Where Is DI4RIES Filmed?

The Italian romantic drama series “Di4ries” on Netflix follows a group of teenagers attending Galileo Galilei Middle School. A 13-year-old boy named Pietro, Livia Mancini, aka “Miss Perfect,” Daniel, Isabel, Monica, a self-obsessed Arianna, and a mysterious boy named Giulio is the main characters.

The students encounter several unexpected occurrences as they move through the school’s hallways. First crushes, the pressure of first kisses, developing friendships, and competition with other students all play a part in the coming-of-age story.

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Synopsis of DI4RIES

Synopsis of DI4RIES
Synopsis of DI4RIES

Pietro is the first character introduced to us; he is a man who never holds back when expressing his opinions or standing by them. His parents constantly fight and blame each other for everything, even when they ought to be pissed off at their son for his mischief, so he can’t stand being at home.

As he encounters them on his way to class, he continues introducing us to the other characters. As soon as he arrives at the school, Arianna, a girl who claims to be Miss Universe but has a crush on him, messages him. He then meets Livia, “Miss Perfect, ” who follows all the rules.

The boys in class 3D and their boss Matteo Grimaldi, aka “Grimo,” who ironically also happens to be Livia’s boyfriend, are the school’s bullies and antagonists. After Pietro protects his classmate Michele from him, we get to know Giulio, the class clown and Pietro’s best friend. He enjoys making jokes, most of which are amusing but occasionally exaggerated.

Other prominent characters include Isabel, a sporty and tenacious young lady who is best friends with Monica, the class geek, and who, along with Monica, is known as the champion of justice. We finally get to meet Daniele, a decent guy. They don’t get along very well and are all in the same class, 2D.

The actions of its characters are defined by three parallel themes that are active in the background. The first is that Pietro agrees to Giulio’s wager that he will be able to kiss both Arianna and Livia by the end of the school year. The second involves Pietro’s team versus Matteo’s team competing in a 5-on-5 basketball game to determine who the boss is.

The third and central theme is the announcement of the school’s closure and its transfer to a school in Marina Grande. The problem is that class D will be segregated. Depending on where people are placed, they may end up in different classes—simultaneously serving as the series’ backdrop in these circumstances.

The characters’ issues are resolved when they band together and support one another—teaching them the value of unity, love, and friendship. Most characters deal with universal issues like first love, kissing, companionship, family separation, peer pressure, and other significant problems like age communication gaps and dyslexia/learning disabilities in children.

Filming Locations of DI4RIES

Filming Locations of DI4RIES
Filming Locations of DI4RIES

The entire production of “Di4ries” was shot in Italy, specifically in the Gulf of Naples. The production team makes a picturesque community on a volcanic island stand in for the resort town, even though the story is set in Marina Piccola. The first season of the Italian series’ principal photography seemed to start in August 2021 and end in December of the same year.

Italy, officially known as the Italian Republic, is a picturesque location for filming because it has an Alpine peninsula and is surrounded by numerous islands. Let’s now discuss every site mentioned in the romantic drama series!

Italia’s Ischia

Ischia, a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, served as the location for all of the pivotal scenes in “Di4ries.” The cast and crew of the Italian Netflix production reportedly didn’t use any soundstages for the first season because all of the settings, including those involving the school and picturesque exterior shots, were filmed on location throughout the picturesque island.

Ischia is the largest of the Phlegrean Islands. As you may have noticed from the series’ backdrops, it is almost entirely mountainous. The Aragonese Castle (Castello Aragonese), the Gardens of La Mortella, Villa La Colombia, Maronti Beach, Bay of Sorgeto, Pitthekoussai Archaeological Museum, and the Angelo Rizzoli Museum are just a few of the island’s tourist attractions. In addition to being crowded with tourists, filmmakers also frequently visit Ischia.

You can stream every episode of the DI4RIES season on Netflix. To view every episode from season 1 to season 2, you must sign up for a Netflix subscription. You won’t be able to stop watching after the first episode and will end up watching the entire season.

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