Where Is Sex Education Filmed?

“Sex Education” on Netflix is the high school movie fan’s ultimate fantasy. The series exploded upon release last year for obvious reasons, becoming an enormous success both critically and commercially. It has a tonne of sex, all kinds of sex, but especially awkward sex. Then there are, of course, all the heartwarming instances that brought on those happy-sad tears. ‘Sex Education’ does an excellent job of examining growing up and coming to terms with one’s sexuality. However, it also delicately and amusingly depicts parenting, bullying, love, and friendship.

The soundtrack to “Sex Education” is incredible and will make you nostalgic for the 80s and 90s. It features songs by The Cure, The Psychedelic Furs, and, of course, Ezra Furman, whose music will live on forever. The series immediately transports you back to the John Hughes classics thanks to its upbeat American high-school vibe and mid-Atlantic tone from the 1980s. But these are a group of smartphone-wielding high school students from England.

Sex Education Synopsis

Sex Education Synopsis
Sex Education Synopsis

Contrary to its name, Sex Education Story is a comedy series in which the plot reveals a contemporary way of life for teenagers to live in security. The story’s male protagonist, a schoolboy in his late teens, deals with numerous professional and personal issues. But aside from that, he is quite knowledgeable about sex education. He lacks sex experience, but because his mother is a sex therapist, he has been able to learn quite a bit from the books and videos she uses to help her clients understand their issues.

Season 3 of Sex Education saw a quieter, more predictable environment following season 2. Season 3 has a lot of surprises, as expected. The friends who founded the sex therapy center in their school’s basement are no longer friends and don’t interact openly. Yes, what you heard was true; the famous bond between Maeve and Otis had been broken by the well-known partners who founded the sex therapy clinic.

Following this, some unexpectedly positive news also emerged. However, not everything was right with Jean because her relationship with Jacob was not in a good place. They had been having so many issues that they had to seek counseling. Although Jean was pregnant, she was happy and content with her baby. Another event in Season 3 of the sex education show was the official relationship between Adam and Eric, which caused a lot of internal conflict with the belief that this was a good development for them.

Sex Education Filming Locations

Sex Education Filming Locations
Sex Education Filming Locations

It’s neither an accident nor a mistake that “Sex Education” has an 80s American feel to it. In fact, the series is an homage to John Hughes classics like “The Breakfast Club” and “Pretty in Pink,” according to writer Laurie Nunn. The series, according to producer Jamie Campbell, aims to be less like how English schools are typically portrayed and more “aspirational.” This is why the jocks playing American football have lockers, banners, and varsity jackets. However, the series is actually both set in South Wales and shot at various sites nearby, including parts of Gloucestershire and the River Wye. These locations are featured in both seasons of “Sex Education,” just like in the first season.

University of Wales Caerleon Campus, Newport

We have all probably wondered where Moordale High is located at some point while watching the show. In South Wales, the Caerleon campus was actually taken over by the production crew. It was formerly a structure belonging to the University of Wales, which was merged to become the University of South Wales in 2016, and which was forced to close its doors. The campus’ 32 acres of land once housed about 4,500 students, but they have been empty since 2016. The building was transformed into the main backdrop for “Sex Education,” acting as the ideal high-school/hybrid, with its early 20th-century architecture and clock tower.

However, not all school scenes are filmed in Caerleon. The swimming pool and the gym are a couple of these. The Paget Rooms in Penarth were recreated for the gym, which serves as the venue for school assemblies and dances. This public hall was constructed in the early 20th century and is located south of Cardiff. It frequently hosts theatrical productions. The scenes that take place in the pool where Jackson typically works out were filmed at the Newport International Sports Village complex.

Wye Valley and the Dean Forest

All of the key locations for “Sex Education,” excluding the school, were shot in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean near the Welsh border. The series’ establishing aerial shot takes us to Otis and Jean’s stunning home as it travels along the River Wye.

The Chalet is the lovely red and white home in Symonds Yat, Wye Valley, just across the Gloucestershire border. The Scandinavian-style home, which has a view of the Wye River, is actually a B&B. All of the other scenes were shot nearby. The establishment where Maeve purchases crucial medical supplies is a 1928-founded family business called Brown Stores. It can be found in Llandogo, which is close to Symonds Yat. Maeve’s residence is a caravan park close to Ross-on-Wye. The Wireworks Bridge in Tintern is where Otis and Eric cross to get to school on their bikes. While the first season’s big party was held at Bigsweir House in Gloucestershire.

In addition to these, the military school where Adam is also sent is another location that is featured prominently in the second season of “Sex Education.” Margam Castle, a sizable Victorian country residence in Port Talbot that was constructed in 1840 for Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot, serves as the backdrop for the school scenes.

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