Where Is 1000 Lb Sisters Filmed?

1000-lb Amy Slaton-Halterman and her sister Tammy Slaton live in Dixon, Kentucky. The TLC reality television program Sisters follows their daily lives. The program follows their daily activities and attempts to lose weight and weight-loss surgery.

With its original plot, this show was a hit with everyone. And it inspired a lot of people. However, there is some bad news for 1000 Lb Sisters fans. After season three’s recent release, viewers eagerly anticipate season four. Fans will be disappointed to learn that the fourth season has not yet been revealed. The show has not been canceled as a result, though. So, the fourth season should be released soon. However, the precise dates have not yet been revealed.

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Synopsis Of 1000 Lb Sisters

Synopsis Of 1000 Lb Sisters
Synopsis Of 1000 Lb Sisters

Their weight loss journey was also the main subject of season three. And Tammy visited a weight loss center to take care of herself after having a serious health scare. Amy is seen in the background being hurried to the ER.

Everyone anticipated some bad news turned out to be joyful and extraordinarily good news. Amy was carrying her second child at the time. After hearing this wonderful news, Amy and her husband Michael decided to buy a home of their own.

In season four, we will see a new chapter in Amy and Tammy’s life. Tammy is anticipated to return from her stay at the facility in excellent shape and carry on with her weight-loss journey in the upcoming season.

Additionally, the fourth season might include footage of Amy’s unborn son. Now that she has to care for two boys, Amy will concentrate more on becoming a mother. According to sources, Amy has asked TLC to limit her screen time so she can spend more time with her kids, and Tammy will be moving in with her as well.

Filming Location Of 1000 Lb Sisters

Filming Location Of 1000 Lb Sisters
Filming Location Of 1000 Lb Sisters

Georgia and Kentucky are the locations for “1000-lb Sisters.” The Slaton sisters’ residence and their encounters with Dr. Charles Procter Jr. are the main subjects of the program. Here are the specifics of where the movies were shot!

County Webster, Kentucky

Amy and Tammy’s home county of Webster County, Kentucky, is where most of the show is filmed. The Slaton sisters’ Dixon home and other locations they visit are featured in the program. The county seat of Webster County is located in a tiny city, which is only 3.27 square kilometers in size.

You might recall that Tammy and Amy paid a visit to the S&S Salvage in Providence in the first episode of the series. Before this show, the locale did not appear to have much screen time. However, the county’s residents will be delighted to recognize some of their favorite locations.

Georgia’s Atlanta

One of the top bariatric surgeons in the USA, Dr. Charles Procter Jr., is providing advice to the Slaton sisters. Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group LLC, with its Atlanta location at 3193 Howell Mill Road NW UNIT 125, is led by him. Dixon, Kentucky, is about a five-and-a-half-hour drive from the city.

COVID-19 hampered the second season’s filming, but after the Georgian restrictions were lifted, it was finished.

You can watch it on Amazon prime video and Discovery+.

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