Where Is Woori The Virgin Filmed?

Woori the Virgin is a South Korean TV show released on May 9, 2022. It deals with a woman who has not lost her virginity but is pregnant with a child after a mix-up during a regular check-up. It is directed by Jeong Jeong- Hwa and is based on the American show Jane the Virgin. It stars I’m Soo-Hyang in the titular role of Oh Woori. The prominent cast members are Sung-Hoon, Shin Dong-Wook, and Hong Ji-Yoon. It aired every Monday and Tuesday for 14 episodes on SBS TV. The first season ended after the last episode aired on June 21, 2022. 

All the show’s viewers will be eager to know the location of the show’s shooting. Everything will be revealed in this article.

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Where Is Woori The Virgin Filmed?

Woori the virgin 2
Woori the virgin

The show has been shot in multiple locations in South Korea. The place where Woo-Ri takes her pledge of abstinence is called Jukrimdong Cathedral. It is located in Chuncheon in a neighborhood known as Yaksa. The annual couple photo was born in a studio called Mulnamoo photo studio located in Seoul. Woo-Ri is also shown walking in the Seongbuk-Ro, the main street in Seongbuk District in Seoul.

Woori The Virgin Season 1 Cast

Woori the virgin 3
Woori the virgin
  • Sung Hoon as Raphael 
  • Soo-Hyang Im as Oh Woo Ri 
  • Ji Yoon Hong as Lee Ma Ri 
  • Sin Dong-Wook as Lee Kang Jae 
  • Jin-mo Joo as Kim Deok Bae 
  • Min-Ji Lee as Choi Mi Ae 
  • Eun-hee Hong as Oh Eun Ran 
  • Park Sun-Young as General Manager Lim 
  • Nam Mi-Jung as Byun Mi Ja 
  • Kim Dong-Hyun
  • Soo-Ro Kim as Choi Sung Il / Deok Chill
  • Sa-Kwon Kim as Park Doo Bal 
  • Do-Yeon Lee as Yu Ye Ri 
  • Ahn Shin-Woo as Jung Hyung Shik 
  • Jae-Yi Han as Park Na Hee 
  • Jae Myung Lim
  • Yun Woon-Kyung as Seo Gwi Nyeo 
  • Sun-Woong Kim

Woori The Virgin Season 1 Review

Woori the virgin 1 2
Woori the virgin

Woori The Virgin holds a rating of 5.4 on IMDB, indicating a mixed reception by the audience. Most of them have praised the cast for their performances and the character arc of the main character. The actor Sung-Hoon has been praised widely for his role as Raphael. His character has been termed goofy and sweet. The side characters were also honoured and compared to their American counterparts.

The people, however, have negatively reacted to the storyline as it was termed uneven. They commented that the drama didn’t do justice to its American and Latin counterparts. However, Woo-Ri has been praised for the comic relief she brings to the show. Most critics enjoyed the show saying that although the play loses momentum in between, it makes up for it with a thrilling finale. This makes the show worth watching.

Will There Be A Woori The Virgin Season 2?

Woori the Virgin season 2
Woori the Virgin season 2

The final episode of Woori The Virgin Season 1 aired on June 21, 2022. Some time has passed since then, and there’s still no news of a show renewal. The industry has taken time to announce the revival of a show before. However, most K Dramas believe in a single season story and concluding the story in the first season’s last episode. Therefore, we won’t be surprised if we have seen the last of Woori The Virgin.

However, there is a slight possibility that the show might be renewed for a second season, and the cast may return. 

Woori The Virgin Viewership

The show garnered the most viewership in their country for the second episode having 866,000 viewers. This is followed by the 5th episode, which got a viewership of 757,000. The sixth episode had a minuscule viewership getting only 557,000 impressions. The finale of the season garnered a viewership of 613,000.

Where To Watch Woori The Virgin?

Woori the Virgin can be watched by everyone for free on Rakuten Viki. It originally aired on SBS TV in South Korea weekly. 

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