Warrior Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, Cast and More

After the hiatus of 2 years, will Warriors season 3 come back? Yes, for sure the season is being renewed and production has begun.

So let’s talk about the possible release dates for the upcoming series. Will our lead actors come back for season 3? What is the expected storyline for the coming Warriors? What are some of the options to watch it? Is the show worth watching? So keep on reading, as we will discuss all of this and much more.

Warriors is an American martial arts drama. The genre of the series is pure action and crime. It is directed by Jonathan Trooper and is based on the original concept by Bruce Lee.

The executive producers of the series are Justin Lin, Richard Sharkey, Shannon Lee, Andrew Schneider, and Danielle Wood row alongside Jonathan Trooper. It is produced under Bruce Lee Entertainment, Trooper Ink Productions, and Perfect Strom Entertainment for Cinemax.

Warrior season 1st aired in 2019, while the 2nd one premiered in 2020. The show got an average IMDb rating of 7.55/10 with 87% positive recommendation. It also got nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards, Young Entertainer Awards, and Critics Choice Super Awards in many categories.

Season 3 of Warriors was decided for renewal in April 2021 through an announcement made by HBO max.

Warrior Season 3 Release Date

Warrior Season 3 Release Date
Warrior Season 3 Release Date

There is no specific date being confirmed for Warrior Season 3. It is highly anticipated that season 3 of Warrior will release in the middle or late 2023. There is no official trailer for season 3 out yet.

Seasons 1 and 2 of the Warrior were released in consecutive 2 years before the pandemic raised. After a two-year break of 2 years, we hope season 3 comes out soon.

As far as episodes are concerned, hopefully, this season will also have the same number of episodes as the last one. Both seasons 1 have 10 episodes each with a running time of 45 to 65 minutes. There will be the same format this time, too.

Warrior Season 3 Storyline

Warrior Season 3 Storyline
Warrior Season 3 Storyline

Warrior is set during the war of the 1870s in San Francisco. Ah, Sahm, a Chinese martial arts expert who relocates from China to find his long-lost sister, Mai Ling. However, he got a sale into one of the most powerful gangs in Chinatown.

Season 2 shows the rivalry between Hop Wei and Long Zii tong. Both parties have internal and external conflicts going on in between the rising anti-Chinese riots. Plus, Ah Sahm plots his revenge against Mai Ling, who gets the support of the new mayor Buckley.

The second season ended with a narrow escape. So in season 3, we might see some more action and drama. Not to miss the old rivalry.

The growing association between Mai Ling and Mayor Buckley will have some troubles. She is continuously blackmailing the San Francisco mayor for his troublesome past.

Moreover, there may be another war between Fung Hei Tong and the opposite group. Ah Sahm, the acting brother of Long Zei Chief, might get expelled after the town found out about him. He might end up with some serious issues for him in Hop-wei.

Young Jun as the new leader of Hop Wei, is trying to get things straight. Yet he needs Ah Co more than ever, who has become an icon in the China Community. Will they both get to talk at the same table?

Amid these unending blood wars, there will be many evicting and adventurous affairs that are going to come out. Which group is going to win? What will Ah Sahm get at the end of this whole drama? One thing is for sure there will be more bloodshed this season than ever before.

Warrior Season 3 Cast

Warrior Season 3 Cast
Warrior Season 3 Cast

Season 3 for Warrior was announced in 2021. Since then, fans couldn’t hold back the excitement to find out about the cast of the coming season. 

However, there is no official statement released by the series makers, but there is the assumption that the main cast from season 2 will come back. Or now they are trying to bring back the whole crew on the same page. Till then, let’s see the primary payers of the series.

The main roles;

  • Andrew Koji plays Ah Sahm.
  • Olivia Cheng plays Ah Toy.
  • Jason Tobin plays Young Jun.
  • Dianne Doan plays Mai Ling.
  • Kieran Bew plays Bill “Big Bill” O’Hara.
  • Dean Jagger plays Dylan Leary.
  • Joanna Vanderham plays Penelope Blake.
  • Tom Weston-Jones plays Richard Henry Lee.
  • Hoon Lee plays Wang Chao.
  • Langley Kirkwood plays Walter Franklin Buckley.
  • Christian McKay plays Samuel Blake.
  • Perry Yung plays Father Jun.
  • Joe Taslim plays Li Yong. 
  • Dustin Nguyen plays Zing.
  • Céline Buckens plays Sophie Mercer.
  • Miranda Raison plays Nellie Davenport.
  • Chen Tang plays Hong.
  • Maria Elena Laas plays Rosalita Vega.

While the supporting cast is;

  • Kenneth Fok plays Jacob.
  • Jenny Umbhau plays Lai.
  • Robert Hobbs plays Stone.
  • Nicholas Pauling plays Harrison.
  • Patrick Baladi plays Robert Crestwood.
  • André Jacobs plays Lymon Merriweather.
  • Frank Rautenbach plays Leonard Patterson.
  • Gaosi Raditholo plays Abigail.
  • Emmanuel Castis plays Clyde Nichols.

The show has notable guest appearances. Some of the prominent ones are Christiaan Schoombie, Henry Kwok, James Lew, Conor Mullen, Michael Bisping, Maria Elisa Camargo, Christos Vasilopoulos, Brad Kelly, Jason William, Patrick Buchanan, Martin Munro, C.S. Lee, and many others. Hopefully, we will see some in season 3 too.

Where can you watch Warrior Season 3?

Warrior season 3 will exclusively release on Cinemax. The last two seasons also premiere on Cinemax, with all its episodes available.

There are some other options to watch the show. The season is also available on Amazon prime Video, and Netflix for streaming. Besides, it is also available on HBO Max and it’s confirmed that it will also be on air in the upcoming seasons.

And if you ask me, is the show worth watching? Then definitely a big yes. If you are a fan of action-packed adventure series like Fast and Furious then Warrior is another best series you can binge-watch. At the end of the show, you will be a fan of the series. So do watch it. It’s highly recommended.

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