Blue Period Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

The blue period is from a Japanese manga series which is written and directed by Tsubasa Yamaguchi. The blue period script is consistent with 11 volumes in the manga series. The blue period series is published by Kodansha under the studio work of Seven Arcs. Blue period series is a cartoon series followed by the coming-of-age story genre.

This series is also popular in the magazine named Monthly Afternoon which is serialized every month from 2017 June later it is collected with 11 volumes. The blue period script has taken license for the English language after its Japanese language by Kodansha USA. Blue Period season 1 is released on 25th September 2021. Program creators of season 1 are Yusuke Muranaka and Satoshi Matsumoto.

Story Line

Blue Period Season 2 Story Line
Blue Period Season 2 Story Line

This anime series became popular and became the most lovable series for everyone, especially for kids. The blue period is purely based on the drama script which will happen between the school students. Yatora Yaguchi is a student who looks fair enough and very smart. He is also an excellent student in his academics but every time he deals with frustrations, inner emptiness, and doesn’t feel comfortable with his schooling. From there the story of the series starts with him when he was fascinated by a very beautiful painting. The painting came into his eyes when the school conducted an art exhibition for the students.

This painting inspired Yatora very much and touched his heart very deeply which directed him to paint by himself. Later after some days, he was inspired by a person named Ryuji who is very talented in paintings and Ryuji is also one of the members of the art club. By Knowing this Yatora became close to him as a friend. When he was deeply involved in the arts category he applied for admission to the Tokyo University of Arts according to his choice.

Here the main life story of Yatora starts when he joins the art college by following his passion for arts and painting became his best hobby for life. After his panorama change in life, new characters will be introduced as friends of Yatora and a friendship storyline will be introduced among them who chase after the art. The story lies under the question that will Yatora meet his true friendship in order to discover his dreams and passion as a great artist and a great painter.

Release Date

Blue Period Release Date
Blue Period Release Date

Blue period season 1 is already released on 25th September 2021 with 12 long episodes. After its grand release on the Netflix platform, it gained much popularity with good reviews. This series became one of the most recent best arte anime series.

In the past, many cartoons and anime watch series were released from seven arcs and the Blue period gained its mark as the best cartoon series. After the huge success of the anime project, Blue Period season 2 is expected this year 2022 because Netflix and the production house didn’t give any official announcement about the season 2 release.


Blue Period season 1 is involved with 18 anime characters they are listed as

  • Yatora Yaguchi – voice is given by Hiromu Mineta
  • Ryuji Ayukawa (Yuka) – voice is given by Yumuri Hanamori
  • Yotasuke Takahashi – voice is given by Daiki Yamashita
  • Haruka Hashida – voice is given by Kengo Kawanishi
  • Maki Kuwana – voice is given by Yume Miyamoto
  • Maru Mori – voice is given by Mayu Aoyagi
  • Masaka Saeki – voice is given by Fumi Hirano
  • Sumida – voice is given by Masaya Fukunishi
  • Koigakubo – voice is given by Shinichiro Kamio
  • Urashima – voice is given by Tatsumaru Tachibana
  • Umina – voice is given by Miku Hiratsuka
  • Shirai – voice is given by Ikumi Hasegawa
  • Shirota – voice is given by Yuna Nemoto
  • Yamamoto – voice is given by Aoi Koga
  • Mayu Oba – voice is given by Yuki Kazu
  • Sae Okada – voice is given by Emiri Suyama
  • Takuro Ishii – voice is given by Taishi Murata
  • Hanaka Sakuraba – voice is given by Saori Onishi


Blue period season 1 trailer was released on April 24th, 2021, and received millions of youtube views. After the release of the trailer, this series got very famous and many people became fans of this series just after watching the trailer. Fans waited for this series release after the trailer became famous which created anxiety among them. Blue Period Season 2 trailer is going to release in 2022 during the starting months. Fans are expecting the season 2 release in February 2022. Till now there is no official information of the season 2 trailer released.

Is Title Blue Period Correct

Is Title Blue Period Correct
Is Title Blue Period Correct

The Blue Period title suits the script of the series because when Yatora is facing his life in frustration, he meets his life with his passion and friends and changes his life with a happy and fair enough life. When Yatori is haunted by negative energy or disillusions he will perceive his every morning with different emotions under terms called “blue” so the title Blue Period will suit this series.

Blue Period Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled

Blue Period Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled
Blue Period Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled

According to the information from the production house, Blue Period season 2 is going to be released during the starting months of 2022. Some sources say that Blue Period season 2 is going to be renewed. The artistic staff of Blue Period had decided to start the premier work of season 2 by adding more fantasy characters followed by the sequential order with the help of character developers. Reiko Yoshida is appointed to handle the writing script of season 2 by following the season 1 script with unique materials and the Blue Period team warrants that another season is going to come soon in the next months but a precise date is not yet fixed and it takes more time to fix the official announcement of season 2 release.

Source Material – Blue Period

The production house says that there is enough source material to start the shoot for Blue Period season 2. The manga series released its original content of Blue Period in the year 2017, June 24th. Many other volumes are available to start the script work with addon characters in season 2.