68 Whiskey Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and More

68 Whiskey Season 2 will it appear again? Surely Fans need an answer for the same. Let’s find out.

Roberto Benabib is the creator of the American military comedy-drama television series 68 Whiskey. It debuted on the Paramount Network on January 15, 2020. The show was canceled after one season in September 2020.

The genre of the series is Black Comedy. 68 Whiskey is a remake of the Israeli television program Charlie Golf One, “68 Whiskey” follows the journey of this group across unusual, foreign terrain while relying on their camaraderie, various tools, and occasionally, the will to survive at all costs.

With an 88 percent fresh Rotten Tomatoes rating, the Imagine Television Studios and CBS TV Studios production garnered favorable reviews. It also started strong in the television ratings, with the January 15 premiere attracting 2 million people in Live+3 Nielsen statistics, making it the most viewed cable drama series opener in the category since November 2018. After a strong start, the series’ ratings began to decline and, altogether, it fell outside the Top 100 in terms of total viewers, adults 18-49, and adults 25-54 years to date (Live+3).

After premiering, Season 1 received largely favorable reviews and maintained a steady viewership throughout its duration. So, the obvious question is, will the program get a second season? Or will ’68 Whiskey’ have a second season? Continue reading to learn more.

68 Whiskey Season 2 Casts

68 Whiskey Season 2 Casts
68 Whiskey Season 2 Casts

68 Whiskey Season 2 is not going to renew but we should meet the casts from Season 1 who made this series a successful series:

  • Sam Keeley as Cooper Roback
  • Gage Golightly as Grace Durkin
  • Cristina Rodlo as Sergeant Rosa Alvarez
  • Jeremy Tardy as Staff Sergeant Mekhi Davis
  • Nicholas Coombe as Anthony Petrocelli
  • Derek Theler as Sasquatch
  • Beth Riesgraf as Major Sonia Holloway
  • Lamont Thompson as Colonel Harlan Austin

There are many supporting and background actors and actresses who were there for this series.

68 Whiskey Season 1 Storyline

68 Whiskey Season 1 Storyline
68 Whiskey Season 1 Storyline

The series, which combines serious drama with irreverent humor, centers on a multicultural group of Army medics stationed in Afghanistan on a post known as “The Orphanage.” Together, the medics go through a perilous and oftentimes ridiculous environment, relying on friendship, numerous vices, and occasionally, a deep sense of purpose.

As members of the U.S. Army team, Cooper Roback (Sam Keeley) and Mekhi Davis (Jeremy Tardy) frequently fly in and out of combat zones. When they’re not doing so, they work ruses and hustles to try to profit from the conflict. The well-paid mercenary group funded by an organization known as SecCorp stands in sharp contrast to their insignificant plots and rule-breaking frauds.

Roback gets disciplined, Alvarez has trauma at work and receives unexpected news from home, and Roback and Davis’ money-making strategy doesn’t work out as expected.

Alvarez must make a decision and consider a life-altering notion, Roback, Davis, and Petrocelli discover a perplexing operation, and Durkin makes preparations with the Sasquatch.

Alvarez meets a local during a search and rescue effort, Petrocelli tries to defend Buckley’s goat, and Davis and Roback’s plan becomes more challenging.

A communications breakdown occurs at a critical time for Davis and Holloway suggests a strategy to extend her deployment as Alvarez and Roback get used to living together.

In the event of an attack on the base, Roback, and Davis go on a dangerous search for medical supplies, while Alvarez receives on-the-job training.

Alvarez learns a dangerous truth from Roback, Davis gambles to pay for his mother’s medical care, and Holloway receives a tip that enables her to help the locals.

Sasquatch doubts Durkin’s loyalty, Alvarez and Roback get into trouble by flying the secretary of the army in a helicopter, and Holloway is faced with a moral dilemma.

Holloway discovers a means to help Qasem’s community, and Colonel Austin attracts SecCorp’s notice as Roback and Davis simultaneously traverse a minefield and a gap in their friendship.

The marriage of Alvarez and Roback is put to the test, the gang looks for the stolen money, and Holloway’s father discourages her from going on SecCorp.

While Colonel Austin gears up for a showdown with SecCorp, Petrocelli insists on accompanying Roback, Davis, and Alvarez on their unlawful trip inside Taliban territory.

68 Whiskey Season 2 Release Date

68 Whiskey Season 2 Release Date
68 Whiskey Season 2 Release Date

68 Whiskey television programs have been officially canceled by Paramount Network. The first season of 68 Whiskey will be the last. The next season is not currently in the works for Paramount Network, but anything is possible. Season two has not yet been announced or planned as of July 2022.

Will 68 Whiskey Season 2 be Renewed?

Will 68 Whiskey Season 2 be Renewed
Will 68 Whiskey Season 2 be Renewed

Due to the series’ unimpressive beginning, Paramount decided to end it. The network declared that “68 Whiskey” season 2 has been formally canceled in September 2020. The COVID-19 epidemic, Los Angeles filming, and the number of background players in some sequences, according to reports, were other reasons for the termination in addition to the low ratings.

Unfortunately, a second season of the show is not planned. The second season of 68 Whiskey was not renewed, according to a statement released by Paramount on September 2, 2020. The crowd is stunned by the news. Additionally, the show’s cancellation by Paramount went unjustified. After the first season, according to reports, the show’s ratings declined. Yellowstone was the sole Paramount original following the termination of 68 Whiskey.

Unfortunately, Paramount Network has not provided a detailed explanation for why the program was canceled. There is no doubt that the termination of 68 Whiskey came as a major shock to the audience.

The announcement shocked the fans, who had been excitedly expecting the second season. The popular program was canceled, and fans expressed their sorrow on Twitter. Fans immediately began inundating Twitter with favorable remarks about the program once it was canceled.

Where to watch 68 Whiskey Season 2?

The second season of 68 Whiskey on Paramount Network will not air because the show has been canceled. Consequently, there won’t be any streaming of the same. But curious fans may get the 10 episodes of season 1 online via services including Amazon Prime, Philo, Sling TV, fubo TV, and AT&T TV Now.

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