Young & Hungry Season 6 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Trailer, and More

Young & Hungry is an American rom-com drama television series that is created by none other than David Holden, the writer, and producer of Undressed, The War at Home, Accidentally on Purpose, and much more television series. Young & Hungry tells the story of Gabi, a food blogger, and Josh, a wealthy tech entrepreneur, totally opposite persons, and their journey of falling in love with each other.

Young & Hungry has successfully managed to grab the audience’s attention with the first few episodes. On Rotten Tomatoes the first season is holding a rating of 43% with an average rating of 4.9/10. With these mixed and average reviews both from critics and viewers, the series has never disappointed to surprise its audience with the exceptionally comic and romantic plot.

This highly anticipated series, Youn & Hungry was soon renewed for a fifth season on October 24, 2016, which appeared on March 13, 2017. It’s been more than 4 years since the fans did not get any updates regarding the 6th season of Youn & Hungry. We understand you and here we are gathering all information regarding Young & Hungry season 6.

Young & Hungry season 6 is related to all the latest updates about the release date, storyline, cast, trailer, and more are available here to look. If you are one of those who have loved all the previous seasons of Young & Hungry, read the full article to get all the answers to your burning questions.

Young & Hungry Season 6 Release Date

Young & Hungry Season 6 Release Date
Young & Hungry Season 6 Release Date

Young & Hungry is a romantic-sitcom drama television series that first aired on June 25, 2024, with 10 episodes (each episode every week). It takes a very short span of time to grab the positive attention of the viewers within the first few episodes. Following its popularity among the audience, the series simultaneously goes for a second, third, fourth, and even fifth season. Since the 5th season has ended, the fans are getting curious to see more from their favorite couple.

Young & Hungry season 6 release date is not been officially announced as the series has not been renewed for a sixth season yet. However, the chances of Young & Hungry season 6 are not so good due to some viewers’ problems in the fifth season. On March 15, 2018, it was said by the production that Young & Hungry will not go for another season the fifth season. It’s likely that this sitcom romance will not return for a sixth season so far.

Young & Hungry Season 6 Storyline

Young & Hungry Season 6 Storyline
Young & Hungry Season 6 Storyline

Young & Hungry is a rom-com series that centers around two people Gabi and Josh and their tragic love story where troubles come and go but ultimately love happens. Gabi Diamond is an energetic young woman who is also a very capable food blogger and Josh Kaminski is the heir of the great tech entrepreneur. Despite of a very good chef, Gabi does not get a proper job and suddenly she hears that the great self-made millionaire Josh needs a personal chef for himself.

The story of Young & Hungry is about Gabi’s journey from a personal chef to a lover of Josh’s life. When Gabi finds out about Josh’s need, with the help of her best friend Sofia and Josh’s Housekeeper, Gabi takes over the job of the personal chef. However, the job is not ending here as she has to prove herself in front of Josh to be qualified as a chef which ultimately blossoms the flower of love between them.

Young & Hungry Season 6 storyline is not in production as the series has not renewed the show for another season. Based on the finale of the fifth season where we see that Gabi finally proposes to Josh to marry and settle with her in Seattle where they can fulfill their dreams together, it becomes clear that there is not much plot left to carry forward. However, if the makers decide to go for a sixth season, we will get to see our favorite couple’s lives in Seattle and their marriage life where lots of chaos will take place.

Young & Hungry Season 6 Cast

Young & Hungry Season 6 Cast
Young & Hungry Season 6 Cast

The cast of Young & Hungry season 6 will probably remain the same as before. The characters will continue to entertain their fans with their bittersweet roles. However, nothing can be said about the new cast members as the series has been canceled for a sixth season which is why all we can assume is the fact that the cast will remain unchanged as before. Let’s take a quick peek at Young & Hungry’s cast.

Emily Osment as Gabi Diamond. The very beautiful American actress Emily born and raised in Los Angeles is famous for working in lots of films and television at such a young age. She is honored with Teen Choice Awards, Bravo Otto Awards, Canadian Screen Awards, and many more. Emily played Gabi in this series, a young energetic food blogger who is desperate for a job.

Jonathan Sadowski as Josh Kaminski. Jonathan is an American actor who is mostly famous for his role as Josh Kaminski in the series Young & Hungry. Josh is a handsome and charming heir of the famous tech entrepreneur in San Fransisco. Jonathan’s fandom wants to see more from him after watching his tremendous acting in this series.

Other major cast members of the series include:

  • Aimee Carrero as Sofia Rodriguez
  • Kym Whitley as Yolanda
  • Rex Lee as Elliot Park

Young & Hungry Season 6 Trailer

Young & Hungry Season 6 trailer has not arrived as the series is not going to renew for now. The trailer will not probably be released as the series is canceled and announced the fifth season as the final and the last season of Young & Hungry. As of now, you can stream all the trailers of previous seasons on YouTube.

Where to Watch Young & Hungry Season 6 Online?

Young & Hungry season 6 online streaming platform cannot be decided yet as there is no official confirmation whether the new season will come or not. However, all 71 episodes of 5 seasons are exclusively streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Apple Tv+ to watch online.

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