Where Is My Family’s Deadly Secret Filmed?

Investigation Discovery’s My family’s Deadly Secret is a crime documentary that debuted on Sunday, May 10, 2020. The entire series has only three episodes, each lasting 42 minutes on average. The whole series is based on accounts of crimes that happened. The people we most trust may be hiding something sinister behind their faces. Investigation Discovery aired episodes of My Family’s Deadly Secret Season 1 every Sunday at 9:00 p.m.

In the series, everyday people share their experiences and accurate accounts of how someone they knew attempted to murder a member of their own family and how they were able to bring the murderer to justice. The investigation reveals one truth after another that aids in the case’s resolution, from police interviews to phone recordings.

In essence, the show investigates the horrifying and shocking world of crime. These were actual people who had to deal with the unfathomable horror of losing loved ones to heinous crimes. The documentary series examines the psychology of cold-blooded killers and takes you on a tour of infamous cases.

Synopsis Of My Family’s Deadly Secret

Synopsis Of My Family's Deadly Secret
Synopsis Of My Family’s Deadly Secret

The documentary tells tales of heinous crimes with enigmatic familial connections. Investigations into murders and unexpected disappearances upend communities. The detectives investigate the mysterious cases to learn the truth. The film is about families whose members have dangerous secrets to keep hidden, and nothing, not even murder, would stop them from doing so.

The plot centres on a small town in a suburban area where shady relationships, feuding families, and deadly secrets are kept from the authorities. The detectives must delve deeper to learn more about the town’s murders. James Patrick, a 4-year-old boy, and Michael and Rebecca Hargon have mysteriously disappeared from their Vaughan, Mississippi, home in the first episode.

In 2004, on the day of Valentine’s, they vanished. As they look into the case, they learn that Michael had recently inherited, which may have been the cause of his disappearance.

Since Michael’s family had suffered from violent crimes for more than ten years, the detectives could confirm that good fortune must have been involved with the family’s untimely disappearance. Thirteen days later, their bodies were discovered. Earnest Lee Hargon, Michael’s cousin, was convicted of the crime and given the death penalty.

Still, according to the detectives, another prisoner shot and killed him before he could be executed. Who Killed Cathy? was the second episode. Cathy Torrez, a 20-year-old student, was discovered dead in her car’s trunk. A desperate search for Cathy in the town of California begins after she vanished following her shift at a neighbourhood drugstore. Her family is horrified by the death and wants to find whoever killed their daughter.

After advancements in DNA technology revealed the truth about Cathy’s murder, the killer was finally apprehended and jailed. The murder of Nathan and Krystal Maddox is shown in the final episode, which aired on May 24, 2020. In January 2014, they were exposed to gunfire after leaving a small church in Texas.

The community is uneasy following the couple’s brutal murder in the House of The God. These murder mysteries expose startling familial connections. Do you know the people you live with, or do you blindly trust them? It is brought up, which is a disturbing question.

Filming Location Of My Family’s Deadly Secret

Filming Location Of My Family's Deadly Secret
Filming Location Of My Family’s Deadly Secret

The whole documentary is filmed in America.

Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii extending the country’s presence into the Pacific Ocean, make up the 50 states that make up the United States, which spans a large portion of North America. Los Angeles’ Hollywood district is renowned for film production on the west coast. At the same time, the midwestern city of Chicago is famous for its influential architecture.

My Family’s Deadly Secret episodes are available for streaming on Vudu, Google Play, iTunes and Amazon Prime Video, FuboTV, Discovery+, and Investigation Discovery, and TLC.

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