Where Is The Young Pope Filmed?

The Young Pope, a Paolo Sorrentino-helmed European drama series, premiered on television on October 21st, 2016. It is one of the most watched programs on HBO. The first two episodes of the show were shown at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival before it debuted on television. This was the first program to ever have its world premiere at the festival. There are ten episodes total in The Young Pope.

The series’ last episode, which aired on November 18, 2016, was the last one. It is a well-liked program, and in 2017 it received two Primetime Emmy nominations. It was also the first time that an Italian show had ever been nominated. The Young Pope has an 8.3/10 IMDB rating, 80% positive Rotten Tomatoes reviews, and 91% of Google users have given it a like. Jude Law plays “Pope Pius XIII” on the show, and Diane Keaton plays Sister Mary.

The Young Pope Synopsis

The Young Pope Synopsis
The Young Pope Synopsis

A young Cardinal named Lenny Belardo (Jude Law) steps up to become the next Pope of the Vatican Catholic church when the selection of the new Pope is unsuccessful for whatever reason. Lenny becomes Pope Pius XIII as a result of him assuming the name Pius XIII for this reason. Once in a position of authority, he starts to question the Vatican church’s established practices. His plan to alter the way the church operates was partially inspired by the fact that Lenny was left an orphan after his parents abandoned him.

He then alters the Vatican’s operations in an effort to confront this. Even the nun who had raised Lenny while he was in the orphanage is installed by him. Lenny appoints Sister Mary (Diane Keaton) as the new Pope’s principal advisor in the Vatican. Disruptions both inside and outside the Vatican church result from all this change.

Where Is The Young Pope Filmed

The Young Pope Filming Location
The Young Pope Filming Location

Paolo Sorrentino created the 2016 television drama series The Young Pope for Sky Atlantic, HBO, and Canal+. Jude Law plays the fictitious Pope Pius XIII in the show.

Rome, Florence, and the island of Ischia are just a few of the locations throughout Italy where the show is filmed. The cast and crew in Rome shot at the Vatican and various other places throughout the city.
Cinecittà, a sizable film production facility in Rome, is where some of the exterior scenes are being shot. Many well-known films, such as Ben-Hur and Cleopatra, have been produced in this studio.

In a Florence studio, the interior of the Vatican is being reconstructed. This is so because the Vatican prohibits filming inside its actual structures.

In addition, Florence served as a filming location for many of the show’s exterior scenes. The crew also made use of the island of Ischia, which housed the pope during the summer.

Filming for The Young Pope took place in numerous nations, making it a truly international production. This contributed to the production of a truly distinctive and visually stunning show that enthralled viewers everywhere.

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