Where Is Beetlejuice Filmed?

Beetlejuice, a 1988 dark fantasy comedy film directed by the king of spooky Tim Burton, follows Adam and Barbara, a recently deceased couple, as they haunt their beloved home and futilely attempt to frighten away the new occupants. The ghost couple hires a malicious poltergeist to drive the new residents out after their poor scare strategies fail time and time again. The deceased couple summons the poltergeist Betelgeuse (pronounced “Beetlejuice”) to scare the new family away despite the caseworker’s warnings.

The teenage girl Lydia unexpectedly becomes Adam and Barbara’s friend. As a result, they come to care for her and realize they cannot stand by and let Betelgeuse harm her or her family. So they save Lydia by using their newly acquired paranormal abilities to drive the poltergeist away and then go on to coexist peacefully with her family. If you enjoy this timeless horror film, you probably want to know where it was shot.

Synopsis Of Beetlejuice

Synopsis Of Beetlejuice
Synopsis Of Beetlejuice

Regardless of how we view it, the tale remains iconic and distinctive. Adam Maitland and Barbara Maitland are introduced at the beginning of the narrative. After getting married, the Maitlands relocated to a new home. But for some reason, we learn that the couple has an accident and falls into the Connecticut river during the winter.

Oddly, the couple moves into the home and discovers they are dead. They now own the book Handbook for the Recently Deceased after initially thinking everything was normal. The tale continues when the ghost couple discovers a new family has moved into the house. Charles Deetz, his wife Delia, and their daughter Lydia make up the trio.

The family transforms the home into a stunning modern residence. Even though her parents could not see the ghostly couple, the daughter did. The story continues when we notice that the couple and Lydia are beginning to get along really well. The Maitlands disappear in the series due to some twists caused by their coworker Juno accidentally exorcising them.

After learning about Betelgeuse and mispronouncing it as Beetlejuice, the couple asks him to assist them in returning to Earth after some chaos. The two families coexist peacefully, and we learn that Betelgeuse is confined to the afterlife’s waiting area. However, this was the first film. The second movie’s plot is still a mystery. But since Betelgeuse is stuck in the afterlife while everyone else is content, we can all guess how the story will begin.

Filming Location Of Beetlejuice

Filming Location Of Beetlejuice
Filming Location Of Beetlejuice

In “Beetlejuice,” there were two prominent filming locations. On March 11, 1987, the movie’s production got underway. Although the movie was filmed in California and Vermont, the fictional town of Winter River, Connecticut, is where the action takes place. The two places’ specifics are listed below!

Vermont’s East Corinth

East Corinth in Orange County, Vermont, served as the location for all outdoor scenes in the movie. In Corinth, a general store also served as the Maitland Hardware Store, and Miss Shannon’s School for Girls was housed in the Masonic Hall.

Studio Culver, California

Most of “Beetlejuice’s” interior scenes were shot on sets constructed at Culver Studios, which can be found at 9336 West Washington Boulevard in Culver City, California.

The Lone Wolf’s Daughter was the first film at Culver Studios (1919). The movie “Cougar Town” was recently filmed here. Most of “Beetlejuice’s” interior scenes were shot on sets constructed at Culver Studios, which can be found at 9336 West Washington Boulevard in Culver City, California.

You can watch it on HBO Max.

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