renewed for another run. The show caught the interest of the viewers surprisingly, thanks to Netflix. It could be said that no one saw the craze for this show coming. So, now that Warrior Nun Season 2 is in the sights for a premiere, where will the plot take us?

There is no doubt that the devil VS. nun drama will go on. Plus, Ava has much more left to do. Finally, what can fans expect from the following season after a two-year hiatus? When will it release? Who are the returning cast members? Here is every detail.

Warrior Nun came out on July 2, 2020. After the show’s successful launch, it soon landed in the top 10 Netflix releases. However, the series faced a long delay after such a grand celebration because of the pandemic. Finally, after two years, the series will return to the eagerly waiting fans.

The occult drama ended with a cliffhanger, and we all know how fans handle those things. A list of theories flooded the internet. However, the makers will likely follow the comic that the show is based on. It is called Warrior Nun Areala by Ben Dunn.

The supernatural series has been a surprising success on the charts. Plus, the ratings under its name are pretty decent as well. The show scores 6.9 out of 10 on IMDb. On the other hand, Rotten Tomatoes gives it 68% overall.

All this has led to the show eagerly anticipating a second run. Simon Barry creates the show. It has Simon Barry, Stephen Hegyes, Jet Wilkinson, Dean English, and Robert Burke as executive producers. The first season released ten episodes with 37-50 minutes runtime. There is a possibility that the next release will also have ten total episodes.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Date

Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Date
Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Date

There has been no announcement about the accurate release date of Warrior Nun Season 2. However, a time slate has been provided. The makers have confirmed the launch to take place sometime in winter 2023. Thus, a date between November and December could be expected. Although, if things do not go as planned, early 2023 could also happen.

This is excellent news for the fans as the months are not very far away at the time of writing. The official news will likely be out in the following weeks. Latest Series will be sure to update the release section once the information is out in the public domain. Moreover, the fans are waiting to see what happens after the clenching cliffhanger ending of the previous season.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Cast

Warrior Nun Season 2 Cast
Warrior Nun Season 2 Cast

Unfortunately, there have been no updates on who will join or return for Warrior Nun Season 2. But there is no way that Alba Baptista as Ava Silva would not be a part of the next venture. Along with her, there is a list of characters that are bound to return. Such as:

  • Toya Turner as Sister Mary / Shotgun Mary
  • Thekla Reuten as Jillian Salvius
  • Lorena Andrea as Sister Lilith
  • Kristina Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice
  • Tristán Ulloa as Father Vincent
  • Olivia Delcán as Sister Camila

The recurring characters might also be a part of the show. Thus, fans might also find the list below in the frame for the upcoming season.

  • Joaquim de Almeida as Cardinal Francisco Duretti
  • Peter de Jersey as Kristian Schaefer
  • Lope Haydn Evans as Michael Salvius
  • Sylvia De Fanti as Mother Superion
  • Emilio Sakraya as JC
  • May Simón Lifschitz as Chanel
  • Dimitri Abold as Randall
  • Charlotte Vega as Zori
  • Guiomar Alonso as Areala de Cordoue
  • William Miller as Adriel

Warrior Nun Season 2 Plot

Warrior Nun Season 2 Plot
Warrior Nun Season 2 Plot

The fantasy drama focuses on an orphan, Ava. The first season found Ava waking up in a morgue with an ancient artifact attached to her back. The surprising element did not come alone and brought incredible abilities with it. Now, Ava gets assigned by a group of warrior nuns who fight demons who stands as a threat to this world.

Ava is the chosen one of the Order of the Cruciform Sword organization. According to the actors, Warrior Nun Season 2 will dig deeper into the character of Adriel because of its mysterious aura. Plus, the questions around the cliffhanger will find their answers.

Where To Watch Warrior Nun Season 2?

Warrior Nun Season 2 was confirmed six weeks after the launch of the first season. So, the upcoming venture will only be up for streaming purposes on Netflix. No other platform for online watching has been confirmed as of now. Lastly, keep coming back to Latest Series for more updates on the upcoming show.

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