Ana Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast and More

You might be here to know about Ana Season 2. Is the series going to be renewed or has been canceled? So a big yes, season 2 is announced for renewal.

Let’s talk about the possible release date for Ana Season 2. Its storyline, cast, and characters. The streaming platforms where you can watch the show. Keep on reading and you will know it all.

Ana is a Mexican Comedy television series directed and produced by Ana de la Reguera for Amazon Video. The series is co-produced by Argos Comunicación and Viacom International Studios.

Season 1 of Ana was aired on screen in April 2020. It had 10 episodes. The series got an IMDb rating of 5.7 out of 10. Besides, it was also got nominated for the 32nd GLAAD Media Awards in the category of Outstanding Spanish Language Television Series.

The series is a Mexico-originated drama where dialog work is done in Spanish. However, later on, the English subtitles of the show were available.

Ana Season 2 Release Date

Ana Season 2 Release Date
Ana Season 2 Release Date

It’s been a long time since the news for a renewal for the second season of Ana was announced. However, there is no proper release date yet to be announced for the season.

As for the episodes, there might be 10 episodes considering the last season also had the same number of episodes. However, an official confirmation about this is awaited. Besides, a trailer will be more likely to be released once the official premiere date for season 2 is out.

There are no more details released about the season by the show makers. For the time being, you can watch the trailer for season 1 down below.

Ana Season 2 Storyline

Ana Season 2 Storyline
Ana Season 2 Storyline

There is no official synopsis released for the upcoming season. But there is some prediction going around for the show.

In the upcoming season, Ana will try to focus more on her mother while living with her, who is settled in Los Angles while keeping her sanity alive. They are appearing in a TV show for a bad 90s sitcom. Plus, in season 3, some predicted Ana will more into her professional life. She would try to rebuild her life and gain credibility as an actress again.

In the last season, Ana desperately wanted the role of Morticia as “Mortadella”. She detests it despite the character being a super hit. So Ana makes her plan so she can get rid of this role together with an 8-year-old year- old girl.

She is putting her professional life and personal life with Papasito at stake. Alongside trying to keep a healthy balance with her mother.

While talking exclusively to Deadline, a Hollywood new breaker, Ana de la Reguera said in an interview about her character;

“I feel that the best comedy comes from people’s misery, so you can expect the second season to be hilarious. Ana is facing the reality that there’s nothing worse than when a wish comes true because often, that wish is not what you expected. All she wanted was to have steady work acting but everything goes completely wrong and now she’s miserable. And, the worst part of it all is that the show is a hit! Plus, Ana has a new nemesis this season, an 8-year-old named Miercoles who she taunts by calling her Martes. It’s hilarious.”

The series focuses on the two bisexual characters that are in the main cast and on a lesbian character. Are you excited about season 2? What do you think the season has in store for us?

Ana Season 2 Cast

Ana Season 2 Cast
Ana Season 2 Cast

Coming to the cast we would get to see most of the lead actors in season 2. The showrunners had confirmed to bring them all back on the same page. Well, for sure, it’s good news.

Here is the cast that is confirmed to appear in season 2 of Ana;

  • Ana de la Reguera plays Ana
  • Tina Romero plays Nena
  • Paulina Dávila plays Chock
  • Andrés Almeida plays Check
  • Carlos Miranda (Season 1) plays Papasito, while in season 2 David Palacio will play Papasito.
  • Christian Meier plays Yo Mero
  • Paly Duval plays LatinTuber
  • Tom Parker plays Chic
  • Ali Gardoqui plays as Sis
  • Augusto Gardoqui plays Guti
  • Eduardo “Lalo” España plays as a Manager

We might see some of the supporting cast members in season 2, hopefully. Here are the prominent ones that were in season 1.

Gabriela Roel, Christian Meier, Carmen Salinas, Lalo Frey, Kerry Ardra, Paloma Michelle, Gerardo Blackmore, Víctor Weinstock, Agustín Ocegueda, Antonio Gaona Donn Stewart, Michel Franco, Salvador Lam, Pepe Navarrete, Santiago Cirilo, Ruy Senderos, Andrés Vásquez, Kirey Amano, Alexia Alexander, Juan Pablo Contreras, Rodolfo Calderón, Ana Paola Marín, Gloria Sierra and the list is long.

Here are no updates for any new characters in season 2. It will be confirmed once the official announcement is made or when the season itself will arrive.

These surprises of the new appearances make the day. If that’s the case, we hope for some exciting surprises for sure. After this long wait, at least we fans deserve it.

Where can you watch Ana Season 2?

Season 2 of Ana will officially be released on Amazon Prime Video. The previous season was also released on the same platform. If you haven’t watched it till now. Do watch it in your time and for sure you will enjoy it.

It’s recommended and would be the best choice who love comedy series. You won’t regret watching it. Do tell us down below if you like the show.

As for the other options for watching the show, it will most probably air on Fubo TV, Pantaya, and Pantaya’s Amazon Channel. However, remember that the show will only be released here once Amazon Video has completely aired the show.

The show is also available on different sorts of websites through VPN or there are certain conditions. You can check them out on the web.

For the moment, we have no idea whether Netflix will air the show or not. Because the last season was also not shown by the streaming platform. Yet we can at least expect something good for sure.

Any official statement or announcement by the developers of the show will be added up here on the page. So don’t forget to bookmark the website before going back for all the well-timed updates.

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