Where is The Mando Filmed?

Mandalorian is one of the significant science-fiction which came out in recent years. People were able to enjoy the space universe of Star Wars. Most people loved the action sequence and cinematic shots of space. It was shot in a huge warehouse with motion capture screens and green screens. The show was mainly filmed in Manhattan Beach Studio in California. Many planetary scenes of planets were inspired by scenic locations present on Earth.

In season 1 of Mandalorian first two episodes were brilliantly shot we are able to understand the world-building of the show is massive. In the first two episodes they had to show the planet Aravala-7, it feels like they have imagined every possibility to make it perfect. The use of new filming technology such as CGI allowed them to explore if they had shot it with a traditional green screen backdrop production house would face many challenges in order to film an entire episode.

The actor is able to act in a studio rather than shooting in primary locations. The production house used a new technology called Stagecraft everything is recorded in a studio set called “The Volume”. Images were projected by 360 – degree LED walls which enables to perform with reference to real-time location.

For season 2 of Mandalorian production, the house increased their budget considerably, and “The Volume ” was increased to a hundred feet long and 22 feet tall which helped the director and showrunner to explore many things and were able to show it in a cinematic manner.

The lava explosion on planet Nevarro looks like it could be from any active volcano in the world but it was from Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. Many canyons were shown which audience thought were from Death Valley but were actually crafted from Stage Craft. Thus they took inspiration from beautiful landscapes present on our planet.

The costume designs of the show were great as they were created by none other than Joseph Porro and concept artist Brian Matyas. As the series depicted what will unfold after the falling of the Empire in Return of Jedi you will be able to see costumes from that era. Filmmakers wanted to create a difference between Baba Fett and Mandalorian so they had shown it by having different colors of armor for them and their dresses were also changed and showed that Mandalorian appear more muscular than Baba Fett.

Filmmakers were able to achieve success in their vision with a huge production house behind them.

List of Production House in the show Mandalorian

  • Lucasfilm Production
  • Golem Creation
  • Fair View Entertainment
  • Walt Disney Studios

In season 3 of Mandalorian we will be accepting more cinematic exploration of the universe and some huge action sequences so that we don’t mainly on Marvel & DC universe for action we love to see and experience. Hope they push their limit as a ripple effect inspires other production to showcase one of the great action cinemas and we are able to witness it. As technology is increasing we are able to express our imagination easily.

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