Young Justice Season 4 Ending Explained

Young Justice is an American show about a group of teenage superheroes and sidekicks, namely Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Red Arrow, Miss Martian and Artemis. The show is not a part of the DC animated Universe. It is part of an alternate place where Supervillains work on behalf of a group of super villains known as Light.

The first episode aired as an hour-long special on November 26, 2010. The series was canceled after its second season in 2013. However, Warner Bros Animation confirmed that the show would return for a third season in November 2016. It aired on January 4, 2019. It was renewed for a fourth season in July 2019 and was shifted to HBO Max.

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The Battle

The Battle
The Battle

Superman’s execution is prepared by Lor- Zod, Conner and Dru. 

Nightwing is alive, unlike the previous episode implied, as he slowed his heartbeats using Batman’s technique. The nasty scene of everyone being dead with Bioship was created by Zatana and M’gaan using illusion and telepathy. Baby arrives to pick them all up. Megan is convinced reluctantly to use her psychic powers on Zod by Dick. General Zod orders to release his army by opening the portal to the Phantom Zone. M’gaan tortures Danny Chase’s spirit, but Saturn girl helps him kick M’gaan out of his mind. Conner remembers his past life through M’gaan and takes on Lor and Dru-Zod, joined by a healed Superman. 

General Zod is pushed into the Phantom Zone, and the Eye of Ekron saves Ursa. Lot escapes in his time sphere, but it has a pre-set destination: Mars.

Post Battle

Post Battle
Post Battle

After the battle, Black Canary starts the conversation about the hero’s mental health and the need for better support. M’gaan parents arrive from Mars for her and Conner’s wedding. The Zone prisoners are to be sent to Thrombus as agreed by the heroes. However, Vandal Savage has other things in mind for them, as revealed later. Darla is given to M’Comm as a place for the A’ashenn. After he delivers future Lord Zod to his death, Metron’s vault ends with the time sphere. In the end, Brainiac brings Legion to their own time.

Will There Be A Young Justice Season 5?

Will There Be A Young Justice Season 5?
Will There Be A Young Justice Season 5?

Young Justice has not been officially renewed by HBO Max yet. However, the show garnered mostly positive reviews and remained one of the most popular animated shows in the world. Therefore, it is unlikely not to be renewed for another season as more stories are left to tell. The show was once canceled during its Cartoon Network days, and the show’s fanbase started a movement where they binged the show on Netflix. This played a part in its later renewal for HBO Max.

Young Justice Season 5 Plot

Young Justice Season 5 Plot
Young Justice Season 5 Plot

In the episode’s final scene, Vandal Savage imprisons all the trapped Kryptonians inside his Warworld base except one. That prisoner is later given to Darkseid and is revealed to be Kara-Zol-El, Superman’s cousin. Ursa Zod, the new Emerald Empress, flees to the planet Daxam to give birth to her son. All these conflicts could be the main plot point of Season 5. 

Young Justice Season 5 Expected Release Date

If Young Justice is renewed, fans could expect the release of the fifth season in late 2024, as season four took two years to complete. 

Young Justice Season 4 Cast

Young Justice Season 4 Cast
Young Justice Season 4 Cast
  • Denise Boutte as Rocket
  •  Lacey Chabert as Zatanna
  •  Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
  •  Stephanie Lemelin as Tigress
  •  Jesse McCartney as Nightwing
  •  Danica McKellar as Miss Martian
  •  Phil Morris as Lor-Zod
  •  Nolan North as Superboy
  •  Khary Payton as Kaldur’ahm
  •  Jason Spisak as Forager

Young Justice Season 4 Crew

Young Justice Season 4 Crew
Young Justice Season 4 Crew


  • Brandon Vietti
  • Greg Weisman 


  • Christopher Berkeley – 9 episodes
  • Christina Sotta – 8 episodes
  • Vinton Heuck – 9 episodes


  • Aaron Sparrow – 1 episode
  • Akira “Mark” Fujita – 1 episode
  • Andrew Blanchette – 1 episode
  • Brandon Vietti – 4 episodes
  • Brian Hohlfeld – 1 episode
  • Charlotte Fullerton – 1 episode
  • Francisco Paredes – 1 episode
  • Giancarlo Volpe – 1 episode
  • Greg Weisman – 7 episodes
  • Jake Baumgart – 1 episode
  • Jim Krieg – 1 episode
  • Khary Payton – 1 episode
  • Kevin Grevioux – 1 episode
  • Mae Catt – 1 episode
  • Nicole Dubuc – 1 episode
  • Nida Chowdhry – 1 episode
  • Taneka Stotts – 1 episode

Where To Watch Young Justice Season 4?

Young Justice Season 4 is available on HBO Max along with the first three seasons.

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