Where Is Edge Of Tomorrow Filmed?

Sci-fi action film The Edge Of Tomorrow stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Doug Liman was the director, and it debuted on May 28th, 2014. The 2004 light novel “All You Need Is Kill” by Japanese author Hiroshi Sakurazaka served as the basis for the movie’s plot. Future alien invasions and attempts to conquer Earth are the main themes of the narrative.

Both commercially and critically, the film did exceptionally well. Despite having a 178 million dollar budget, the film grossed 370.5 million dollars during its theatrical run across the globe. Without a doubt, the movie is a commercial success.

The film’s excellent direction, actions, editing, and overall cast performances earned positive reviews from critics. Since the story is set in Europe, almost the entire movie was filmed in London. On IMDB, the film has a 7.9/10 rating and a 91% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Additionally, 83% of Google users liked it.

Synopsis Of Edge Of Tomorrow

Synopsis Of Edge Of Tomorrow
Synopsis Of Edge Of Tomorrow

The movie’s intriguing science fiction story revolves around aliens invading Earth and eventually taking over the entire planet. The protagonist (William Cage) discovers that these aliens have the power to turn back time after they arrive on an asteroid.

After their initial arrival in Germany in 2015, the aliens (also known as Mimics) quickly began occupying Europe. The Humans are initially under-equipped, but in 2020, the United Defense Force, a global military alliance body, can defeat the Mimics in Verdun, France, using cutting-edge and recently-developed equipment called Mech-suits.

For some reason, William Cage, a public affairs officer without combat experience, is ordered to participate in a plan to invade the mimics’ control of France. Suppose the Invasion against the Mimics in France fails. In that case, William Cage responds by threatening to place all the blame on General Brigham. He is compelled to take part in combat.

The mission is a failure from the moment they arrive because 2 of the squad members are killed. Fortunately, William Cage, who has no combat experience, can use a Claymore Mine to take out a large Mimic. The Claymore Mine explosion hurts Cage, and the large blue mimic’s blood seeps into Cage’s body.

Cage finds himself back in the previous day when he wakes up. Cage then begins to have the same day over and over again. He tries to take a different approach each time to help them defeat the aliens. And every time he passes away, he always comes back to life the day after they arrive to invade the Mimics.

Filming Locations Of Edge Of Tomorrow

Filming Locations Of Edge Of Tomorrow
Filming Locations Of Edge Of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise’s newest film, was shot in numerous countries worldwide. The locations had to be carefully chosen to create the appropriate look and feel for the future setting of the film.

  • France
  • England
  • Germany
  • Japan

Every setting was essential to the story and contributed to the film’s distinctive visual aesthetic. Most exterior shots were shot in France, and the interior pictures were shot in England. The battle scenes were set in Germany and Japan.

The locations were carefully picked to give the story the ideal backdrop. They were essential in setting the right tone for the film. Numerous sites were used to film Edge of Tomorrow, including England, France, and Germany. Here are some of the locations mentioned where the movie was filmed.

London Filming Locations for Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow’s exterior scenes was primarily shot in England. This includes the London-themed scenes that were shot in Liverpool.

France Filming Locations for Edge of Tomorrow

The battle scenes in Edge of Tomorrow were among the locations in France.

Germany Filming Locations for Edge of Tomorrow

Filming for Edge of Tomorrow’s final battle scene took place in Germany.

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