Breaking Bad: What Was Behind the Transformation of Walter White?

One of the most watched, discussed, and beloved TV series has become a global phenomenon in a very short time. The story of an ordinary teacher who was suffering from lung cancer, and soon became a money maker getting involved in a crime – in an illegal business of drugs.

Being released in 2008, the series is popular again and keeps its position at the top list of Netflix series. 15 years later, Breaking Bad is still actively searched on Google, which is an indicator of how a good film can build long-lasting fame. Of course, the fundamental part of that fame belongs to the storyline, which made Walter White into a successful monster, although many fans would not agree with this controversial phrase.

Whatever your description of the character is, Mr. White is one of the best portrayals in the history of the TV industry and deserves to be analyzed from different angles. Let’s dive deep into this and discover the main factors that made him go through an unbelievable and surprising transformation.

Skyler White, With Her Made-Up Gambling Story

Gambling and casino scenes are featured in many movies and series and tend to be a part of captivating storytelling. They keep being interesting, especially amid the rise of online casino gaming, which attracts thousands of people worldwide. Check out any guide on how to play online poker safely, and you will see how companies strive nowadays to keep users informed about gambling rules. But it has not always been like that and the casino industry used to be something mysterious and intriguing, hence TV series and movies tried many times to connect their storyline to casino gaming, including Breaking Bad. But at this time, the storyline was totally made up.

Season 3, Episode 9 is when Walter White’s wife, Skyler White, thinks of a lie to justify Walter’s millions, that they wanted to land for Hank Schrader’s treatment: “He used to gamble”- says Skyler, explaining Walter’s finances, and this is a point that pushed him through a transformation.

Remember that before this scene, Skyler was not comfortable with what her husband was involved in. After the moment she invented the story about gambling to protect Walter, she kind of showed a green light to Walter about her readiness to live with the situation that Walter had created so far. Of course, Hank’s family believed in the gambling story, and Walter kept working for the cartel toward upcoming threats and dangers.

The Illness, Sickness, and the Fear of Final Days

Walter was a simple teacher who was very good at his job. All his life, the man used to be an ordinary citizen having a fear of even small things. This behavior became his enemy after learning about his diagnosis. Later, talking to Hank, Walter explained that he always used to live in fear, and only after hearing that he had lung cancer, he started sleeping better at night, even better than before.

In his own words, “But you know what? Ever since my diagnosis, I have slept just fine. What I came to realize is that fear, that’s the worst of it. That’s the real enemy.” Along with other powerful scenes that transform Walter White into Heisenberg, this story is equally powerful.

The Feeling of Power

Power is a good thing, but it’s also a temptation for those who never had it and achieve it all of a sudden.

Walter used to live a humble life, and one day he felt the power of money and authority, becoming a completely different person. Although he was explaining his decision with his intentions to be helpful to his children, provide for his family, and so on. Ironically, the only person his money was helpful for was Hank Schrader who needed it for the treatment, who later got killed because of Walter. Again, ironically.

And of course, the Unique Mastery

We can mention a lot of things that contributed to Walter’s transformation into a successful criminal, and the opinions here vary a lot, depending on the attitude each BB-lover has towards this character. However, Walter’s mastery was something that truly made him unpredictable and sometimes even evildoer. His deep knowledge of Chemistry became his strength and weakness at the same time.

After the release of the new series of Rings of Power, many viewers and critics drew a connection between Walter White and Sauron, explaining that despite many differences, they both were “deft craftsmen at what they know best”.

The Bottom Line

Walter White was not evil, but he became one, according to many opinions. Others would say that he was doing wrong things but he was not evil from inside. This is a topic for discussion, to understand the depth of the transformation of Walter, and the moral boundaries of Heisenberg.