Where Is Emerald City Filmed?

Emerald City is a fictional Land of Oz-set American fantasy drama series created by Matthew Arnold and Josh Friedman for NBC. It is based on the early 20th-century Oz book series by L. Frank Baum. Emerald City, directed by Tarsem Singh and starring Adria Arjona, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Ana Ularu, and Vincent D’Onofrio, was given a 10-episode order by NBC in April 2015. It debuted on January 6 with a two-episode debut and ended on March 3 that same year. After one season, NBC cancelled the show on May 5, 2017.

Fantasy and fiction are prevalent among many people. They were enamored of science fiction and fantasy from their Core. For people who enjoy fantasy and imagination, there is Emerald City. It is a story printed on paper, but the directors’ and makers’ great and expert work brilliantly brings it to life on the screen. Whenever a beloved and well-liked series ends, its fans flood the search engine with inquiries.

Since the conclusion of Emerald City season 1, fans, viewers, and numerous critics have demanded a second season. Additionally, adults who enjoy fantasy and fiction, as well as children both, adore this series. There are many questions surrounding Emerald City season 2.

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Synopsis Of Emerald City

Synopsis Of Emerald City
Synopsis Of Emerald City

Rory, a Chicago native who works as a photographer’s assistant in New York City, earns a living by doing errands and setting up photos for Vesuvi, a fashion photographer. While Rory does not dislike his job, he is acutely aware of the superficiality that permeates the industry because he spends his day with various models who all appear to have entered the industry by accident.

He is also aware of New York City’s deceptive allure for visitors from outside the city. After tidying up the studio one day, Rory leaves to meet Stacey, his girlfriend. Rory can’t bring himself to try to talk with Stacey about the fact that she is failing in her chosen career because she is a struggling model herself.

It is obvious how much Rory cares for Stacey. He is fascinated by her body and is aware of her eccentricities, such as her refusal to drink a regular Coke until she weighs less than 120 pounds. Rory enjoys watching Stacey balance on her hands and perform gymnast poses in her room, though he doesn’t let her know.

Stacey tells him that the casting director had turned her down for a different modelling job that day because she wasn’t “ugly enough.” Although Rory finds the idea offensive, he is at a loss for words at the time because he doesn’t want to offend Stacey. Instead, the two decide to go into the city to eat.

Stacey asks Rory if his feelings have changed due to his success as they continue down Seventh Avenue. Incredulous, Rory insists that he is unsuccessful, and the two make fun of the awkward situation. Even though the TriBeCa restaurant they choose to eat at is far too expensive for Rory to afford, they decide to try it. Rory enters and sees his boss, Vesuvi, sitting in the back with a group of models. Vesuvi waves Rory over.

Anouschka, a Vesuvi model from Russia, keeps a close eye on Rory at the table. Anouschka and Rory have a tense history; Anouschka once provoked an awkward conversation with Rory outside the studio, which Rory left standing alone. Since then, Rory has never felt at ease around her, and her presence at the table heightens his unease.

Filming Location Of Emerald City

Filming Location Of Emerald City
Filming Location Of Emerald City

The largest national park in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes, served as the backdrop for the new fantasy TV series “Emerald City” on NBC. The stunning Plitvice Lakes serve as an appropriately enchanted backdrop for a contemporary, gritty retelling of L. Frank Baum’s “Oz” stories.

The Emerald City was filmed in several actual locations, including:

  • Hungary
  • Croatia
  • Real Alcazar and Seville, Spain
  • Park Guell, Gracia, Barcelona, and Catalonia are all in Spain (Emerald City)
  • La Calahorra, Granada, Spain (castle of the East)

There are numerous OTT platforms where you can watch The Emerald City season 1 in its entirety with every episode. Accessible forms include Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and MX Player, depending on the city.

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