Candy Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Candy Season 2 is going to stream soon. The series has caught the eyes of a huge number of fans waiting out of curiosity for Candy to release its follow-up. The Latest Series has tried to surpass the release information and all the updates to its fans through this article.

The American biographical crime drama entitled ‘Candy’, is curated by Nick Antosca and Robin Veith and is produced by Mitch Engel along with 5 production companies. The story is a true incident of 1980 in which Betty Gore was found dead in her home with major marks of murder by an ax after her fight with Candy, a suburban housewife. The matter was then taken to court where the case was asked to be resolved by Candy stating that the action was actually a reaction-response of self-defense that turned out from one of her past traumas. Further, the story was narrated around Candy who later changes her name and becomes a Therapist.

The series had 5 episodes in season 1 and well-represented crime drama in front of the viewers who accepted the series with much love and a great sense of appreciation. The series then earned an increasing number of audiences as it depicted several climaxes around the murder.  

Candy Season 2 Cast & Characters

Candy Season 2 Cast & Characters
Candy Season 2 Cast & Characters
  • Jessica Biel as Candy Montgomery
  • Melanie Lynskey as Betty Gore
  • Pablo Schreiber as Allan Gore
  • Justin Timberlake as Deputy Steve Defibaugh
  • Jason Ritter as Deputy Denny Reese
  • Timothy Simons as Pat Montgomery
  • Jessie Mueller as Sherry Cleckler
  • Raul Esparza as Don Crowder
  • Adam Bartley as Richard

Candy Season 2 Plot

Candy Season 2 Plot
Candy Season 2 Plot

The story takes a start as Allan, the husband of Betty starts to have an affair with Candy, a suburban housewife. Here, Betty gets pregnant and Allan initiates to depart his attention from Candy to Betty as they get a chance to attend a wedding. The story brings a climax when Betty was found to be dead at her home with 41 injuries from an ax on her body after a rigorous fight with Candy.

The police investigate the case which leads Candy to stand across the bars in court. To their surprise, Candy tries to save herself by mentioning that this was the result of one of her past traumas created by her mother and she took the charge just in self-defense. The jury was made to find Candy acquitted of Betty’s death.

Eventually, Candy was cast with the focus stating, “ So the next time you’re sad, you didn’t get what you would like, you only wait. Because God has something even better for you”. The series comes to an end when Candy changes her name and becomes a therapist.

The story shown by Candy Season 1 almost ended well and there are chances that makers may decide to give Candy Season 2 a new twisted plot. As of now, the plot of the next season can only be anticipated until any new updates.

Candy Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Candy Season 1 was made available on Youtube in April 2022 followed by the release of the series in May 2022. Keeping this in mind, the official trailer of Candy Season 2 will be updated a month before the makers will release the next season on the same platform.

Candy Season 2 Release Date

Candy Season 2 Release Date
Candy Season 2 Release Date

There are certain rumors spreading speedily when the Candy Season 2 series is concerned. There are certain calculations made for the release dates of the next season as there are no official updates stating the arrival of the next season of the series. However, to the note, the series was based on a true story and has already depicted most of the part of the incident in season 1.

This leads to the conclusion that there are minimal chances for the series to get renewed for the sequel. Things are not certain about the renewal of the series for the next season. But if it has to happen, then it may take a year or so. The updates will be streamed soon.

Where to watch Candy Season 2?

The first season of the series was exclusively released in May 2022 on Hulu and was then available to be watched on the same platform. With the release of Candy Season 1, all the anime lovers were waiting for the next release and were involved in stalking over the various platforms. But according to the data, the second sequel of the Candy Series is also anticipated to be released on the same platform, Hulu, if the makers will decide to introduce it to the demanding audience.

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