Wild Babies Season 2 Renewal Status, Premise, Cast, and More

Wild Babies is Netflix’s new 8-part documentary series narrated by Academy Award-winning actor, Helena Bonham Carter, this adorable and cuddly documentary invites us all to an array of amazing adventures where we discover how like humans, animals need to thrive on this planet too.

The show is an interesting watch owing to all of its catchy elements be it the cute animals who are the prime stars of each episode or the captivating narration or the vivid scenery!

Wild Babies Plot

Wild Babies Plot
Wild Babies Plot

The documentary shows us how tough and struggling it is for the baby animals born in the wild during their initial stages. The first few weeks and months are quite working for them! It takes up the story of a particular baby animal each time where we watch how it struggles to be on its own and be independent after separating from its mother. It shows the challenging time the baby animal goes through to be self-sufficient now that it is no longer under its mother’s wing and at the same time protect itself from the constant danger and threat from the other predators in the wild.

Wild Animals does not beat around the bush and it is pretty straightforward with its aim of portraying one main thing: the real struggle animals face in their early lives for their survival and for their generations to come too. For most parts, Helena Bonham Carter’s narration also plays things seriously to puts emphasis on the subject as it deserves to get.

The Baby Animals

The Baby Animals
The Baby Animals

The ‘cast’ of this show would technically be these cuddly and adorable wild baby animals:

Tabo: A baby fur seal from Namibia. He was dependent on his mom for the first six weeks following which he learned swimming. Obviously, he was quite struggling at first to cope with everything but eventually bravely defeats a jackal as well as a hyena.

Kaya: Kaya was the only female cub from a litter of four lion cubs from the South African desert, the group of four siblings after separation from their mother get forced to hide from a leopard.

Jasiri: An African baby elephant, so of course, the biggest wild baby in terms of size but absolutely spoiled by his herd. But still no matter how protective elephants are over their children even Jasiri’s mom’s encased protection and security could not save him from the dangers of crossing a river when he has barely learned to walk.

Matengu: A baby pangolin who has attracted a hyena’s attention and has to quickly sharpen his skills to roll into a ball that shall expose his armor of scales to predators.

Mina: A sweet, tiny orangutan from Indonesia who is quite ready to be on her own and explore. But her mother on lost an infant baby previously is quite careful and reluctant about leaving her on her own and letting her try new things while she is ready to embrace her freedom.

Chico: A baby capuchin monkey who loves to play with his older monkey cousins the most. But he must learn how to fight in order to blend into his family.

Quito: A baby mongoose who must figure out things around him and how everything works as quickly as possible because there is a 50-50 chance of survival for him and his sisters because of his huge family of 35 members who cannot pay attention or spend time on teaching him.

Kesari: A baby sea otter from Alaska who is not ready or convinced to leave the comfort and warmth of her mom’s wing while other otters her age are beginning their swimming lessons.

Duma and Venus: A pair of wild dog sisters in Botswana get into trouble immediately. Duma is overconfident and more boisterous in nature while Venus is a fast thinker and more practical.

Amma: An orphaned nine-month-old macaque in Sri Lanka who is trying to blend with another monkey. Since she is already without a parent she has adapted to living for herself by her own self from a young age already.

Pico: Pico, a baby penguin, is trying to adapt to the extremely cold conditions in the Arctic. His parents are very loving towards him and make sure he is warm.

Minnie: Teenage lioness Minnie from Zambia is a confident and quick learner already. She takes her own stand and stays safe as the primary hunter of the lion’s pride.

Spruce: Canadian grizzly bear yearling Spruce is all about his naps rather than thinking about getting food for himself as he is still anyways being breastfed.

Silver: An arctic fox, Silver is the only girl amongst her brothers and is the brain of her litter who has learned the art of hunting already.

Kai: Off the coast of South Carolina’s Kiawah Island, baby dolphin Kai learns how to fish and dive onto the beach for feeding himself from his mother, he also knows how to hunt for fish in the open ocean for 2 years of age.

Wild Babies Season 2 Release Date and Updates

Wild Babies Season 2 Release Date and Updates
Wild Babies Season 2 Release Date and Updates

Wild Babies Season 1 was released very recently on 5th May 2022. As of now, there has been no official renewal or any word on the show’s further installment. The documentary series has been loved by the audience and appreciated for its uniqueness by every age group. Because of the vast positive response from the viewers, the show might be renewed for another season in a couple of months. If so happens, we can probably expect a potential season 2 of Wild Babies around the second quarter of 2023.

Wild Babies Season 2 Cast

Helena Bonham Carter narrates all the episodes of the show as herself.

Where to watch Wild Babies?

Where to watch Wild Babies
Where to watch Wild Babies

All episodes of Wild Animals are available to stream on Netflix with a subscription.

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