Bob’s Burgers Season 12 Release Date, Cast, and Plot | Everything We Know!

Bob’s Burgers is interesting animated series which is entertaining its audience for over a decade and now its 11 season is also on-air and fans are enjoying this experience. But also we always want more and are never satisfied that too when it comes to some good things like Bob’s Burger. I am so sure that fans are so excited about the next season and wanted to know everything about it.

Bob’s Burgers is created by Loren Bouchard. It is a sitcom entertaining its audience from a very long time the characters which are loved by the audience are Bob and Linda who runs their burger restaurant provides the best to their customer to keep them happy on the other hand there children Tina, Gene, and Louise leave no opportunity to do mischief and trouble their parents which adds the fun element in the story. Also Jimmy Pesto their competitor who has a pizza store also plant some or the other thing against them.

As the description about the character is interesting it’s the same interest that keeps the audience hooked to their chairs and enjoy the sitcoms. I know now we are eagerly waiting for season 12 so here we are to tell you everything about it.

Release Date of Bob’s Burgers Season 12

Release Date of Bob's Burgers Season 12

The good news is that Bob’s Burger is already been renewed for two more seasons on Fox and this is confirmed by the Bob’s Burger team itself in the recent Twitter post where they have confirmed and mentioned that fans can expect season 12 and season 13 very soon coming to entertain them and thanking them for their continuous support which keeps them going.

There are no announcements about the exact release date of the season but we could easily guess it based on the fact that most of its seasons are released in the month of September and continues till the end of May. So we could expect and say safely that season 12 would also come in late September 2021. Season 11 was also aired on September 27, 2020, on Fox with almost 22 episodes with a time interval of 21 minutes each. Season 12 can also have the release date much similar.

The cast of Bob’s Burgers Season 12

Cast of Bob's Burgers Season 12

So the very obvious cast is Bob’s family without them the show is absolutely nothing these characters run the show and loved by the audience so their return is definite. So Mr.Bob the male protagonist whose voice is given by H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts gives his amazing voice to the female protagonist the beloved wife of Bob Mrs.Linda Belcher. The favorite of all kids is the bunch of three mischievous taunts in the story who never fail to do any naughty stuff. Kristen Schaal adding live to Louise by her voice same goes with Eugene Mirman for Gene and Dan Mintz giving voice to our favorite little Tina.

Larry Murphy who has the voice of Teddy the Pizza restaurant owner and Andy Kindler by Mort and also the important characters of the story which would definitely make a comeback. With all these favorites of ours, we could also expect like always the guest appearance of many characters who would add up perks to the story. Also, Zeke, Mort, Ollie and Andy, Tammy, and Jimmy Pesto, could be part of the story but their role is to what extent is not know.

Expected Plot of Bob’s Burgers Season 12

Expected Plot of Bob's Burgers Season 12

The fans who watch Bob’s Burgers know for sure that there is never a definite pattern to be followed by the makers for the creation of the show they usually run the show many parallels to the real world and try to make it more convincing. The best part is it’s never like you have to watch the previous show or series to enjoy the next one. You can just skip it and still enjoy the next season, unlike the other shows which stream on Netflix or Amazon Prime. It’s not the case with Bob’s Burgers which stream on Fox.

Most of the time they try to put the concept of festival in the story like Christmas or Thanksgiving to make it more interesting. If we probably think the same way we could expect this time a Valentine’s Day celebration or Easter which would of course going to be loved by its audience for much good reason. The common incidents which are followed in the story are the kids asking for a pet in the house and the parents denying it and Jimmy Pesto getting annoyed by the progress of the Bob’s Burgers.

This beautiful plot of the story continuous where Bob’s and his wife try to deal with all the problems or mishaps created by their kids and finding out ways to keep them happy and satisfied and at the same time putting all the efforts to make their work a big success and deal with Jimmy Pesto who is against them most of the time.

I Could Conclude by Saying That Like All seasons You Would Not Regret Giving a Chance on Bob’s Burgers Season 12!