We Are The Champions Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and More

We Are The Champions Season 2 is yet another addition to the fabulous world of Netflix reality shows. The show follows around the world weird competitions and tournaments which show us about their culture and traditions. The show introduces us to six very strange competitions in the six episodes it has.

Rainn Wilson, who we all know as the famous and beloved character from the TV show “The Office” as Dwight Shrute is the narrator of this show. He takes us on this very strange journey and we can witness some of the most strange competitions around the earth. From cheese to chili Netflix has you covered.

The show also witnesses the communities that have started these competitions and the crazy fandom that we witness within these competitions. The craziness of people who both come to participate in this and to spectate. We can surely say we are one of those weirdos who have fallen in love with being The Champions.

We Are The Champions Season 2 Plot

We Are The Champions Season 2 Plot
We Are The Champions Season 2 Plot

The plot of the second season closely resembles that of the first. In the first season, we had six episodes that depicted six strange competitions. However, we can assure you that none of the competitions are going to be repeated. Instead, we are going to witness six brand new competitions which are as weird and strange as the ones in the first season. The episode of the show gives us all the information related to these competitions.

Rainn Wilson’s presence is surely one of the reasons why this show is so famous and over the chart. Season one had a whopping IMDB score of 7.1/10. Fans are awaiting the arrival of the second season dearly as we unwrap the box full of all the competitions that we never even thought existed. The storyline of the show is not scripted and so there is not much of a plot, to begin with. If there would be a script, it would be filled with all the random facts about the new competitions waiting for you to watch.

We are pretty sure that We Are The Champions Season 2 is going to have even better competition and more viewers.

We Are The Champions Season 2 Cast

We Are The Champions Season 2 Cast
We Are The Champions Season 2 Cast

We Are The Champions is a reality show and does not require a whole load of cast members. However, like every Netflix reality show, we can be certain that some of the cast members are going to be back.

Before we get to the cast of We Are The Champions Season 2 let’s have a look at the main cast of the first season.

  • Rainn Wilson as Narrator
  • Steve Brown as Self
  • Sara Stevens as Self-Unofficial Organizer
  • Florence Early as Self-Champion
  • Chris Anderson as Self-World Record Holder

We Are The Champions is a documentary and hence none of the season one cast is going to be back except the fan-favorite and beloved narrator Rainn Wilson. Let’s wait to look at the official announcements for the We Are The Champions Season 2 cast.

We Are The Champions Season 2 Release Date

We Are The Champions Season 2 Release Date
We Are The Champions Season 2 Release Date

While Netflix has not cleared the release date, it is clear that We Are The Champions Season 2 is confirmed. We can however predict the release date of the show. Season 1 of the famous reality show was released on November 17th, 2020. Netflix and show star Rainn Wilson is extremely secretive about the date. The fans all over the world are furiously waiting for any shred of even whispers from them.

The show first aired about two years ago and that makes it certain that we can soon see the second season of it. The pandemic was hit in 2020 which made it harder for Netflix to shoot the show as it required the cast and crew to move across the globe in search of these strange competitions.

Although everyone related to the show is silent about the date and there are zero official updates from the show makers, it can be highly predicted that we can see We Are The Champions Season 2 back in the upcoming winters of 2022.

We Are The Champions Season 1 Recap

We Are The Champions Season 1 Recap
We Are The Champions Season 1 Recap

We Are The Champions Season 2 is going to be pretty much the same as season 1. This is a reality show and what makes it most interesting is the fabulous narration of Rainn Wilson. The documentary has six episodes in the first season.

Major Spoilers Ahead:

The first episode started with the introduction of a competition called Cheese Rolling. Based in the farmlands of England, this episode showed us an ancient tradition. The tradition is to send brave tumbles down the steep hill in a highly risky cheese-chasing race. Who would’ve thought such a thing exists, right?

But that is not where they stop. Netflix unravels even more strange competitions after this. The second episode is very heated. Not completely because of the fierce competition but because this is a contest for eating Chili. You heard it right, eating chili. The people in this competition are fiery not just because of the competitive spirit but also because of the hot chili in their now red mouths.

The series then continues to show us more competitions like Fantasy Hairstyling in New Orleans. Then in the fourth episode, they show us the Yo-Yo competition. It is not just a simple toy, it is literally a huge genre of competition. People who have dedicated their hard work to master the art of wielding a Yo-Yo come and participate in this. Rainn Wilson’s commentary in this episode was particularly beloved by the fans. In the last two episodes, Netflix features Dog Dancing and Frog Jumping.

For all of you, dog owners and dog lovers, the fifth episode of We Are The Champions is going to be a treat, not the one you feed your dogs. A treat for your eyes and heart. The cute pugs and gracious golden retrievers dance in s fantastic competition.

After such a hit in season 1, season 2 is bound to hit soon and harder than the first one.

Where To Watch We Are The Champions Season 2?

We Are The Champions is a Netflix special reality show and documentary. You can just simply subscribe to Netflix and watch this show when it hits the screens.

The wait for We Are The Champions Season 2 is completely worth it.

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